Kelso Sturgeon - Kelso Sturgeon 2019 NBA Playoffs

There Are Reasons I Have Crushed the NBA Playoffs For 10 Of The Last 12 Years

  • I Have The Most Powerful Handicapping Formula Ever!
  • I Have The Best Information Sources In The Business!
  • I Know When One Needs To Make A Modest Bet...
  • I Know When The Moment Arrives To Go All In!

And I Am Confident I Will Bury The NBA Playoffs Again in 2019

The bottom line is that I win because I have mastered the

  1. Private and outstanding numerical ratings on each team, updated daily!
    These numbers give me a foundation starting point to compare my Figs with the actual betting line on the game.
  2. Sophisticated Computer Tracking Game by Game!
    If a team lets up in any area, I am immediately aware of that "blip on the screen" and can follow it to see if a pattern develops. This permits me to "stay ahead" of the "official number" because it takes the linesmakers as long as a week or two to catch up.
  3. Situation and Circumstance Perspective
    My experience gives me a tremendous advantage to use those intangibles like extra the return of an injured player or home court advantage after a long road trip.

I Have An Outstanding NBA Playoff Package: Here is what is included:

  • Daily Best Bets through the NBA playoffs right through the championship series in June.
    • At least Five 50-unit plays.
    • At least Two 100-unit plays, including my NBA Playoff Game of the Year.
    • A 200-unit side/total parlay in one of the NBA Championship series games.

This is an outstanding package and you can get it all for just $150, charged to your major credit card.
You may also play by the day for $20

Sign up below or call toll free at 1-800-755-2255. Direct at 1-702-203-6907

The money is there for the taking and you can start winning from the very first day, Saturday, April 13, right through the NBA Finals, in June.

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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