Richie Baccellieri - Richie B. 2018-19 College Bowl and NFL

Full disclosure from Las Vegas linesmaker Richie B
"This Bowl Season I have found the farthest-off lines of the year!"
Plus win the last 3 weeks of the NFL regular season and basketball every day too!

Is Alabama 13 points better than Oklahoma?
Is Clemson 11 points better than Notre Dame?

Certain lines are off NOT because somebody made a mistake but because bowls bring out once-a-year bettors who bet their loyalties instead of the facts! Their action MOVES the line, and we GET POINTS!

When I play the BOWL GAMES, I DON'T PLAY GAMES! I've got the numbers and my customers have the profits to prove it! Because if you've got the Right Number you can win as big as you want…and from my perspective as top Linesmaker, I'll show you where the safest, biggest moneymakers are!

Turn bad College Bowl lines into good money!

I'm Richie Baccellieri, Richie B for short. For 27 years I was head linesmaker at Caesar's, the MGM-Grand and The Palms where, instead posting the standard Vegas line, I put up my own number on every game and dared the sharps to beat me - and in 27 years I never had a losing season! The house always made money. Six years ago I switched sides & started my own Club winning at 70% plus, and for 5 straight years have given my customers the season of their lives, and it has continued this year! I was 14-8-1 in the NFL in November, and finished the regular college season on a 5-week win streak, including 3-1 in the Conference Championship games! That's the POWER of the Right Number!

And now it's your turn to wield that right number during football's Second Season, THE BOWLS!!

  • I KNOW when there's been a flood of action on the big marquee favorite - and when the house has moved the line up to protect themselves - and we're getting a TON of points on the dog.
  • I KNOW when certain well-regarded sharps are playing extra-heavy on the dog - triggering a line shift that then makes the favorite your best play.

So if you join me now, you have a unique opportunity to cash those EXTRA EDGES IN THE EARLY BOWLS which start Saturday, December 15 with 5 games, and make more money and build bankroll for these major bowls.

Dec 29Cotton (#2) Clemson (-11, 55½) vs. (#3) Notre Dame
 Orange(#1) Alabama (-13, 79) vs. (#4) Oklahoma
Jan 1OutbackMississippi State (-5, 44½) vs. Iowa
 CitrusKentucky (-4. 48) vs. Penn State 
 FiestaLSU (-8, 54½) vs. Central Florida
 RoseOhio State (-5, 58) vs. Washington    
 SugarGeorgia (-10½, 58) vs. Texas
Jan 7Championship TBD

HERE'S THE DEAL: For only $125 you get all my Bowl Best Bets (at least 25 bowls possibly more) plus the last 3 weeks of NFL Crunchtime (8-10 more plays) and my best bets basketball through the bowl season. Right now I'm on a 14-4 run in hoops…don't miss out on these easy winners.

You never had so many edges before, because you never had a true linesmaker in your corner who had complete knowledge of what's going on. NOW YOU DO!

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