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I have handicapped professionally for more than 40 years.

Past Winner of Vegas Handicapping Challenge, Sands Football Tournament & Public Handicapper Online Challenge

Former AP Regional Sports Editor

Wrote “The Complete Guide To Sports Betting”, published by Harper & Row

Have been written up in dozens of major newspapers… the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times & Washington Post

Have done hundreds of guest appearances on radio and television shows over the years, including a 6-year stint as on the ProLine Handicapping Show (USA Network), where I was referred to as the Dean of American Handicapping.

The Pre-Season is LOADED with CASH

9-3-1 Record In Preseason

8/18…10 Units…Vikings (-3) 25, Seahawks 19 (Won)
8/17…50 Units…Cowboys (-4) 14, Rams 10 (Push)
8/17…10 Units…Texans (-3) 30, Lions 23 (Won)
8/17…Chiefs (-3.5) 7, Steelers 17 (Lost)
8/16…15 Units…Giants (-3) 32, Bears 13 (Won)
8/15…25 Units…Ravens (-4) 26, Packers 13 (Won)
8/15…10 Units…Raiders-Cardinals Under 39 (Lost)
8/10…10 Units...Raiders (-4.5) 14, Rams 3 (Won)
8/10…10 Units…Chiefs (-3.5) 38, Bengals 17 (Won)
8/9…10 Units…Vikings (+2.5) 34, Saints 25 (Won)
8/8…25 Units…Bears (-3.5) 13, Panthers 23 (Lost)
8/8…10 Units…Browns (-1) 35, Redskins 10 (Won)
8/1…10 Units Broncos-Falcons Under 34 (Won)

I’m Kelso Sturgeon for over 4 decades I’ve been a contest winning professional handicapper. I know how to win the Pre-Season, I’ve done it 11 of the past 14 years. Because I Know The Most Important Factors To Winning Pre-Season Games! My knowledge of the game and the ability to find out these things, wins for me and my clients.

Here are just a few of the HIDDEN ELEMENTS that do just that:

Determining the quarterback rotation...
How much action will the starting offensive line see?
What each coach hopes to accomplish in the game?
Which of the 8 new coaches are looking to impress their fan base?
How long will the starting defense play?
How much playing time will draft choices and free agents see?
What veterans are using the Pre-Season to save their jobs?
What teams are trying and what teams are just going through the motions?

3 Ways To The Money Plus Hundreds of Dollars in FREE Bonuses

1. You can sign up for the NFL Pre Season for $99 and get 3 valuable Pre-Season bonuses that I swept last year.

  • My Pre-Season Game of the Year -  Aug. 26: Cardinals (-2½) Cowboys W 27-3
  • Pre-Season Total Game of the Year – Aug. 24: Lions / Buccaneers (OVER 41) W 33/30
  • Pre-Season Upset Game of Year – Aug 18: Bears (+3) Broncos W 24-23

2. If you’re more ambitious, take the Pre-Season and the first 5 weeks of the regular season (from Aug 31 – Sept 30) for $179. That includes the 3 bonuses above. Plus you’ll also receive these College Kickoffs:

  • Sat Aug. 24: Camping World Kickoff: Miami vs. Florida - Orlando FL 7:00pm ESPN
  • Sat Aug 31: Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic: Duke vs. Alabama - Atlanta GA 3:30pm ABC
  • Sat Aug 31: Advocare Texas Kickoff: Auburn vs. Oregon - Dallas TX 7:30pm ABC

But wait, there’s more…You’ll also get these September Big Plays I Won last year

            Labor Day Classic Notre Dame at Louisville 8:00pm ESPN
            College Blowout of Month     NFL Sept. Game of Year      NFL MNF Game of Sept.                                   

3. Or YOUR BEST VALUE, take a full season

Starting with the NFL Pre-Season and then the College season opening Aug. 24, and the NFL season All for only $279, a $120 savings over the  regular $399 cost.
Includes all my August and September bonus games FREE!

My Best Bets Club has always been a moneymaker for my clients and me,
but never more so than last year! 

I started the season winning 18 of my first 30 releases, then really hit my stride for 6 weeks in October/November going 25-9 overall for 73.5%. That included winning 14 of 19 in college (73.7%) and 11 of 15 in the NFL (73.3%). I did have some hiccups in spots, losing 2 weeks and pushing another, but finished strong with an 8-1 record the final 2 weeks of the NFL and ended the season at +120 units!

I am all set to bust the Vegas number for the biggest year of my life…I’ve studied these teams, broken down all the numbers and factored in dozens of imponderables…and I want you with me to share my good fortune. So join me and sign up below.

Or Call 1-800-755-2255 - You may also reach me at 1-702-420-5074


GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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