Today’s Picks
Kelso 40 Unit Sunday NFL Side Total Parlay

My Chairman’’s Club Just Missed Hitting Its 3rd Straight 40-Unit Parlay Last Sunday And I Am Going For Another Bookie Buster Today

Kelso 150-Unit 2-Team NFL Parlay

One Of The Rarest Of Opportunities To Make A Giant NFL Score Is Front And Center Today And I Intend To Take Down The Money With Two Blowouts

Kelso 3-0 Best Bets NFL Sunday

My Best Bets Football Club Has Gone 6-2-1 In NFL The Past Three Sundays And Is Primed To Win Three More Games With Three Mismatches

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Kelso 2017 Personal Best Football

My Personal Best Club For Highrollers Releases Only Games That Have A 95% Chance To Win Straight Up And An 80% Chance To Cover The Spread

Kelso 2017 Chairmans Club Football

One Super Game Saturday, One Super Game Sunday (+ Mon-Thurs)

Kelso 2017 Best Bets FOOTBALL Club

With my Best Bets to guide you, there is nothing stopping you from ultimate success. And I invite you to join me for the remainder of this season!

Kelso Sturgeon Second Chance November

For players who didn’’t get off to a good start I just invented a new month for you to catch up on! SECOND CHANCE NOVEMBER. A MONTH OF REGAINED OPPORTUNITIES AND REBUILT BANKROLL!

Kelso Best Bets Basketball Club

If you’re the type of player who likes action and high-percentage games, my BEST BETS CLUB is for you. Every day I handicap every game on the board. I track the factors, the ups and downs, look for bad lines, study the injury reports and talk to lines-makers in town to check on a number of games to see if there’s heavy action on the side I’m interested in. An average of 2-3 Best Bet Games Rated 5-15 Units.

Kelso Personal Best Basketball

My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club is designed for Bigger Players, those that can wager from $500 to $2,000 per game but only want the ONE SAFEST BET OF THE DAY.

Kelso Chairmans Club Basketball

When You Need To WIN 4 Out Of 6 Times...Kelso Sturgeon’’s Chairman’’s Club Basketball Service Is A Must Have!

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Wayne Root Money Line and More Football

Wayne Allyn Root’s new Underdog formula cracks code for record profits! MY PLAYERS JUST TURNED 32 $100 BETS INTO $7,785!

Wayne Root Trust Football

What do you want out of football? Some great games some of the time? Or ALL great games ALL of the time? Then you want the ROOT TRUST

Today’s Picks
Network Blue Ribbon Basketball Club

BLUE RIBBON is not just team work… IT’S LEGWORK, SPADEWORK AND HOMEWORK… Tons of it.

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Jim Hurley Blue Ribbon Football

Blue Ribbon Football: So how are you going to finish this year? With a whimper or a BANG. Join the Blue Ribbon Club – Football that pumps up your juices… and NO excuses.

Jim Hurley Cashline Basketball

Jim Hurley’’s Network wins in basketball because we’’re a complete team. Our stat handicappers crunch every number that has predictive value. Our computer programmers run all that data through the most state-of-the-art simulations in the business. Our basketball people watch as many games as possible to find personnel mismatches that may not be accounted for by the Vegas spread. And last but not least, our Vegas pipeline tells us what the smart money is thinking. It all puts us ready to strike the odds-makers while they’’ve got their points down!

Jim Hurley 2017 Hotline Football

With over 30 years of experience I CAN LOOK AT CERTAIN SEASONS and simply KNOW that the makeup of the teams, the setup of the schedules and the pedestrian way in which the Line-Maker will continue to put up his number based on BETTING PATTERNS AND NOT DAY-TO-DAY DYNAMICS...the OPPORTUNITY is there to finish A SEASON OF THE CENTURY!

Today’s Picks
Richie B. Whisper Games Private Football

Make a whole season’s profits in the time that’s left with myWHISPER GAMES! Private information games from the most trusted sources based on the most unexpected information leading to the biggest edges and the most profits!

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Richie B. 2017 Football - The Game Within the Game

If you don’t know the name Richie Baccellieri, Richie B. for short, in Las Vegas they call me Mr. Right Number. Making sharp lines on football games is what I do - and they tell me nobody ever did it better.

Richie B. Big Bucks Basketball

The B In Richie B Stands For Baccellieri. And If You Know The Legendary Vegas Linesmaker, You Also Know It Stands For Big Bucks Basketball

Today’s Picks
NFL Wise Guy Total Dominator of the Year - Sunday

Jim Feist’ NFL Wise Guy Total Dominator of the Year - Sunday

NFL 3-Team Stampede - Sunday

Jim Feist’s NFL 3-Team Stampede - Sunday

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Jim Feist Gold Standard Football

Introducing... My Personal GOLD STANDARD Service. I am offering to you the games that are the ABSOLUTE KEYS TO MY CONTINUED SUCCESS OVER THE LAST FOUR DECADES!

NFL Inner Circle Total - Sunday!

Jim Feist’s NFL Inner Circle Total - Sunday!

Today’s Picks

Today’s Picks

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VSM’s Fantastic 5 Consensus

Imagine having a one-stop location where you could draw on the cumulative knowledge of the best minds in the handicapping world. With the Vegas Sportmasters Consensus Service, you don’t have to imagine--it’s a reality! Every day you can get the plays that our six handicappers have at least a solid majority consensus on and sometimes even a unanimous vote.


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