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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 10:19 AM

 I'm two days into my five-game Super Bowl Package, stand 2-0 with my first two 50-unit basketball plays and have won both games by a combined total of 1 ½ points. Last night I got the cover by a single point when Oregon (-10) got past Utah, 79-68, and the night before that it was Southern Miss (-2 ½) getting the cover by a half-point in a 75-72 win over Memphis.

Those two games illustrate just how difficult it is to beat basketball when almost 40% of all games are undecided as to the pointspread winner heading into the final 60 seconds of play. Despite the rock-hard numbers I am winning and when Oregon knocked off Utah last night as my 50-unit PAC-12 Game of the Month it left me with a 15-6 record since January 10 in 50-unit games.

Hitting 71% winners at the highest level of play means I must be doing something right, and the winning continues tonight with my 50-unit NBA Game of the Week. My last 50-unit NBA play came Tuesday when the Los Angeles Lakers (-12 ½) absolutely destroyed the Charlotte Bobcats by 33 points, 106-73.

With tonight's NBA Game of the Week I am will be going for my fourth straight 50-unit pro winners and stand 4-1 with my last five. There are 10 games on the schedule and the team I am releasing grades out with an 85% chance to cover the number, just slightly less than 90% figure on the Lakers' blowout win over the Bobcats.

You get this giant winner on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $50, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for my Super Bowl Package (details below) for just $100 and win 50-unit and 100-unit plays each day, closing out things Sunday with a 250-unit play on the Super Bowl.

For the record I am 9-2 with the winning side and 10-1 with the winning total in the last 11 Super Bowls. That means I am 19-3, a winning percentage of 86.4% since the 2001 championship game.

I never ask people to buy a pig in a poke, so before getting on board, here is my Super Bowl record in sides and totals for the past 11 years, followed by my Super Bowl offer.


19-3 Sides & totals (86.4%)
9-2 Side (81.8%)  Totals 10-1 (90.9%)

2011 Super Bowl (1-1)
Green Bay Packers (-2½) 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25 (W)
Under 45 (L)

2010 Super Bowl (2-0)
New Orleans Saints (+5) 31, Indianapolis Colts 17 (W)
Under 57 (W)

2009 Super Bowl (2-0)
Arizona Cardinals (+7) 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 27 (W)
Over 46 (W)

2008 Super Bowl (2-0)
New York Giants (+12) 17, New England Patriots 14 (W)
Under 55 (W)

2007 Super Bowl (1-1)
Chicago Bears (+7) 17, Indianapolis Colts 29 (L)
Under 47½ Points (W)

2006 Super Bowl (1-1)
Seattle Seahawks (+4) 10, Pittsburgh Steelers 21 (L)
Under 46 ½ Points (W)

2005 Super Bowl (2-0)
Philadelphia Eagles (+7) 21, New England Patriots 24 (W)
Under 47 Points (W)

2004 Super Bowl (2-0)
Carolina Panthers (+7) 29, New England Patriots 32 (W)
Over 37 Points (W)

2003 Super Bowl (2-0)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3 ½) 48, Oakland 21 (W)
Over 44 Points (W)

2002 Super Bowl (2-0)
New England Patriots (+14) 20, St. Louis Rams 17 (W)
Under 53 Points (W)

2001 Super Bowl (2-0)
Baltimore Ravens (-3) 34, New York Giants 7 (W)
Over 33 (W)

Drop In Total Sends Bettors Message

I am coming into the Super Bowl off a perfect 4-0 day in the conference championship games, releasing both winners and both winning today, with my biggest play of the day a 50-unit bet on the underdog New York Giants (+2) in their 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers. In other words the pump is primed.

For the record, at this writing New England is a solid 3-point favorite over the Giants, with the total dropping from 55 to 54 and even 53 ½ in some places-an indication NFL insiders have let it be known they do not expect the Patriots' super-star wide receiver Rob Gronkowski (high ankle sprain) to play

Gronkowski, the premier wide-receiver in the NFL, even though he is just a second-year player, has 17 touchdown catches this season and is almost as important to the New England offense as is quarterback Tom Brady.

New England coach Bill Belichick says Gronkowski, who has not practiced in two weeks, is day-to-day, while Gronkowski says he will play. The smart bettors have spoken with their money and have said he won't, or, if he does, will not be effective.

My 5-Day Super Bowl Package

Wednesday Night
50 Unit Conference USA Game Of The Year
Southern Miss (-2½) 75, Memphis 72 WINNER

Thursday Night
50 Unit PAC12 Game Of The Month
Oregon (-10) 79, Utah 68 WINNER

Friday Night
50 Unit NBA Game Of The Week
10 Games And One A Knockout Winner

100 Unit College Blowout Game Of The Year
If You Saw Kentucky's 25-Point Winning Blowout Win Tuesday, This Will Win Even Easier

Super Bowl Sunday
200 Units On The Winning Side
25 Units On The Winning Total
25 Units On The Side/Total Parlay
At Least 5 Proposition Bets

Plus Another 50 Unit College Basketball Play To Build Your Bankroll For The Big One

Those Who Sign Up For The Super Bowl Package Also Get 2 Weeks Of Best Bets Club Basketball

Charged to Your Major Credit Card

Click Here To Sign Up NOW, Or Call Toll Free At 1-800-755-2255

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