Wayne Root - Wayne Root Money Line and More Football

Wayne Allyn Root's new Underdog formula cracks code for record profits!
We tripled normal profits by betting the Money Line and cashing ODDS!

Just look how we did the last two weekends. I swept 5-0 on Sunday, Oct 15 with these 5 winners. I was so certain we would win, I told my players, "Bet these teams to win OUTRIGHT on the MONEY LINE and collect ODDS!" That's just what happened!

October 15


On the Money Line, dogs can't just COVER, they must WIN OUTRIGHT. favorites it's the reverse: they can't just win they must COVER!

Our Money Line picks won Saturday & Monday, too:
Sat 10/14 LSU (+6) Auburn 27-23 - paid $195 (Shocker of Year)
Mon 10/16 Titans (-6.5) Colts 36-22 -paid $290

And last weekend we had these Money Line winners…
Thu 10/19 Raiders (+3) Chiefs 31-30 - paid $135
Sun 10/22 Bears (+3) Panthers 17-3 - paid $130
Sun 10/22 Chargers (+1) Broncos 21-0 - paid $105

And I also won these bets ATS, but not on the Money Line
Fri 10/20 New Mexico (+7.5) Colorado State 24-27
Sat 10/21 Baylor (+9) West Virginia 36-38
Sun 10/22 Browns (+5.5) Titans 9-12

I had 24 Moneyline winners and only 8 losses in the first 8 weeks, and it added up to a profit of $7,785 for $100 per game bettors! Our regular picks against the spread (both dgs that covered and favorites) were pretty good, too, going 19-10 for another $800, making the total net profits to date: $8,585! You got double your money back!  As if you were cashing 200% winners!

Which leads to the logical next question: "WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON?
Right here - and here's the deal:

  • You get six games every week - 2-3 on Saturday plus 2-3 on Sunday, plus Monday & Thursday if the games measure up.
  • Several plays will be Money Line games as shown, where our average ROI was 2-to-1!
  • The games I give you are loaded with criticality, i.e. the game's a mismatch, or the team is at a big disadvantage schedule-wise, or there is some factor at work that gives you the hidden edge.

All for a fee so low you could make it back in one single play…Just $175 buys you this whole deal.

Sign up below or call 1-877-ROOT WINS (that's 1-877-766-9467)
Text / Call 1-702-205-9800

P.S. On my 30 year career I have picked more documented winners than anyone that ever lived. But nothing I have ever seen or done matches my Money Line winners. Is it smarter data management? Smarter computers? The "Cloud?" A smarter ME? I don't' know. Maybe it's just not giving up. But the payoffs I'm seeing now top anything I've ever done. And I can't wait to see the smile on your face and the money in your wallet!

Free Bonus: My Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, Nov 23-24
2 Days of non-stop winning where the linesmakers are the turkeys, and we have the gun!

For over 30 years my players have been turning the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot the biggest CASH COW of every season. The winning couldn't be easier. This is when regional rivalry and bowl ambitions push teams to play beyond their limits. Meantime loyalty bettors bend lines out of shape with ill-informed bets. AND WE FEAST ON EXTRA POINTS ON THE RIGT SIDE.

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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