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Imagine having a one-stop location where you could draw on the cumulative knowledge of the best minds in the handicapping world. With the Vegas Sport Masters Consensus Service, you don’t have to imagine--it’s a reality! Every day you can get the plays that our five handicappers have at least a solid majority consensus on and sometimes even a unanimous vote. Meet the VSM team...

KELSO STURGEON: Known as the Chairman of the Board, Kelso Sturgeon has been handicapping successfully for over four decades and brings to the table the experience required to win in the modern age of football betting and has a proven record of success.

He learned what it takes to win in college football while studying at the feet of such great coaches as Paul “Bear” Bryant & as a successful player & scout in the SEC and he learned what it takes to win in the NFL while studying with such great coaches as former Kansas City Chief mentor, Hall of Fame coach Hank Stram, who shared with him his personal 42-point system of analysis.

Kelso Sturgeon is a full-time handicapper and student of football handicapping and has written several books on the subject, including The Complete Guide To Sports Betting (Harper & Row). He is the only handicapper ever to testify before the United States Congress on the subject of sports betting. You have read about him in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Maxim, and the New York Times, and have seen him countless times on television analyzing football games. Kelso has developed, literally, a sixth sense that has permitted him to weigh and put every single element of handicapping into proper perspective.

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: The King of Las Vegas is the only handicapper or linesmaker with his own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, meaning his greatness can only be understood by comparing him to other greats outside of gambling, such as Wayne Newton, another man with a star. Wayne’s 10-Star Perfect Plays and Game of the Year series are plays that bettors build their entire seasons around.

JIM HURLEY: The man who brought handicapping from seat-of-the-pants to state-of-the-art, through his founding of Jim Hurley’s Network back in 1985. Drawing on a nationwide coalition of handicappers, scouts, on-scene sources and a Vegas pipeline, Hurley has the best information in the business and uses to consistently pick winners.

RICHIE BACCELLIERI: “MGM’s Richie Baccellieri is a throwback.” His renegade attitude is more wiseguy than bookmaker. He made his name at Caesar’s as a bookmaker who would post numbers and take large bets on small Division I colleges that no other bookmaker dared take a chance on. Those lines brought in a lot of business to Caesar’s.

There is absolutely no mystery to beating the Las Vegas spread. It’s only a number. Certain parties in this business – always looking for a sales hook – will tell you it’s tricky, and hard to figure…Only a handful of people are really “in the know” They know stuff you don’t know. Get “inside” word you never hear about and win money you lose. It doesn’t work that way at all. Beating the spread is a very straightforward proposition. The information is available to anyone who has time and patience to dig for it and the experience to know what’s important and what isn’t. If you do your due diligence, look behind the numbers, get a general idea of who can beat who, compare styles of play, visualize the matchups, (man on man and style vs. style) Sure, it’s work. But hard work is what it takes to succeed at anything.

JIM FEIST: For decades Jim Feist has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s Jim has been ahead of the curve with Proline, the longest running sports football handicapping show on USA Cable Network and the Internet. Also, National Sports Services, utilizing the first telephone line services (Jim Feist’s Personal Line Service), former publisher of the Official Nevada Rotation and creator of Sports Tracker.

In addition to appearances on Sports TV Shows ranging from ESPN’s “Inside Football” and “Sports Center” and CNN’s “Crossfire” he has won numerous handicapping contests, including the Stardust Championship “Winner Takes All” football competition and twice won first place in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Handicapping Contest and took second place in the 2010 basketball handicapping contest.

In the world of sports handicapping and sports betting you must be focused and thorough in your approach and conservative in your money management. Jim’s mental toughness and discipline, especially when things are not going your way, have set him apart. Picking winners is just one phase of a successful gaming approach. Not only do you need to win but you’ve got to hold on to your winnings over the long haul. Success is in the details and Jim Feist measures success not by the sports season, but by the decade.

You can get the individual selections for all five of the VSM handicappers in a variety of packages here online. But if you want the consensus, get on board and get the games that at least three of the five agree on every day of the week. Just $39 to play for one day, or $229 for the week. Or $399 for a month of Consensus selections. Get on board and let’s get the money as a team!

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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