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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 1:04 PM

Nothing beats winning, especially when one feels so strongly about the outcome of a single game he can make an all-in bet, no holds barred, as I did in releasing the underdog New York Giants (+3) over the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl and getting the job done straight up, 21-17. That 200-unit winner was the biggest bet I have ever made on a Super Bowl and I have been doing this for more than 40 years.

That is just how strongly I felt New York would win - and I did predict the outright victory.

It was just icing on the cake that I also released a 25-unit play on “under” 54 and took down the cash at odds of 13-5 on a 25-unit side/total parlay. Lest I forget, those who purchased my five-day Super Bowl Package also won a 50-unit college basketball on Youngstown State (-4½) in its 80-63 blowout win over Loyola-Illinois.

The New York Giants’ win also helped me improve on a Super Bowl record that is just that - a winning record that has not been seen or even equaled in NFL history. With the win I am 10-2 (83.0%) on sides and 11-1 (92.0%) over the past 12 seasons.

Let me again give credit where credit is due. I have been handicapping the Super Bowl since 2001 with a formula given to me by the late Hank Stram, the NFL Hall of Fame coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and a man who won a Super Bowl. Needless to say, the formula works.

While we closed out the football season in a blaze of glory, the Super Bowl did not shutdown the bank. The winning continues in college and NBA basketball and my current 17-7 record in all games released at the 50 and 100-unit level over the last five weeks speaks for itself.

  • Those betting $100-per-unit on those 24 games have won $51,500 since January 10.
  • Those betting $10-per-unit on those 24 games have won $5,150 since January 10.

Please consider this an invitation to join my Personal Best Basketball Club for the entire season - college and NBA - and have the opportunity to win an average of five 50-unit plays each week. You can get the rest of the season for just $599, or test the waters for a month at $199.

Join my Personal Best Basketball Club on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255. All major credit cards accepted.

My Current 17-7 Record In Big Game Plays

Study the 24 games listed below and you are looking at exactly the kinds of games you will get each week. While I could go write a book about why I used these teams, suffice it for the moment to say the foundation of it all is the element of power vs. weakness. I will discuss this in a column later this week.


KELSO PERSONAL BEST - 50-100 Unit Plays 17-7 +550 U
1/10 Evansville (+8) Indiana State 78-80 50 Units WON Up 50
1/11 Marquette (-13½) St Johns 83-64 50 Units WON Up 100
1/12 North Texas (-6½) Western Ky 84-67 50 Units WON Up 150
1/13 76’ers (-12½) Wizards 120-89 50 Units WON Up 200
1/14 North Texas (-5) UL Monroe 68-55 50 Units WON Up 250
1/15 UCLA (-1½) USC 66-47 50 Units WON Up 300
1/17 Colorado State (-6½) Boise St 66-55 50 Units WON Up 350
1/18 Fordham (-3½) Rhode Island 66-64 50 Units lost Up 300
1/19 Arizona (-14½) Utah 77-51 50 Units WON Up 350
1/20 La Clippers (-5) Wolves 98-101 50 Units lost Up 300
1/21 Denver (-3) North Texas 74-75 50 Units lost Up 250
1/22 Indiana (-15½) Penn State 73-54 50 Units WON Up 300
1/23 Bulls (-13) Nets 110-95 50 Units WON Up 350
1/24 Purdue (-5) Michigan 64-66 50 Units lost Up 300
1/25 Seton Hall (-7) Notre Dame 42-55 50 Units lost Up 250
1/26 Wisc-Milwaukee (-3½) Butler 53-42 50 Units WON Up 300
1/27 76’ers (-16) Bobcats 89-72 50 Units WON Up 350
1/28 Kansas (-6) Iowa State 64-72 50 Units lost Up 300
1/31 La Lakers (-12½) Bobcats 106-73 50 Units WON Up 350
2/1 Southern Miss (-2½) Memphis 75-72 50 Units WON Up 400
2/2 Oregon (-10) Utah 79-68 50 Units WON Up 450
2/3 Nuggets (-4) Lakers 89-93 50 Units lost Up 400
2/4 California (-17½) Arizona St 68-47 100 Units WON Up 500
2/5 Youngstown St (-4½) Loyola-Ill 80-63 50 Units WON Up 550

Betting Lines Remain Extremely Tight

I have said repeatedly all season basketball betting lines are the most challenging I have seen in 40 years as a professional handicapper. To illustrate just how tough they are, there were 109 college games Saturday and 32 of them were decided in the final 30 seconds. That pointspread winner was in play right to the final buzzer. That figure compares with 39% of the games last Saturday.

Winning in college basketball is determined by finding hidden edges that give a team a better chance to cover the number. The edges are there; you just have to look for them.
For the record, I went 2-0 with my Best Bets Basketball Club clients yesterday, winning a 15-unit bet on Pittsburgh (-7½) in its 79-70 victory over Villanova and then a 5-unit winner on underdog Miami (+12) which upset Duke, 78-74 in overtime. As noted, the edges are there if one knows where to find them.

You can join my Best Bets Basketball Club and receive 2-3 plays every single day, seven days a week. My releases are heavily weighted with college games, but I this past week there was one night I released three NBA games and won them all.

Sign up for my Best Bets Basketball Club on this site, or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $199 for the entire college and NBA seasons, or try a month of play for just $99. All major credit cards accepted. Sign up today and win tonight.

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