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The 2019 College Football & NFL Seasons Are Here
Now Is the Time for You to Get the Best Selections at the Best Price

I crushed the NFL Preseason with a 12-3 record the first 3 weeks- 80%
7-1 in Week 1              3-1 in Week 2              2-1 in Week 3

I categorize my games into 5 clubs...1 game in each.

VEGAS ELITE                    $14 per day              $96 monthly             $186 season
These are good solid, games that often get overlooked because they seem so obvious. It's like they are hidden in plain sight. But they get the cash regularly.
In 2018 these games won a solid 59.7% in college and 60.5% in the NFL

GOLD GAMES                     $20 per day              $149 monthly           $349 season
Here the line is a touchdown or more OFF from where it ought to be. The dog is w-a-a-y overmatched. The public is chasing the false favorite – and we take advantage.
Among my 63% winners in 2018, my Gold Underdog plays were 11-6 (64.7%)

PLATINUM PLAYS             $29 per day              $185 monthly           $595 season
Every comparison leads to the same conclusion: Team A must beat Team B by X points, no ifs, buts or maybes. One game each Saturday and Sunday that grades out at least 67%
Won 7 of 8 to start the season and never looked back, finishing at just under 68%

INNER CIRCLE                   $35 per day              $249 monthly           $679 season
I've got eyes and ears everywhere - not only the practice fields but at the betting windows where my sources keep me posted on which parties are betting into which lines and why and how much.
These plays delivered OVER 70% winners in 2018 and had 13 out of 18 winning weeks!

EXECUTIVE                         $45 per day              $325 monthly           $995 season
These are the games where I crush the line. That's why they make up my Game of the Month and Game of the Year plays that my clients annually feast on. And the size of the covers tells you how far off the mark the public can be. Look at these 4 huge covers I had in September!
Ravens (-7) Bills                  47-3    Covered by 37          Opening Sunday GOY
Colts (+6 ½) Redskins         21-9    Covered by 18½       Sept NFL Upset of Month
Virginia (-5 ½) Louisville     27-3    Covered by 18½       ACC GOY
Purdue (+7) Boston Coll.    30-13  Covered by 24          College GOM


The answer is hard work - the harder I work, the more I win. And I don't do it alone. My name and face are what the public sees, but behind it all is a war council of point spread warriors who help me target the best games, a betting plan that works non-stop at measuring overlays so we are always getting the biggest edges on the board, and an information pipeline that keeps me wired.

I also hosted two Handicapping shows on USA-TV that ran for over 20 years…Pro Line and Sports Desk.

I'll often call my friends (Sharps & Wiseguys) to get their opinion on a game I'm interested in. When we agree, it solidifies my position. When we disagree, I re-evaluate.  By continually keeping my eyes, ears and sources on the game, I not only keep up, I GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE!

You can purchase each club separately or join me for ALL 5 Clubs

College football has started and I won both games opening Saturday, August 24!
Miami-Fla (+7½) over Florida 20-24 and Hawaii (+11) outright over Arizona 45-38!
The Bears and Packers kick off the NFL season on September 5 (8:30 PM ET, NBC).

Let's get started today!
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Jim Feist

Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly says:  "A pioneer in handicapping business and he's GOOD at it ! Good opinion. Worth listening to".    


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