Hank Goldberg - Hank Goldberg Winning Edge Football

Hank Goldberg Winning Edge Football

Meet the man who changed TV Football coverage from just professional to profitable…and his TV ratings proved it. This season he’ll prove it to YOU!

Hank is most noted for his work on ESPN from 1993-2014. During his 20-year run at ESPN, Goldberg was a football reporter and analyst for the network. Each week during the football season, he appeared on "SportsCenter" co-anchored with Chris Berman, and gave his opinions away to the masses. This segment became widely popular & the moniker "The Hammer" was must-see television for both amateur and professional bettor.

But more important than his on-the-air skills, Hank knows how to pick winners.
He's good at it. He makes people money; He keeps their wallets fat!

He kept fans in the money and glued to their TVs for more - because they knew that HE KNEW THE GAME - the teams, their personnel, their condition, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Hank is still well-respected, and knows everyone from players to coaches from his stint at ESPN. You’ve heard the phrase “I know a guy who knows a guy” Hank is THAT GUY…the ultimate insider.

It's no exaggeration to say “Hammerin Hank” has given out more winners’ on-camera than any man that ever lived! Get Hammerin' Hank's College and NFL predictions and betting advice throughout the 2018-19 season, starting with the Pre-Season.

Here are his five levels of winning, from good, to better to best!

These are good solid, un-tricky games that often get overlooked because they seem so obvious. It’s like they are hidden in plain sight. But wow, do they get the cash!

Here the line is a touchdown or more OFF from where it ought to be. The dog is w-a-a-y overmatched. The public is chasing the false favorite - so you can bet all you want, and win all you bet.

Here’s a game where I cannot find a single flaw. Every comparison leads to the same conclusion: Team A must beat Team B by X points, no ands, ifs, buts or maybes. Okay, so they don’t win every time, but they prove due diligence pays off!

I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere - not only locker rooms and practice fields but at the betting windows where my sources keep me posted on which parties are betting into which lines and why and how much. It’s private sources…whispers from the back room…an early move… someone middling the line. I smell gift points!

Beyond perfect! It’s wisdom from the Other Side, where I crush the line. That’s why they make up my Game of the Month and Game of the Year plays that my clients annually HAMMER ON. And the size of the covers tells you how far off the mark the public can be.

Full season College & Pro Early Bird Price $349
His best bets (5-7 plays) over the weekend – Includes TNF / MNF

Or Come in for just the Pre-Season for only $99

Know what Hank knows, bet what he bets, and win what he wins!
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College Highlights from 2017:

  • Another overall winning record in the college football regular season and the bowls
  • Won 8 weeks losing only 4 and pushing 3
  • Top College Play of the Week was 11-2-1 for 84.6%
  • College Game of the Year I won Oct 7 Miami-FL (-2½) over Florida State 24-20
  • College Game of the Year II won Oct 14 with Ohio State (-24½) over Nebraska 56-14  
  • 16-10 in the Bowls and Won Bowl Game of the Year with NC  State (-7) over Arizona State 52-31

NFL Highlights from 2017:

  • Won Pre-Season Game of Year Aug 13  Lions (-1) over Colts 24-10
  • Won Pre-Season Upset of Year Aug 20 Saints (+3½) over Chargers 13-7
  • Opened the first 5 Weeks of regular season 32-12-1 for 72.7%, and finished at 62.4%
  • Won NFL Game of the Year Nov 26 Panthers (-5½) over Jets 35-27
  • 6-2-1 On Sunday Nights and won Game of Year Nov 19 Eagles (-6) over Cowboys 37-9
  • Another winning Playoff season capped by sweeping the side & total of Super Bowl LII
    Eagles (+4½) over Patriots & (OVER 48½) 41-33  

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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