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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM



Okay, so maybe you're of the mind that NCAA Tournament seedings don't matter all that much - after all, last year's #16 seed UMBC knocked off mighty #1 Virginia and thus wrecked the notion that a #16 seed "would never" beat a No. 1 and certainly we've seen loads of double-digit seeds survive-and-advance a round or two (or three) many years in tourney play. Still, let's not kid ourselves: It's better to land those #1-thru-#8 seeds if possible and so today we'll get you our top 8 seeds in each of the four NCAA Tournament regions ... all are subject to change (of course). But first this key reminder:

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Here's how we see the top 8 seeds in each of the NCAA Tournament regions now just 10 days from Selection Sunday:

1 - Duke
2 - Michigan State
3 - Texas Tech
4 - Virginia Tech
5 - Villanova
6 - Buffalo
7 - Iowa State
8 - Syracuse

Say What! ... We've placed three ACC teams into the East Region and remember the Sweet 16 / Elite 8 will be played in D.C. and wouldn't it be something if we get a Duke vs. Syracuse Part III in the Round of 32? Check it out ... would Virginia Tech be the team in this bracket that no one would want to play in a one-and-done scenario or perhaps you think Buffalo - basically in the Top 25 all year long - will be a bracket-wrecker and maybe even a major money-maker?

1 - Kentucky
2 - Michigan
3 - Houston
4 - Marquette
5 - Florida State
6 - Wisconsin
7 - Miss State
8 - Louisville

Say What! ... A Kentucky vs. Louisville showdown in the Round of 32 would have a whole lot of nervous folks in Lexington, right coach Cal? Hey, while we're at it, how about Sweet 16 showdowns between - let's say - Kentucky vs. Florida State and another one between long-time Big 10 foes Michigan vs. Wisconsin. If there's a 5-thru-8 seed that could cause agita for some teams here, it's probably athletic Miss State.


1 - Virginia
2 - Tennessee
3 - Purdue
4 - Wofford
5 - Cincinnati
6 - Kansas
7 - Auburn
8 - Baylor

Say What! ... When did you think you'd ever see the day when Wofford would have the better seed over Kansas but that's how we see it (for now) and a Round of 32 bash between Wofford and Cincinnati would be an absolute blast. Could you blame us if we're geeked regarding a potential Sweet 16 tilt between Tennessee versus Purdue? Now, that would be a real rock-'em, sock-'em affair.


1 - Gonzaga
2 - North Carolina
3 - LSU
4 - Kansas State
5 - Nevada
6 - Maryland
7 - UCF
8 - Washington

Say What! ... Circle a Gonzaga vs. Washington in-state showdown in the Round of 32 here (we'd be watching!) and what about a potential Carolina vs. LSU tilt in the Sweet 16? Sweet, indeed. Let's consider Nevada for real after making it to the Sweet 16 last year and staying in the top 10 much of this current campaign.


Here's what is on the NBA docket on this first Thursday in the merry month of March:

INDIANA (42-23) at MILWAUKEE (48-16) - 8:15 p.m. ET, TNT
Now how come we don't hear any of the TV talking heads claiming this could be an Eastern Conference Finals preview ... 'cause it could be! The host Bucks - yes, the numero uno seed in the East - could be in a really foul mood here after blowing double-digit leads in back-to-back losses in Utah and Phoenix and wouldn't you know that's the first time this 2018-19 season that Milwaukee's lost back-to-back games!
All-everything F Giannis Antetokounmpo (27 ppg, 12.6 rpg) looks to get the Bucks back on the right track here but did you know the Pacers are really have not missed a beat since G Victor Oladipo went down weeks ago with a season-ending knee injury. Take note that Indiana is 8-4 ATS (against the spread) since Feb. 5th while Milwaukee's a fancy 37-25-2 ATS overall this year.

OKLAHOMA CITY (39-25) at PORTLAND (39-25) - 10:40 p.m. ET, TNT
There's a major logjam in the NBA's Western Conference with Houston, Oklahoma City and Portland all knotted up in third / fourth / fifth place and so this TV slugfest has mucho meaning with the OKC Thunder looking for a clean sweep - as in four straight - in this season's series.
If Okie City's gonna walk into the Rose Garden and grab another game against the Trail Blazers, then slowing down Portland G Damon Lillard (team-leading 25.9 ppg) is a must as he battles fellow point guard Russell Westbrook (22.7 ppg). But if you wish to check out a proverbial X Factor here, then look at Thunder big man Steven Adams who comes off a monumental 22-rebound game in Memphis.
Pointspread ditty: The Blazers have covered seven of their last eight games while Oklahoma City's dropped its last eight consecutive spread verdicts ... ugh!

NOTE: We've got NBA and NCAA Basketball coverage all this week right here at Jim Sez - plus there's Alliance of American Football too -- so don't miss out and make sure you're rollin' up all the winners at 1-800-323-4453.

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