The Warren Buffet of handicapping, whose big winnings earned him a place on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars!


Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) has been bestowed by the media with so many titles to describe his success, it's hard to list them all. "The King of Vegas Gambling" immediately comes to mind. WAR is also known as "The King of Primetime Football" with his 3 seasons of handicapping ESPN Thursday Night Football with a remarkable 33-9, 79% record against the spread. And this year's 9-1, 90% start to the ESPN Thursday Night season adds to his legend. Add in a 5-2 Monday Night Record and you can see why WAR is the undisputed "King of Primetime."

Back in New York the Gannett newspapers dubbed Wayne "The Prince of Prognosticators" and "The Betting Whizkid" in the 1980's. In the 1990's, the media labeled him "America's Oddsmaker" and "Handicapper to the Stars" based on his Malibu, California lifestyle and celebrity clientele.

WAR even has his OWN star on the world-famous Vegas Strip- where the "Las Vegas Walk of Stars" is viewed by millions of tourists. Wayne is the only professional sports handicapper or oddsmaker ever honored with a star. He is also the youngest recipirent ever- joining Vegas legends such as Elvis, Wayne Newton, Sammy Davis Jr., Siegfried & Roy and Bobby Darin. Wayne's 180 pound granite star is located in front of the New York New York's ESPN Zone Restaurant. It's very fitting since Wayne was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, New York. This honor has him forever "pegged" as a star of the Big Apple, as well as the King of Vegas Gambling.

But the title that Wayne Allyn Root will always be most known for is "The King of Underdogs." Fortune magazine said it best- they called Wayne "the Benjamin Graham of Sports Gambling." This means that he is one of the few professional gamblers that recognizes the value of betting underdogs. His record is unprecedented in the history of the sports handicapping world. WAR has picked more underdog winners than anyone in the history of sports handicapping. This season, to date, he has picked 38 outright underdog winners on the moneyline. Since the year 2003, WAR has won a record breaking 369 outright underdog winners.

But since 2003, how many underdogs has WAR won that "just covered the spread, but did not win the game straight up?" There have been approximately 5650 games played since 2003. Of those 5650 played, WAR has bet about 950 games (17%). About 3 out of every 4 games he picks are underdogs. That arithmetic would mean that WAR has handicapped about 715 underdogs- of which 369 have won outright.

But what about the other games? How many of those 715 games covered the poinspread but did not win the games outright? This is the pride and joy of a Root Underdog: TWO ways to WIN!! Wayne's clients win either by covering the pointspread, or by winning the game OUTRIGHT! (And a third way to win, after you've been a Root customer and are accustomed to his insights and underdog instincts, is by betting Wayne's underdogs on the moneyline).

By the way- the answer to that all-important question is that Wayne's underdogs win OUTRIGHT an astonishing 52% of the time!!

And that's how you become the "King of Vegas" forever. Pick dogs that shock the sports media!

Use your common sense, proper judgement and choose WAYNE ALLYN ROOT as your personal pointspread advisor for the current basketball 2010-11 Season. I promise each of you a very profitable season. In fact...make that the best one EVER!

We go to W.A.R. with the casinos and sportsbooks each and every day! And Wayne is still standing tall after 25 years of battle; a record-setting TWO MILLION calls from American sports bettors wanting his advice; 7 books; a 180 pound granite star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars; thousands of media interviews (and predictions); and hundreds of TV and radio handicapping shows.

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