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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM

You’re about to be overwhelmed by media pundits and TV touts talking about how a team is a smart bet or has upset potential because they “need to win.” No doubt, SOME of those WILL be. They’ll rise to the occasional and get the job done. Will all of them?

Hardly. The main problem with “need to win” teams this late in the season is that they many have flaws or they wouldn’t have such urgency in the first place. The New York Giants “need” to win to stay alive in the NFC East race. They’re 3-7! Many NFL teams are alive in the Wildcard race at 5-5 or just below. Do you really want to bet on an inconsistent 5-5 team just because it needs a result?

Don’t throw money at “mediocre” because of media hype. Large house cats don’t turn into lions because of intangibles. The TV networks are hyping their telecasts. They want you to believe that college and pro players are full of grit and determination. Every head coach is a tactical genius. Every quarterback a clutch playmaker.

You know better than that. These are the same guys you’ve been yelling at all year! Coaches, quarterbacks, AND network announcers!

Furthermore…many GOOD teams who need to win can be prone to choke, or play it too safe. We’ve seen this happen every year. Penalties. Turnovers. Drops. Punting when they should be going for it. Missing field goal attempts that should have been automatic.

Texas needs to win as a 15-point favorite at Kansas Friday. The host Jayhawks can come in loose and easy, knowing they’ll have a new big-name head coach next season. Texas is bearing all the pressure in the world, knowing a win would put it in the Big 12 Championship game.

What about Michigan? After running the table since the season-opening loss at Notre Dame, the Wolverines need to win in Columbus against Ohio State to stay ranked in the top four for the national playoffs…AND also need to win that game just to represent the Big 10 East in the conference championship game against Northwestern. Do you think playing for a ticking time bomb like Jim Harbaugh might make a few starters nervous?

JIM HURLEY wants you to play smart through the holiday weekend. Focus on the following scenarios for the best “need to win” results in college football:

*Teams with many weapons on offense

*Teams with an “us against the world” mentality

*Teams facing opponents who have already clinched bowl eligibility

*Teams facing opponents whose head coaches aren’t popular with the players and are about to be fired

In the NFL, don’t even think about “need to win” this early! Just focus on team talent, situational dynamics like fatigue…or extra rest off a bye or a Thursday night game, and on how weather might influence play. If the Lions upset the Bears in the first appetizer, it will be because Chicago’s players were flat for a morning kick in a short week after a huge Sunday night divisional win…not because Detroit knew it “needed” to win in the Wildcard race.

If anything, this is the week to go against overhyped pretenders who are finally realizing this isn’t going to be their year. More than a half-dozen of those on pro turf this week!

Look, it’s going to be a challenging week for recreational bettors. So many distractions. So much NOISE in your house and on TV. The exclusive TEAM HANDICAPPING approach that JIM HURLEY created here at NETWORK 30 years ago is ideally suited to GET ALL THE MONEY through Thanksgiving Weekend.

*Our SCOUTS and SOURCES know which teams are about to mail in a performance…and which are locked and loaded. Information like this never matters more than when college teams are playing their regular season finales.

*Our COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS adjust for weather components…which are often a HUGE influence in what happens throughout a late-November weekend. Do you always remember to bet against bad offenses in bad weather?

*Our STAT HANDICAPPERS know which soft defenses are about to get steamrolled by motivated, multi-faceted offenses. This is the single biggest key to finding late season blowouts that beat the spread by 2-3 touchdowns.

*And, our WISE GUY CONNECTIONS in Las Vegas, offshore, and Atlantic City know what the sharps are betting and why. This information is priceless. Worse, many of the “would-be” sports betting sources sprouting up all over the media landscape are getting this information WRONG. Do you think sports book representatives are going to tell you the full truth?

It all comes together in the annual TURKEY SHOOT that’s been cashing tickets for as long as many of you new bettors have been alive. It’s a FIVE-DAY FOOTBALL FEAST that kicks off early Thursday with Bears/Lions on CBS and fills your cornucopia with cash through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday through Tennessee/Houston on ESPN. Blowouts, shockers, rivalry stunners, and a few “Game of the Year” caliber releases.

You can purchase JIM HURLEY’S top plays right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about long term or multi-sport combination packages, please call us in the office during normal business hours at 1-888-777-4155. The Turkey Shoot will help you build your bankrolls for “Championship Week” and the bowls in college football, the playoff chase in the NFL, and all the great basketball that fills the nightly schedules at this time of year.

We hope you’ve shown up with a big appetite. The table is set…and BIG, JUICY WINNERS are about to be served. You’re invited to a holiday weekend you’ll never forget at JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK!

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