Today’s Picks
Kelso Baseball 7-0 Triple Crown

I found three teams on tonight’s schedule that graded out with better than a 95% chance to win and am taking advantage of the opportunity to win another Major League Baseball Triple Crown.

50-Unit Solid Gold Power Play

My baseball highrollers are set to take down all the money tonight on a solid gold power play game that appears to be a dead-even affair but in reality but in fact is anything but that.

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Kelso 2017 Best Bets Baseball Club

My Best Bets Baseball Investment Club is my most popular baseball club and is designed to service the needs of serious but modest betters. Clients receive an average of 2 best bets each day and each team must emerge from my 10-point grading system with at least a 75% chance to win.

Kelso 2017 Personal Best Baseball

Do you want only the best games to bet on? Are you a serious player, prepared to focus your bankroll on a single game and aim for a profit of thousands of dollars on your bets? If that describes you, than my Personal Best Baseball Club is for you.

2017 Football Investors Bombshell

Kelso Sturgeon has beaten the Dow Jones 41 years in a row. Won’’t you give him ONE year to get the money for you?
A long time customer did a study of my past performances and found out that my Big Play games not only beat Vegas and the Offshores, but earned more dollars than any of the stock averages on Wall Street

Kelso 2017 Chairmans Club Baseball

My Chairman’s Baseball Investment Club offers bettors the best of all world - daily Chairman’s Club plays rated at least 25 units, plus all Best Bets Club plays. To qualify as a Chairman’s Club play, a team must grade out under my baseball handicapping formula with an 85% chance to win and be at the top of its form cycle while facing a team that is weak and on its way down.

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The Root Trust 2017 Football Season

What do you want out of football? Some great games some of the time? Or ALL great games ALL of the time? Then you want the ROOT TRUST

Wayne Root No Limit Football Season

I have figured out how to make you rich - if you have the ambition and the sticktuitiveness. After all, if we’re both playing the same games, why can’t we both make the same money?

Wayne Root Reality Football

When my players get a dozen points over the line, that’s not make believe. And when they collect $200, $300 or even $500 on a $100 bet, that’s not fantasy... That’s reality! Root Reality.
Start making plans. Because YOU and I have a date with Lady Luck. You are destined to have the season of your life and I am destined to be the man that gives it to you!

Wayne Root Pinnacle Play Baseball Service


Wayne Root 2017 Money Line Baseball Club

Betting baseball plays right into my handicapping style. My reputation in this town is "The King of Upsets", for all the outright dog winners I’ve connected on over the years. In baseball, these "upsets" happen so often they don’t even call them "upsets"!

Today’s Picks
Jim Hurley 3 Tuesday Baseball Value Blasters

Jim Hurley’s Upsets and Sure Shots Mean BIG Return On Investment. Get Tuesday’s Monster Plays. “DOGS” Money Line and more.

Network Tuesday Night Baseball Lock City

MLB Lock City! 95% Trend Play Going Tuesday Night. Jim Hurley’s Blue Ribbon Baseball Club routinely features games trending between 85-90%. But tonight we’ve got a play that’s WAY stronger!

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Jim Hurley Blue Ribbon Baseball Club

The one best game on the schedule, rated 90%

Network Dollars of August NFL Preseason


Jim Hurley Hit and Run Baseball Club

More Than Any Other Sport, Baseball is Won and Lost by Match-ups...No One Has Better Numbers Crunchers, Stat Men, and Handicappers than JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK

Today’s Picks
Richie B. House Plays Baseball Club

RICHIE B’S HOUSE PLAYS BASEBALL CLUB. My One Standout Baseball Play of the Day!

Richie B Baseball Blowout Play

The hottest hitter in baseball right now is me - I’ve cashed seven of my last ten bets and I’m ready to do it again on Tuesday with one dynamite play.

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Richie Baccellieri Biggest Football Games of 2017

When you can cover by over 17 points in your 40 Biggest Games - and know in advance each time YOU CAN MAKE A TON OF MONEY!

Richie Baccellieri 2017 Baseball

Learn how baseball can be the most profitable sport of all with the most advanced computer-handicapping program to date!

Richie B. 2017 Big Bucks Football

Since I know where the number SHOULD be, I can easily see where we are getting our biggest edges and our surest plays! I know WHEN a line is off, WHY it’s off, HOW MUCH it’s off and HOW STRONG a bet to make of it.

Today’s Picks
Jim Feist MLB Inner Circle (21-11-1) - Tue

Jim Fest is on a 21-11-1 run with High End Inner Circles, cashing with the +150 Twins Sunday and the Twins/Red Sox under yesterday

Jim Feist Interleague Game of the Month-Tue

Jim Feist has found another perfect situation on the baseball diamond, strong enough to be his Interleague Game of the Month

Jim Feist MLB High Roller Wise Guy Total -Tue

Jim Feist is unleashing a High Roller total on the diamond, a Baseball Wise Guy Total Dominator, a $250 high end release.

Jim Feist’s 3-Team MLB Tripleheader - Tue

3 for One! Jim Feist likes three plays on the Tuesday card, a trio of winners (1 side, 2 totals) to play individually or parlay

Today’s Picks
4-Team Baseball Pack - Tuesday

Hank Goldberg’s 4-Team Baseball Pack - Tuesday

Today’s Picks
Dave Cokin MLB High End Value Plus Play - Tues

Smokin’ Dave Cokin is set to roast the books with a blockbuster baseball release, his MLB High End Value Play!

Seasonal Packages
VSM’s Fantastic 5 Consensus

Imagine having a one-stop location where you could draw on the cumulative knowledge of the best minds in the handicapping world. With the Vegas Sportmasters Consensus Service, you don’t have to imagine--it’s a reality! Every day you can get the plays that our six handicappers have at least a solid majority consensus on and sometimes even a unanimous vote.


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