Kelso Sturgeon - Kelso November To Remember Football

My Annual November To Remember Program Kicks Off Thursday

It's November! I am no longer dealing with maybe games involving maybe teams. By now, the games are games where everything is on the line. Team play is sharper. Recognition is instant. By now - with the wannabees weeded out - starting now through Monday November 29 - are the best games of the year - games so certain to win, and All unit rated so you can make your biggest plays on the surest winners

So let's not waste a second. Here are the games this weekend!

Thu Nov 1: 50 unit TNF Interconference Rivalry:
Raiders at 49ers in Bay Area Battle

Sat Nov 3: 100 Unit College Stunner of Year:
I love this overlooked blue collar team!

Sun Nov 4: 100 Unit Division Rivalry Revenge Play:
4 games qualify but one soars above the rest!

Mon Nov 5: 25 unit October Schedule Quirk:
Titans at Cowboys - sked takes its toll on one team

Get On Board Now and Start Winning!
The cost just for this weekend is just $99 (that's 50% off my normal fee.
Or if your more ambitious, you can play ALL of November for $149

Here's what you get:

3-4 games every Saturday, 3 plays every Sunday. MNF and TNF included plus other weekday games as they develop. PLUS, you get My Personal Best - the Biggest Plays on the Board

Think of It : You will get every good game going, Thanksgiving games, ,conference rivalry showdowns, Bowl bound teams running up the score so they land a juicer bowl berth, Climactic NFL Divisional showdown games. I could go on but you get the idea, I will identify the safest games to bet so you will make the most money!

It's every which way to win - and at a cost that could pay for itself in one day! only $149,
that's a savings of $100 off my normal November to Remember offer.

CLICK HERE To sign up now online or call 1-800-755-2255
All Major Credit Cards and PayPal Accepted

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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