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An Urgent Message From Hank Goldberg:

5 Straight Days
Of College Football Begins Thursday 8/29

The Games Are Going, The Football Season Has Started.
You'll Lose Dollars You Could Be Winning If You Don't Act NOW!

Starting now you don't have to have fabulous numbers or seasoned judgement.  You don't need X`s & 0's and man-to-man matchups and an instinct when to go against the crowd. You don't have to study a book or method or read up on sports or browse the internet.  All you have to do is play the games I give you. And with a regularity that will amaze and delight you, I will make you money…if you have the ambition and the stick-to-itiveness. After all, we're both playing the same games, and I know how to win!

Hank Goldberg! X's vs. O's = $$$$$$

I have been involved in sports media and the wagering industry since the 1970s. I began my career as Jimmy the Greek's confidant and dubbed the "Greek's Ghost" from 1974-77 when I wrote syndicated columns for him while Jimmy was appearing on CBS' NFL Today. Those columns were read in newspapers and magazines all over the nation, examining sports & Vegas betting lines. From 1978-92 I was a radio talk show host in Miami, Florida, on WIOD. I was also the Miami Dolphins color announcer on television, as well as working for ABC TV on horse racing's Triple Crown shows. From 1983-92 I worked for WTVJ sports in Miami, a CBS affiliate.

My career took off when I joined ESPNs Sports Center (1993-2004). During my 20-year run at ESPN, I was a football sideline reporter and analyst for the network but my expertise was NFL predictions. Each week during the season, I appeared on "SportsCenter" with Chris Berman and gave my opinions away to the masses. This segment became widely popular and was must-see television for both amateur and professional bettors. Viewers loved the show, not for my on-air skills or that I looked good with a mic, but because they knew I knew the game…

I gave out winners!  MY HAMMER PLAYS WERE LEGENDARY, thus Chris coined the moniker "Hammerin" Hank.

My long career in Sports broadcasting has been rewarding…I know every important person in football and they know me. So if you think you should be doing better with your football picks - then come with me. I have the knowledge tools, the experience and the access to be your personal mentor and selector. I will show you the clues and the numbers. I will tell you things cappers never told you because they don't know WHAT I KNOW! How to spot weak inaccurate lines & taking all the edges!  Know when a conference leader has been fattening up on cream puffs and is about to come up empty - Now you will be getting the money.

To me - You can't put a customer's money at risk unless you have monstrous self-confidence. You have to have to have an unswerving belief that you are about to save his weekend.  This is how I feel about you! And I back it up with a life's work in the spotlight with my reputation on the line & a TV Win record that is unmatched. The national media thinks Hank Goldberg is a big time story and now it's your turn to benefit from my World Class Advice.  


I track the progress of both college and NFL teams, their pluses and minuses…where there's W's and $ at stake, I don't want easy answers, just right ones. That's why I grade every team with a point system that tells at a glance if the measure up to their so-called "power ratings." Teams that rate higher than their ratings figure to play significantly better than expected, and we scale our bets accordingly.


-Last year we went 67-28 for 70.5% overall. My Games of the Year went 14-5 and my Hammer plays went 25-10-1.
--In college, I went 3-1-1 the first 5 weeks, winning all 3 September College Hammer Plays and after a solid October, was a perfect 4-0 the final 4 weeks in November.
--I also opened the NFL season winning 3 of the first 4 weeks, continued to keep the profits coming in mid-season, and ended strong, going 11-1-1 Last 2 Weeks of season.
--We won high profile matchups like the NFL Thursday kickoff with Eagles (-2) Falcons 18-12, and the College Championship: Clemson (+5½) Alabama 44-16, but we also made money on sleeper teams that kept slipping under the radar like Duke (+1½) Georgia Tech 28-14, Utah (-7) Colorado 30-7, Memphis (-11) East Carolina 59-41, Ravens (-2½) Titans 21-0, and  Bills (+3) Jaguars 24-21.                                       

Here's The Deal: Join me for the full season & receive my selections every Saturday & Sunday plus Mondays and Thursdays.  Note: I will tell you what makes every pick special and why it's worth the units.

You Get This Package For The
Get-Acquainted Fee Of Only $249.    

Bonus:  My Famous (ESPN) Hammer Plays:
Expect At Least 25-30 Of My Very Highest Rated Selections
Over The Course Of The Season.
Last Year These Games
Won To The Tune Of 71.5% Going 25-10-1

  • You can take a trial membership in September, just $149                         
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P.S. I have built a solid reputation in the industry based in TRUTH.  Over my career both in print and on-air, my picks have always been out in the open for the public to see. Win or lose, I don't fudge it…Don't color it…Don't embellish it and don't dodge it. When I point out to you that every day you don't get with me you are losing money, then maybe you will take my advice with full seriousness - and ACT on it!

Hank Goldberg


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