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A guarantee rom Richie B
Make a whole season's profits in the time that's left with my


Private information games from the most trusted sources based on the most unexpected information leading to the biggest edges and the most profits!

Imagine a game so certain to win you could bet it in your sleep, yet so contrary to expectation you're getting a ton of points besides! And as long as that price holds up you are golden. That's why I cxall it a WHISPER GAME. You daren't even mention it lest you give it away and - poof! - your edge is gone.

What makes such certainty possible? Information.
Information so contrary to expectation, most bettors wouldn't believe it. Yet so accurate you can bet your biggest bet on it!

I call such games WHISPER GAMES because the squares wouldn't believe me even if I shouted it from the rooftops . . . but the wise guys andthe sharps - who are always on the prowl for any edge they ca get - wouldinstantly pounce on it - and poof! -I just lost my edge!

But guarding my edge has been my lifetime habit. It's why I beat the bettors 27 years in a row as head linesmaker at Caesar's Palace and the MGM Grand. It's why I have beaten the house the last 5 years as a handicapper.I KNOW MY STUFF. Looking at the remaining schedule, I see WHISPER GAMES all over!

  • Thanksgiving Day Turkey Shoot games
  • Season-ending traditional college rivalry showdowns
  • NFL Crunchtime
  • College Bowls  (where lines are always off because the teams are from different conferences)
  • NFL Playoffs & SuperBowl XLII

IT'S EVERY KIND OF FORM REVERSAL, where the game is due to go against

  • expectations are all over the lot
  • teams are high as a kite or flat as a pancake
  • squares distort lines with ill-informed "loyalty bets" giving us points!  *Bigger turnout, bigger handles, bigger edges!

YOU ARE getting POINTS - because the majority of bettors don't know what's going on! That's a WHISPER GAME! And you can have all the games I described above - 70 games in all - for just $350! - that's $5 a game! Or you can play by thee day for $50

Nuff sad. Sign up bw and let's do it! Whisper your way to the season of your life, then shout it from the rooftops!

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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