Kelso Sturgeon - Kelso Personal Best Basketball Club

Includes Games of the Week Month and Year - Top of the Line
Because The Personal Best Is The Best Of The Best In Basketball

My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club is designed for Bigger Players, those that can wager from $500 to $2,000 per game, but only want the ONE SAFEST BET OF THE DAY

50-unit plays grade out with an 80% chance to win, 100-unit plays (WHICH I FIND 4-5 TIMES A MONTH) grade out at the 85% or higher level. I cover NBA or COLLEGE BASKETBALL!
Club members can expect to receive my strongest selection, every game day.

You can join my Personal Best Club for just $450 for the full NBA and College season - includes all post season games, College Tournaments, March Madness, through the NBA Playoffs.

Personal Best members also receive Free Membership in my Chairman’s Club (a $349 value). That’s an additional game each day - rated 25 units - just a notch below Personal Best level.
You can also try play through the NCAA Tournament for $350, or play for a week for $100. All major credit cards accepted.

SIGN UP ONLINE BELOW Or Call Toll Free 1-800-755-2255

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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