Richie Baccellieri - Richie B. 2018 Preseason Football

Nobody wins the Pre-Season Bigger Than Richie "B" Baccellieri
The NFL Pre-Season is Bankroll Building Time for those

Some QB’s are in for a couple of snaps, some are in for a whole half.  Some coaches are under the gun to win, some are only using the games as scrimmages… If you know the agenda, you WIN! Richie spots the off-limes and, BANG! - We get the money!

“For 27 years- even making my own number – I always beat the wise guys. Now that I’m on the other side of the counter, my players and I always beat the house.”

Last year I went 10-7 for 59%, and that was my 6th winning Pre-Season in a row.
I went 9-6 in 2016, 13-6 in 2015, went 13-8 in 2014, 15-7 in 2013, and 14-6 in the 2012 Pre-Seasons. That’s 65% winners to help you play the regular season with your man’s money

The Pre-Season starts on Thursday, August 2 with the Hall of Fame Game between the Bears and Ravens, and continues for another 4 weeks.

The cost, just $60, and that includes the first 2 weeks of the regular season in September

The first weekend of College Football starts August 25, with a full slate of games on Sept. 1
The NFL kicks off Thursday, Sept. 6, with the Falcons at the Eagles

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“If you bet Richie B how many beans are in a jar, be prepared to lose. The man is a handicapping fiend!”
Chris Andrews, as Race and Sportsbook Manager, South Point Hotel & Casino

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