Richie Baccellieri - Richie B. 2017 Big Bucks Football

The Big Lie, the Big Truth,
The Big Bucks

  • The Big Lie is the Line That Looks Right But Isn't.

  • The Big Truth Is The Right Number On a Game.

  • The Big Bucks Are What You Make When You Know The Difference

All Last Year Was Full Of Games Where The Big Truth That I Had In My Hip Pocket Beat The Big Lies They Had Up On The Boards

  Big Lie Big TruthBig Bucks 
S 10Ohio(+1.5)Kansas(-6.5)37-21W
S 15Jets/Bills(OVER 40.5) (Over 47)37/31W
S 25Eagles(+3.5)Steelers(-3)34-3W
O 2Panthers/Falcons(OVER 48.5) (Over 57)33/48W
O22Penn State(+19)Ohio State(+10)24-21W
N 11Florida St.(-21)Boston College(-33)45-7W
D 11Packers(+3)Seahawks(-3)38-10W

This Year There Will Be Plenty More. Here's Why...

If you don't know the name Richie Baccellieri, Richie B. for short, in Las Vegas they call me Mr. Right Number. Making sharp lines on football games is what I do - and they tell me nobody ever did it better.

When I was head Sportsbook Director at some of the biggest books in Vegas, like Caesar's Palace, the MGM Grand and the Palms, it was my job to put up the right number onevery game. A zillion things went into it - stats, coachingstyles, the schedule, motivation, peaks and valleys - and Ibetter be right or the house would lose big time. Yet in twenty-seven years as the man in charge, I never gave the house a losing season.

Four years ago I decided to switch sides and help the bettors beat the House while returning to my first love, betting. Together we've had the same success as a player that I had as a linesmaker- because the man who put the number together is the man who knows how to take it apart!

Since I know where the number SHOULD be, I can easily see where we are getting our biggest edges and our surest plays! I know WHEN a line is off, WHY it's off, HOW MUCH it's off and HOW STRONG a bet to make of it. Now, so do you, because if you come in with me I will give you my Personal Plays. And if you bet the games I bet, you make the money I make, starting with the Hall of Fame Game Thursday, August 3 - Cardinals vs. Cowboys, followed by a stream of August winners.

COME IN FOR THE FULL SEASON - and get 22 weeks of solid winning for just $249. What a deal - a chance to play with #1, and Win like #1. Or try me for 4 weeks for only $99, or play by the day for $20.


A single phone call gives you a HUNDRED edges and makes you an Insider! As sharp as the Sharps, and believe me, wiser than the Wise Guys.

Sign up below or call 1-888-546-4875 - Or Call/Text 1-702-420-5074

"If we rated Linesmakers by how accurate they are, Richie B. would be in the stratosphere!"
Chris Andrews: South Point Casino Sports Book Director

"Richie B. is the Gold Standard"
Kenny White:  Notable Las Vegas Oddsmaker currently at Don Best Sports

GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm(et) and Weekends after 10:30am(et).


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