Hank Goldberg - Hank Goldberg Master Play Football

From CBS to NBC to ESPN's SportsCenter
He's Florida's #1 All-Time Sportscaster

Meet Hammerin' HANK GOLDBERG!

Know What He Knows, Bet What He Bets, Win What He Wins!
Not Just The Voice Of The People

I'm Hank Goldberg. I've been called The Voice of Sports Radio in South Florida. I've won all kinds of honors for my work on mic and on camera. But more important than my on-the-air skills, I know how to pick winners. I'm good at it. I make people money; I keep their wallets fat!

Sure, it was the game that kept viewers tuned in. But it was Hammerin' Hank who kept them leaning in to hear more!

I loved talking football with guys who know like Chris Berman whom I shared so much mic time with at ESPN Sports Center. And knowledge is the key. You see, unlike "announcers," I was a real handicapper and a bettor.  I made money at it - long before I even saw a microphone.


I had been everybody's unofficial handicapper long enough! Now I was going to make it official - and I did! I morphed into a full time public handicapper. (NFL only - see above) The results were solid. In 2017 I won 10 weeks out of 17 with 2 pushes, winning roughly two out of three.

But in making the transition from informed opinion to HARD PICK, something new has been added. My picks are more targeted and bet-oriented. I'm not just giving good advice. I'M STEERING MY PEOPLE TO THE MONEY!

Considering all the under informed bettors making under informed bets, there ought to be enough cashable edges to put a smile in your wallet, so let's talk!

So here's the deal:

  • Come on board: FOR ONLY $179 I WILL COMPLETE THE SECOND HALF OF THE 2018 SEASON AND GIVE YOU A PROFIT THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! My best plays every Saturday & Sunday, including Mondays and Thursdays. It could come to 7 to 10 games a week!
  • Or take month trial for only $99
  • Or play one weekend for $50

From now on, you're going to see what I see, know what I know, win what I win and cash what I cash!

Understand that on my end this is a lot more than "fulfilling a commitment."  This is my life. I eat, sleep and dream this game. I CAN'T not win it!

This is not business. Nor is it obsession. This is love of craft. You do it because you can't NOT do it. THAT is why I win. That is why YOU are going to win.

Call 1-877-822-2276 and get listed today. Or call / text 1-702-205-9800

What the media says about Hank:

  • "Hank knows how to pick winners, he makes people money, and keeps their wallets fat."
    Rich Eisen: NFL Network and CBS Sportsline host
  • "Sharp numbers and a great instinct have made him a perennial winner"
    Football News
  • "Hank knows how to put ten kinds of information together to get one kind of result...winners!" GameDay

What his customers say about him:

  • "Nobody made me the kinds of profits you did. Your Hammer Plays are incredible!"
    S.M. Las Vegas, NV
  • "You made a believer out of me."
    K.C. No. Miami. FL
  • "Last season you got the money nearly every week, let's do it again!"
    Izzy M. Hallandale, FL

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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