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"I can't wait to put the money into your pocket"

When my players get a dozen points over the line, that's not make believe. And when they collect $200, $300 or even $500 on a $100 bet, that's not fantasy...
That's reality! Root Reality
Start making plans. Because YOU and I have a date with Lady Luck. You are destined to have the season of your life and I am destined to be the man that gives it to you!

That's not fantasy. That's a rational prediction based on my 30 years of documented success. 

You know my name and my story. Yes, I've picked more winners than any other handicapper in football and for the 17th time in 17 years, more outright underdog winners , a total of 1,176 since 2000, and no one else comes close. This is serious business. I have been documented by Sports Monitor, the leading record keeper of our industry, for 30 years.

But back of all the P.R. and the marketing nonsense is the ROOT REALITY: a war council of pointspread analysts who help me target the best games, a contrarian betting plan that works non-stop at measuring overlays so we are always getting the biggest edges. An information pipeline that keeps me wired. 

So that, whereas with fantasy football, every now and then you might find players to help you make a big score, in Root Reality Football, all my guys are banging the boards nearly every week!

We don't need fantasy. Real football is so full of schedule traps, revenge games, lookaheads, letdowns and travel angles, you can make all the money you want just off what's right there under your nose!

And it's not just the quantity of winning. It's the quality... not merely underdogs that covered the spread, but dogs that won outright. And here's where my game leaves fantasy football in the dust.

YOU CAN BET MY OUTRIGHT UPSETS AGAINST THE MONEY LINE AND COLLECT ODDS! Look at these 2016 early season upsets, and moneyline payoffs!

9/3Wisconsin (+10.5) over LSU16-14WON$390
9/3Houston (+13.5) Oklahoma33-23WON$485
9/18Rams (+6) over Seahawks9-3WON$210
9/18Falcons (+4.5) over Raiders35-28WON$170
10/8Navy (+17.5) over Houston46-40WON$750
10/8Oregon State (+13.5) over California47-44WON$400

How would you like double or triple odds payoffs when you bet? MY kind of football puts fantasy football in the shade...in that gray zone occupied by crap shoots and dartboards. The plan I have in mind makes the most sense because, besides dogs that win outright, I'll be giving you terrific covers and even some favorites. Check out this sampler from last September:

9/4Texas (+4.5) over Notre Dame50-47WON
9/10Washington St (+10.5) over Boise State28-31WON
9/17Ole Miss (+11) over Alabama43-48WON
9/18Panthers (-13) over 49ers46-27WON
9/23TCU (-21.5) over SMU33-3WON
9/24Auburn (+3.5) over LSU18-13WON
9/25Chiefs (-2.5) over Jets24-3WON

Ready to try me out for two weeks?

  • Saturday: My strongest OUTRIGHT UPSET WINNER - and you can bet it on the money line for odds- plus a second play: that Could win straight up but that will definitely cover.
  • Sunday you get the same as Saturday: an OUTRIGHT UPSET WINNER and a HOT COVER.
  • Pre-Season games are not always "well meant," so we're not focusing on them. Where I find a game both sides are really trying to win, it's yours!
  • My fee for the two weeks - which will include select Monday & Thursday, around 20 games - is only $39.
  • Or, if you're already convinced reality gives you a better shot than fantasy, come in for the whole season for only $249 and save even more!

A parting thought:
Get rid of loser guilt. Stick your chest out. Don't slink up to the ATM machine to check your dwindling balance. Stride like a man because youjust won again!
I know the feeling. And so do my customers, who keep coming back for more - and why not?
I make fantasies REAL!

Sign up below or call me at 1-877-ROOT-WINS, that's 1-877-766-8946. Or call/text to 1-702-205-9800

What the trade says about me...

"Wayne Allyn Root has built a talent for picking football winners into an empire." Las Vegas Sun
The King of Handicappers. "He's the Warren Buffet of his world!" Jim Cramer - CNBCs Mad Money

What my customer say about me...

"Wow - what a weekend - $1,240 profit on four $100 bets!" Mike D, Norwood, NJ
"I've been living off your upsets for five years. Keep it up!" Larry C, Fairfield, CT
"Your big game plays are tops. I love when you go against the pundits and always get the upset!!" Anthony K, Waipahu, HI


GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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