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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 9:19 AM

I have always said the money is where you find it and when you find it, you take the rubber band off the bankroll and send it in, and I am going to do just that tonight with the nationally televised (NFL Network) game that finds the Cleveland Browns (4-8) at the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3).  When I first looked at this seemingly ugly game I yawned and decided to release it as a simple 10-unit play.

But I few minutes into handicapping the game, I realized it was a special one for NFL bettors, a game tailor-made for a side/total parlay-a giant side/total play.

It takes a special game surrounded by special circumstances and with hidden edges to qualify for an NFL side/total parlay and this one has all those things, plus some, and it presents an opportunity to take down all the money in one shot.

In fact, I feel so strongly about it, I am releasing it as my 100-unit NFL Side/Total Parlay of the Year-50 units on the winning side, 25 units on the winning total and with a 25-unit parlay on the side and total at 13-5 odds.

It also comes with a guarantee that, if it does not win, you will receive two weeks of Chairman's Club basketball plays. Each play carries a 25-unit rating and I stand 6-1 with my last seven and am going for my sixth straight win tonight.

It is break the bank time and you can kick off your football week on a giant positive note with this 100-unit parlay. It is available on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

Best Bets Basketball Club On 9-2 Run

My Best Bets Basketball Club went 3-0 last night to push its record to 9-2 over the past five days and the winning continues tonight with a single 10-unit play that should march right to the winner's circle with a certain degree of ease. Before going further, please note my record for the past five days.

                12/7-10 Units...Arizona (+11 ½) 72, Florida 78 (OT) (W)
                12/7-5 Units...Manhattan (-7) 81, Fordham 47 (W)
                12/7-5 Units...DePaul (-4 ½) 69, Loyola-Illinois 58 (W)
                12/6-10 Units...Marshall (+16) 56, Syracuse 62 (W)
                12/6-5 Units...Evansville (+24) 48, North Carolina 97 (L)
                12/5-10 Units...Wisconsin-Milwaukee (+3 ½) 87, DePaul 76 (W)
                12/4-10 Units...Creighton (-8 ½) 76, Nebraska 66 (W)
                12/4-5 Units...Fairfield (-7) 68, Canisius 59 (W)
                12/3-10 Units...Illinois State (-10 ½) 54, NC-Wilmington 52 (L)
                12/3-5 Units...Tulane (-2 ½) 57, Georgia Tech 52 (W)
                12/3-5 Units... Miami (-7 ½) 83, Massachusetts 75 (W)

Tonight's schedule is a little light because of the semester break but there is one game that qualifies as a 10-unit Best Bets Basketball Club play and you can win it for just $15, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire college/NBA season for just $229, charged to your major credit card.

Chairman's Club Goes For 6th Straight Winner Tonight

My Chairman's Club got the money for the fifth straight night Wednesday with underdog Nevada (+5) in its straight up 69-61 at Arizona State and that followed a straight up underdog winner Tuesday night with Long Beach State (+13 ½) as it got the cover in an 88-80 loss at Kansas.
 Last night's win also pushed my record over the past seven days to 6-1 and I intend to improve on that tonight with another 25-unit play. You can win this one with me for just $25, charged to your major credit card. For the record and the curious, here are my 25-unit Chairman's Club plays over the past 10 days.

            12/7-25 Units...Nevada (+5) 69, Arizona State 61 (W)
            12/6-25 Units...Long Beach State (+13 ½) 80, Kansas 88 (W)
            12/5-25 Units...Providence (-11) 80, Brown 49 (W)
            12/4-25 Units...N.C. State (+7 ½) 72, Stanford 76 (W)
            12/3-25 Units...Mississippi State (-3) 75, West Virginia 62 (W)
            12/2-25 Units...Loyola-Marymount (-9 ½) 61, Columbia 69 (L)
            12/1-25 Units...Middle Tennessee (-4 ½) 77, Tennessee State 62 (W)

Win tonight's knockout 25-unit college basketball play for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Handicapping Hint Of The Week

It's pay attention time in college basketball. It's the semester break and that is when several players will become academically ineligible and several players who were ineligible the first semester will now become eligible. You owe it to yourself to check out every single game you bet for personnel changes. MAKE SURE WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU GET.

Kelso's Basketball Top 20

  1. North Carolina (7-2)-Losses by 1 at Kentucky and to UNLV on neutral floor.
  2. Ohio State (8-0)-Might emerge as best of all.
  3. Kentucky (8-0)-Very Talented and will run up score on any team it can.
  4. Missouri (8-0)-A dark horse to go the distance.
  5. Duke (8-1)-Same old Duke. Just reloads and keeps winning.
  6. Baylor (7-0)-Will battle Missouri for Big 12 title.
  7. Syracuse (9-0)-Needs to prove itself on the road.
  8. Creighton (7-0)-Win at San Diego State said it all.
  9. Louisville (8-0)-Top 10 until we know better.
  10. Marquette (8-0)-Well coached, tough as nails.
  11. UNLV (9-1)-Best Rebels team since NCAA champions.
  12. Alabama (7-2)-Loaded with talent and keeps getting it done.
  13. Kansas (6-2)-Rebuilding year in Lawrence. Best yet to come.
  14. Saint Louis (8-1)-Loaded, loss to Loyola-Marymount a fluke.
  15. Mississippi State (8-1)-May be much better than this.
  16. Florida (6-2)-Good, but how good remains to be seen.
  17. Indiana (8-0)-May be best coached team in NCAA.
  18. Georgetown (7-1)-Like everything I see about this team.
  19. Connecticut (7-1)-Good but much to prove.
  20. Harvard (8-0)-Until further notice.


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