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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 1:00 PM

While having an annual two-week preamble to the Super Bowl is great for building drama, it can be horrible for casual bettors who don’t know how to separate what’s important from what isn’t.

Any TV network that covers any sport suddenly has five guys at a long desk acting like experts. They would all be broke if they had to bet their sports opinions. Instead, somebody pays them to sit in front of a camera and tell you how great both teams are.

Now…some of them are going to end up being right because one of the teams HAS to cover the spread (unless it goes to three and lands on three, or falls to two and lands on two). If Tom Brady has a big game, 50 guys are going to say “I told you so,” like that’s some earth-shattering prediction. If he has a bad game, there are 30 guys who told you that was going to happen because they were the ones saying he was over-the-hill six weeks ago.

If it’s a high scoring shootout…well, that was OBVIOUSLY going to happen because the Patriots, Chiefs, and Rams all played high scoring games against each other during the regular season. That’s what championship football looks like these days (and last year’s Super Bowl flew Over). If it stays Under…well that was OBVIOUSLY going to happen because both offenses have been more interested in running clock in recent weeks.

Hindsight is perfect late Sunday night and Monday morning after the game. If you want to GET THE MONEY, you need foresight. That may be handicapping foresight, or the foresight to realize you’re in over you’re head and you need help from a professional like JIM HURLEY.

If you’re going it alone, the HANDICAPPING NOTEBOOK suggests you focus on these key factors.

*PERSONNEL MATCHUPS: the team getting the money is likely to come down to one key edge that’s exploited by one team over the other. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are great at finding an opponent’s weakness and taking advantage. That’s actually HURT them against Super Bowl point spreads because NFC champions either don’t have glaring weaknesses, or use two weeks of preparation to better hide them. Oddsmakers give the Patriots respect for advantages that may not exist in when the Lombardi Trophy is one the line. (Did you know the Pats are 2-5 ATS as Super Bowl favorites, with the covers being in OT vs. Atlanta, and thanks to a boneheaded play from Seattle?) Don’t place a bet unless you have a reason based on personnel. (Or, find that Rams weakness before you bet the Pats!)

*MOVING THE CHAINS AND FINDING THE END ZONE: It’s extremely likely that the winning team do a better job of controlling its own destiny by converting third down tries in the middle of the field, and converting red zone opportunities into touchdowns rather than settling for field goals. Maybe that means a 60-minute shootout. Or maybe we’ll see a conservative start followed by a more aggressive finish (like Patriots/Chiefs in the AFC finals). The offensive brain trusts have established they can do this vs. most opponents. Who can do it vs. THIS opponent Sunday under a global spotlight with everything on the line? Answer that, and game picks itself.

You can purchase JIM HURLEY’S Super Bowl plays right here at the website with your credit card. Please build your bankroll with basketball between now and the big game! If you have any questions, please call us in the office during normal business hours at 1-888-777-4155. Sign up for any basketball package, and our complete Super Bowl extravaganza will be included for a nominal charge. We’ve already started down the Road to March Madness with our college basketball. Jump on board!

How can you be sure that JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK will find the sharpest bets in Super Bowl 53?

*Our SCOUTS and SOURCES know these teams inside and out, and several have been on the scene in Atlanta watching for important developments. We know whether Todd Gurley will be ready…or if the Rams are still confident even if he WON’T be ready. 

*Our STATHEADS have been in synch with both franchises all season. Each team has had stretches where they failed to meet market expectations. Each has had games where opponents had no shot to compete. We know which indicator categories are going to tell the story Sunday. 

*Our COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS have been running simulations for a few weeks. Even before the conference championships, we were mapping out likelihoods for all four “possible” matchups at the time. Once the Rams advanced, we narrowed that down to two. Soon, it was just the Rams and the Patriots head-to-head in cyberspace. We’ve been tweaking along the way as new information comes in from our sources. Our programmers can sleep next week!

*Our WISE GUY CONNECTIONS offshore, in Las Vegas, and in Atlantic City have been all over the complicated dynamic this time around. You probably know that most Rams money has been lying in wait, hoping the magic +3 hits the board over the weekend. JIM HURLEY is ready for all contingencies. He’s convinced the game-day spread won’t even matter because his side will get the money by at least a touchdown!

We obviously can’t get any more specific than we already have. The official side/total/prop selections only go to paying clients. Hopefully today’s discussion has helped you to clean through the clutter and focus on the right categories. If you still aren’t certain how you want to play the most heavily bet game in sports history…be sure you GET ALL THE SUPER BOWL MONEY with JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK!

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