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Kelso Wednesday Baseball Best Bets Call For FREE Offer

Best Bets On 7-1 Run…Wins Two More Today
Buy These Two Online or Call for FREE Offer. Get both my BEST BETS Today Absolutely FREE For Calling 1-702-203-6907 Code: BBW

Kelso 100 Unit Pre-Season Game of the Year

Kelso Sturgeon’’s 100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of Year Wins Friday
I Went 4-1 In Week #1 Of The NFL Preseason And Am Set To Win Every Day In Week #2 With The Highlight Being Friday Night’’s 100-Unit Game Of The Year

Kelso Wednesday 50-Unit 2-Team MLB Parlay

It’s Been Several Days Since I Have Seen A Baseball Schedule Loaded With So Many Outstanding Plays And I Intend To Capitalize With 50-Unit 2-Team Parlay

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Kelso 2018 Preseason and Best Bets Football

If you want to win money in NFL preseason football you have come to the right place. My history of success in what is the exhibition/practice season states loudly that I win with great consistency and it is my goal to win at least $2,000 for all my clients and give them a sizable bankroll heading into the regular season.

Kelso Personal Best Baseball Club

Do you want only the best games to bet on? Are you a serious player, prepared to focus your bankroll on a single game and aim for a profit of thousands of dollars on your bets? If that describes you, than my Personal Best Baseball Club is for you.

Kelso Personal Best Football 2018

This club is designed specifically for those who want the the best, the game I’’m making my biggest bet TOP GAME Saturday and TOP GAME Sunday, rated from 50 units to 200 units.
My goal for this season is again to win at least 75% of all my college releases and 70% of all NFL games—and believe me those figures will make you more money that you ever dreamed possible.

Kelso 2018 Preseason and September Football

Kelso Sturgeon invites you to Explode At The Snap!
Beginning with the Pre-Season HOF Game, Aug. 2nd Ravens vs Bears
A winning pre-season could mean a record breaking regular season because the profits you make in August can be turned around 5-6 times by December.

Kelso Chairmans Club Football 2018

A Chairman’’s Club member is a serious player - they don’’t want their action spread among a wide range of games. A Chairman’’s Club member is interested in the one game that deserves the complete attention of their bankroll, on both Saturday and Sunday. It’’s the Crème de la Crème of bet worthy games. My focus is simple - what game is worth rating 25 to 50 Units on? Sometimes that’’s a national TV game, other times it’’s an under-the-radar matchup. But it is always a game that you can bet with confidence.

Kelso 2018 Chairmans Club Baseball

Ready For The Second Half of the Season and Pennant Races
All Plays Released As 25-To-50 Unit Bets, And Must Grade Out With At Least 88% Chance To Win

Kelso 2018 Baseball Best Bets Club

My Best Bets Baseball Investment Club is my most popular baseball club and is designed to service the needs of serious but modest betters. Clients receive an average of 2-3 best bets each day and each team must emerge from my 10-point grading system with at least a 75% chance to win.

Today’s Picks
Network MLB Totals Triple Crown

Wednesday I’ll have 3 more of the easiest kind of Totals winners! Play all three games straight up, in three 2-teamers, and one 3-team parlay paying off at 6-1!

Network Baseball Parlay of the Week

Jim Has Found Three Plays That Are The Best Of Wednesday and The Baseball Parlay Of The Week

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Jim Hurley 2018 Preseason and Regular Season Football


Jim Hurley Blue Ribbon Baseball Club

The one best game on the schedule, rated 90%

Jim Hurley Blue Ribbon Football

If you are looking for a gilt edged proposition that will give youaccess to football’s inner circle of big money winners,I give you the biggest games there are.

Network 2018 Hit and Run Baseball

More Than Any Other Sport, Baseball is Won and Lost by Match-ups...No One Has Better Numbers Crunchers, Stat Men, and Handicappers than JIM HURLEY’’S NETWORK

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Richie B Big Bucks Wednesday 3 Team Parlay

Want to Turn $100 Into At Least $700? Cash a Three-Team Parlay That Will Pay 7-1 Or Better! The "B" Stands For "Big Bucks" in Baseball

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Richie B. 2018 Football Season

If you don’t know the name Richie Baccellieri, Richie B. for short, in Las Vegas they call me Mr. Right Number. Making sharp lines on football games is what I do - and they tell me nobody ever did it better. Signing up today gives you a HUNDRED edges and makes you an Insider this football season! As sharp as the Sharps, and believe me, wiser than the Wise Guys.

Richie B. 2018 Preseason Football

Nobody wins the Pre-Season Bigger Than Richie "B" Baccellieri. The NFL Pre-Season is Bankroll Building Time for those WHO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Last year I went 10-7 for 59%, and that was my 6th winning Pre-Season in a row.

Richie B. 2018 Baseball Service - Richie Ball

RICHIE BACCELLIERI INTRODUCES RICHIE BALL - THE ULTIMATE PERCENTAGE PLAY! Learn how baseball can be the most profitable sport of all with the most advanced computer-handicapping program to date!

Today’s Picks
MLB Hi-Roller Platinum Club

Jim Feist’s MLB Hi-Roller Platinum Club - Wednesday

MLB Dog Shocker

Jim Feist’s MLB Dog Shocker - Wednesday

MLB Inner Circle Insider

Jim Feist’s MLB Inner Circle Insider - Wednesday

NFLX Week 2 Inner Circle Insider

Jim Feist’s NFLX Week 2 Inner Circle Insider - Thursday

NFLX Week 2 Super Bowl Re-Match

Jim Feist’s NFLX Week 2 Super Bowl Re-Match - Thursday

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Jim Feist 2018 Football

The Jim Feist bio reads like the annals of sports handicapping itself. For decades Jim has been THE LEADER in the sports wagering information field, a self-starter, creator and innovator! And therefore - the leader at picking winners! Join now for another winning football season.

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Hank Goldberg Winning Edge Football users will now have the ability to get Hammerin’ Hank’s College and NFL predictions and betting advice throughout the 2018-19 season. Know what he knows, bet what he bets, and win what he wins!


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