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Submitted by Richie B. Oddsmakers Consensus on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 3:55 PM

It never ceases to amaze and annoy me, how many otherwise savvy bettors pass up on basketball early in the season. Early in the season when the OPPORTUNITIES TO CASH IN ARE SO PREVALENT.   

Remember, I spent almost 20 years MAKING THE LINE at Caesar’s, MGM Grand and The Palms. I knew every betting pattern of the public and made the lines which protected the house.

Therefore, I know which teams they are overpricing and I know where all the bargain prices are. And when I add my College Basketball acumen to the formula it is no secret why I can run off streaks like my current 14-4 winning.

I spend 80 hours a week at this job. I track games all day long. That is the real difference between the part time handicapper who's got a pretty good opinion, which maybe describes you and...

The dedicated full-time basketball-obsessed goggle-eyed-from-watching-too-many-games professional handicapper...WHICH IS ME.

Heading into Wednesday night play, just look at some of the dogs I’ve scored with during the current streak:

(Now 16-5 After Two More Winners Wednesday)

Wednesday 12/5 - VCU (+10) Texas - 54-53 (Outright Upset)
Monday 12/3 - Rutgers (+13.5) Wisconsin - 64-69 (8.5 Point Margin)

Rutgers headed to Wisconsin following a solid effort vs Michigan State in their early BIG 10 Conference opener at 5-2 overall that included an upset of the Hurricanes at Miami. It astounds me that the books are still pegging the Scarlet Knights at a number based on their years of horrendous play before current HC Steve Pikiell arrived two plus years ago after a fabulous career at Stony Brook. If the books won’t adjust that is fine with me. I’ll keep picking the spots and taking advantage.
Sunday 12/2 - UCSB (+13) Washington - 63-67 (9 Point Margin)
Friday 11/30 - Coastal Carolina (+12.5) South Carolina - 79-85 (6.5 Point Margin)
The Senior and Junior led Chanticleers of the Sun Belt Conference have been buoyed this season by a trio of sharp freshmen that have added depth while quickly blending into rotation. It often goes without saying that I pay particular attention to these in-state games where I can count on the mid-major underdog wanting nothing more than an upset of a Power Conference foe. Coastal Carolina entered at 4-3 on the season, but all 3 losses came at 6 points or less. That told me they would fight to the end and they did.
Wednesday 11/28 - Richmond (+14.5) Georgetown - 82-90 (6.5 Point Margin)
Tuesday 11/27 - Drake (+4.5) Boise State - 83-74 (Outright Upset)

I’ve long valued these tough Missouri Valley Conference teams. Not only do they have no issues with facing the BIG 10, BIG 12 and other Power Conference foes, and often pulling upsets, but they are known for hard-nosed defense and matchup problems for non-conference foes. Boise State faces a much different style of play in the Mountain West and that came to bear here as the Bulldogs’ well-balanced, upper-classman experienced, perimeter-hybrid guard/forward contingent broke down the more traditional Boise State Broncos who rely too much on Jr. RJ Williams and at 2-6 on the year are still over-priced based on a few good past years.

There Is No Better Edge Than Early in the Season When the Books Are Still Totally Focused on Football.

Which is why you can expect these Richie B. EARLY COLLEGE BASKETBALL WINNER TO CONTINUE as we catch the odds makers with their points down.

And that's why you should be with me Right Now. I am on the case all day, every day. So that by the time you get your selections, I have been tracking these games and ISOLATING MY “RIGHT NUMBER” EASY MARGIN WINNERS that I release every day on my BIG BUCKS BASKETBALL SERVICE.

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