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The star of the NBA playoffs isn't King James, it's King Wayne!
Wayne Allyn Root, the King of Las Vegas

The NBA playoffs are now into the conference finals, and ever since the postseason began on April 14, I've been steering my clients towards the money. This time of year is always a moneymaker for me, but even more so this season. The NBA playoffs have been marked by unpredictability and as someone who's been given the title "The King of The Upsets", that's right up my alley.

I take a lot of pride in my contrarian thinking and handicapping. It's the reason I've been so successful in both basketball and football and underdogs that not only cover, but win outright and it's why I became known as "The King of the Upsets" here on the Strip. But it's important to know that I don't take the underdog just for the sake of challenging conventional wisdom. I study the personnel and the numbers carefully, looking for an edge.

Get with me today and I'll get you my best bet selections from tonight all the way through the conclusion of the NBA Finals in Mid-June. That's all the Conference Finals between the Cavaliers and Celtics and Warriors and Rockets, and then on through the Finals

I'm going to keep making money the rest of this postseason. The only question left to answer is whether you will too. Just $75 gets it all. Sign up at the link below and let's get winning!

You're going to be calling or going online almost every day. So, why not win with me at baseball, where I am the "King of the Upsets."

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