VSM Bowls and NFL Crunch Time

Put the screws to Scrooge…
Steal Christmas Back from the Grinch…
…And Give Vegas the Hotfoot as we Hit the Holidays with the easiest High Percentage, High Octane Winners of the Year!


Football’s Winningest Games Selected by Football’s Winningest Handicappers


From the first 5 bowls on December 15th to the National Championship on January 7th here’s your chance to cash in on a CONTINUOUS FEAST OF BIG BUCK WINNERS
where the extra points come gift wrapped for the holidays!

Turn football information into football profits during the last three weeks of the NFL and playoffs, and the college bowls. VegasSportsMasters are proven experts at turning past performance into future profits. Now say hello...

RICHIE “B” BACCELLIERI: If You Want the Right Number You Need the Right Man!
As Vegas’ #1 LINE-MAKER for 27 years – at Caesar’s Palace, the MGM & the Palms – I ignored the regular Vegas line and put up my OWN “Right Number” on every game, and my house always made a profit. Since I quit Vegas in 2012, I’ve given my players 6 banner seasons in a row. Now it’s your turn. Use my Right Number and cash the best days of your life this holiday season. 15-7-1 in the NFL in November and continuing to cash in December.

HANK GOLDBERG: The man who has picked more Winners on TV than any other Handicapper. Find out what a growing army of football enthusiasts are finding out…that Hammerin' Hank Goldberg knows football up, down and sideways. Many fans remember him as a game analyst or sports anchor, or alongside Chris Berman at ESPN's Sports Center, where they called him "The Hammer" because he kept nailing down winners.
Hank’s 9-3 in the NFL the past two Sundays!

JIM FEIST: The Leader in the Sports Wagering Information Field!
For decades Jim Feist has set the standard and beat the odds on both pro and college teams – He has been a perennial contest winner and his PROLINE on U.S.A. Cable Network was the most watched gaming show in history. On a 5-week winning streak in the NFL!

Kelso Sturgeon: It's time to bowl for big bucks, plus win the NFL too!
Called the Dean of Las Vegas Handicappers, for over 40 years, he has faced the nations' linesmakers and is usually on the winning end. The Wall Street Journal cited him for success in picking pointspread Winners. The College Bowl Season Begins With Five Games Saturday And I Intend To Release Three Of Them With the Highlight Of The Day A 100-Unit Play.

Jim Hurley's Network: I’m JAMMED With Big Winners. Don’t Miss Out!
My organization IS a Network and the ONLY network of scouts, data analysts and contest-winning handicappers. Who’s hot, Who’s hurt? Who’s got the need, Who’s got the foot speed? Our Vegas pipeline tracks smart money and dumb money, and WINS the MOST money!

Bowl Blitz Saturday and Prime time NFL Action Plays! The Bowls are loaded with wrong lines starting today you pick the right spot you win the right kind of money. Sides and totals today look like found money. Plus the winning continues in the NFL, and Saturday's twin bill adds even more money to your bankroll.

Last Year Collectively the Sports Masters Finished With A 68.9% Record On The Final Weeks Of The NFL And College Bowls. And Don’t Forget These Packages Include Their Designated Big Plays like Games Of the Year, Underdog Stunners And Parlay Combos (Like New Year’s Day Bowl Grand Slam).

Get the Top Bowl and NFL Plays from Each Handicapper, Each Game Day
Choose Your SportsMaster For Complete Bowl / NFL Packages and keep winning right through the Super Bowl February 4th!

Get Any One Of The VegasSportsMasters Plays - ONLY $125
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