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More Than Any Other Sport, Baseball is Won and Lost by Match-ups...
No One Has Better Numbers Crunchers, Stat Men, and Handicappers than JIM HURLEY'S NETWORK®.

There's more than just numbers, numbers, and more numbers...Jim's incomparable connections also give him the lowdown on advanced sabermetrics, injuries big or small, travel troubles, or locker room morale problems... anything to get that WINNING EDGE!

It's this type of dedication, hard work, and fundamental expertise that beats the Vegas lines year-in and year-out, producing over 60% winners for 18 of the last 20 baseball seasons, including our profit-making winning percentage of 65.6%! And look at the roll we have been on as of late...11-4 for 73%!

June 15Chicago White Sox (+115) over Baltimore Orioles5-2WON
 Washington Nationals (-120) over New York Mets8-3WON
 Seattle Mariners / Minnesota Twins UNDER 102/6WON
June 16Miami Marlins (+110) over Atlanta Braves5-0WON
 St. Louis Cardinals (-130) over Baltimore Orioles11-2WON
June 17Chicago Cubs / Pittsburgh Pirates UNDER 8½3/4WON
 Texas Rangers (-125) over Seattle Mariners10-4WON
 Tampa Bay Rays (-105) over Detroit Tigers3-2WON
June 18Washington Nationals (+125) over New York Mets1-5lost
 Kansas City Royals (-110) over Los Angeles Angels7-3WON
 St. Louis Cardinals (-115) over Baltimore Orioles5-8lost
June 19Miami Marlins (+105) over Washington Nationals8-7WON
 Baltimore Orioles (+150) over Cleveland Indians0-12lost
June 20Cleveland Indians (-145) over Baltimore Orioles5-6lost
 Seattle Mariners (-140) over Detroit Tigers5-4WON


There's no pointspread in baseball - all you have to do is win the game. Baseball is bet on the moneyline. That means if the Red Sox are listed as a (-130) favorite over the Tigers, you need to wager $130 on Boston to make a profit of $100. Or bet $13 to turn a profit of $10. On the flip side, if you like Detroit and bet them at (+120), a $100 investment makes you $120 in profit. Or just put down $10 and cash in a profit of $12.

The implications of this are enormous and favorable to smart handicappers. If you like the favorite, there's no more sweating out whether you'll be robbed of your win by garbage-time points. No more losing money due to cheap backdoor covers. Just win and cash in.

The other side of the coin is even more lucrative. Baseball thrives on upsets - so much so, that you never hear the word "upset" used to describe the results of a regular season baseball game. But they certainly pay out at a healthy clip. When you do your homework, maximize your edges and understand matchups, you find the spots where you can confidently invest in monyeline underdogs.

The 2017 Major League Baseball season is nearing the halfway point. Are you ready to answer the pertinent questions like these..

Can surprises like the Rockies, Diamondbacks and Brewers keep winning in the National League, or fall back to the pack?
When will last year's World Series teams, the Cubs and Indians, kick into a higher gear (as was expected at the beginning of the season)?
Can anyone in the American League keep the Houston Astros from making the World Series?
What other teams have not yet peaked and are ready to have a winning (and profitable) second half!

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg. On a day-to-day basis, you have to drill down to understand when a starting pitcher is going to be at his best, when hitters are at the peak of their cycle and where the best value is on the card.

The HIT & RUN CLUB is designed for steady profits all season long. That means you will double, triple, or quadruple your profits, depending on your wagering style, so put the HIT & RUN CLUB at the "Top Of Your Lineup" in 2017.

Your best option, giving you the entire Baseball season.
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