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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 9:02 AM

The numbers get more challenging each day and despite that I just keep winning, going a perfect 6-0 Saturday in college basketball and the NBA, with it all highlighted by my 100-unit College Conference Tournament Upset Game of the Year as Florida State (+3 ½) got it done for us with its 62-59 upset win over Duke.  A day of good cheer and profit-going 4-0 with March Madness plays and 2-0 in the NBA.

The Florida State victory was quite satisfying because of the money it made for my clients and because we out-smarted the sharps on that one. They were all over Duke and drove the number from the Blue Devils -2 to -3 ½ before calling it a day.

As all who wager know, planning ahead is a dangerous way to conduct business and that is why I seldom do it. Things change from day to day, especially a tournament time, and what looked like a modest play today changed dramatically on the happenings on Saturday. This means I have changed my March Madness Package for today and dramatically for the better.

I had original intended to release today's four conference championship games at the 25-unit level but changed my mind after watching yesterday. It produced another 100-unit winner while confirming the other three title matchups should still go at 25 units. The package has gone from being 100 units of winning action to 175 units and I do intend to sweep the board again today.

One Of These Goes At 100 Units

Each of the four conference tournament championship games today should be basketball at its best. Here they are, with records, betting lines, starting times and TV information. Additionally I have listed the RPI standings of each school, with their strength of schedule (SOS) ranking. There are 344 NCAA I college ranked in the RPI Ratings and SOS.

ACC Championship Game
Florida State (23-9) vs. North Carolina (29-4) ESPN...1:05 Eastern
North Carolina is -6 with a total of 142 ½
Florida State is rated 17th in the RPI Standings With SOS Rated 8th
North Carolina is rated 3rd in the standings with an SOS Rated 7th

SEC Championship Game
Vanderbilt (23-10) vs. Kentucky (32-1) ABC...1:05 Eastern
Kentucky is -7 ½ with a total of 132
Vanderbilt is ranked 22nd in RPI, 9th in SOS
Kentucky is ranked 1st in RPI, 40th in SOS

Atlantic 10 Championship Game
St. Bonaventure (19-11) vs. Xavier (21-11) CBS...1:05 Eastern
Xavier is -3 ½ with a total of 136
St. Bonaventure is ranked 76th in RPI, 119th in SOS
Xavier is ranked 37th in RPI, 41st in SOS

Big Ten Championship Game
Ohio State (27-6) vs. Michigan State (26-7) CBS...3:35 Eastern
Ohio State is -1 ½ with a total of 130
Ohio State is ranked 7th in RPI, 14th in SOS
Michigan State is ranked 4th in RPI, 1st in SOS

You can get this today's 4-game March Madness package for just $50, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire post-season for just $195 and play right through the NCAA championship game April 2 in New Orleans. All games are available on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

For the record, my first 200-unit play of March Madness is set to get the cash this Saturday and that will be followed up by a 100-unit upset play on Sunday. I won my first 200-unit play of last season's March Madness with Richmond (-4) in its 65-48 win over Morehead State and followed that up with a winning 100-unit NCAA Upset Game Of Year, Virginia Commonwealth (+9 ½) which, despite being the underdog, won in blowout fashion, 94-76, over Purdue.

The NCAA Tournament begins with the play-in games on Tuesday and I promise you the winning will continue.

Here Are The Winners On 6-0 Saturday

March Madness Package
100 Units...Florida State (+3 ½) 62, Duke 59 (Win)
10 Units...Lamar (8) 70, McNeese State 49 (Win)
10 Units...New Mexico (-4 ½) 68, San Diego State 58 (Win)
10 Units...Louisville (-3) 50, Cincinnati 44 (Win)

Best Bets Club
15 Units...Pistons (-2) 105, Raptors 86 (Win)

Chairman's Club
25 Units...Warriors (-3 ½) 111, Mavericks 87 (Win)

March Madness Handicapping Hints

There is no silver bullet that automatically produces winners during March Madness, but here is a handicapping check list that might head you in the right direction.

1. Remember every single team playing today has the ability to win straight up.
2. Betting lines are tighter than a dead-heat and you cannot bet any game where there is no edge to be found.
3. Any team with an outstanding road record has an edge over any team that does not.
4. Check injuries, suspensions etc. Make sure the team on which you are betting today is the same team you saw during the season, or even in the last game.
5. Give some edge to any team that has won it tournament games in easy fashion and is facing an opponent who has been all out to win each of its games.
6. Talent, experience and bench depth wins at this level.
7. A good coach with a proven record of winning big games gives his team an edge.

There are certainly more but the seven listed above will give you're a leg up on winning.

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