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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Many casual bettors are having horrible college football seasons through the first two months. So many “traditional powers” have been disappointments. Media darlings are going through a divorce. Supposed up-and-comers are still trying to find the ladder. If you try to pick winners based on what you see on ESPN…your bankroll has been decimated.

But, it’s still possible to save your season by finding great blowout scenarios for easy point spread covers if you focus on these two key factors.

*Teams with offensive stars who can put points on the board who have already received their “wake up call” with an upset loss or a “flunked test” on TV vs. another power.

*Facing opponents with bad defenses, or defenses that are starting to wear down from attrition.

That’s super-motivated talent vs. helpless defenders.

Oklahoma’s thrashing of TCU last Saturday is a great recent example. Oklahoma can score in a hurry because it has so many weapons. The Sooners already had their wake-up call in an embarrassing loss to Texas. In fact, that was a three-quarter wake-up call and OU almost rallied to win the game late anyway. TCU’s defense (often overrated in recent years to begin with) got worn out facing Ohio State and Texas earlier this season, and just didn’t have the legs to hang with Oklahoma for four full quarters.

That was a slaughter that covered the spread easily.

Another example from last week was Wisconsin over Illinois. The Badgers were embarrassed in Michigan the prior Saturday night, then ran up the score on the helpless Illini even though part of the game was played in a blizzard. Auburn has been a big disappointment this season. But, the Tigers responded to a humiliating loss at home to Tennessee with a road win over the horrible defense of Ole Miss.

It looks like nobody but Alabama has all the pieces in place to truly dominate the sport this season. Even Clemson looked mortal when it’s new starting quarterback had to leave the Syracuse game awhile back. Notre Dame was the hot new thing until Pittsburgh almost beat them. Georgia’s return the Final Four was a supposed lock until they were dominated in Baton Rouge by LSU.

So…handicappers and bettors have to be careful laying points with any big-name team that’s cruising along. Those teams are going to get overconfident, and there’s a big target on their backs. But, ONCE that team has been SLAPPED IN THE FACE, you can think about backing them in the right spot. The “right spot” is typically against an opponent with an overmatched defense.

Here are some ways you can plan ahead to find blowout possibilities the rest of the way.

*Go back and grab the Preseason top 20 so you can see which teams entered the new season with the most talent. It takes talent to put points on the board. And, that can be “one-dimensional” talent like you see with Wisconsin if the soft opponent can’t stop that dimension.

*Also find the current Top 20 and have that handy.

*Find the “wake-up call” game that taught each team (other than undefeated Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Central Florida) the importance of staying focused. For some it was a few weeks ago. For others, (like Ohio State and Georgia), more recent.

*Look for an upcoming spot on the schedule where a vulnerable defense can be dominated.

Georgia is in an obvious bounce-back spot this week in the annual cocktail party vs. Florida. But, the Gators defense is no pushover. If JIM HURLEY takes that favorite, it will be for other reasons besides those being discussed today. Ohio State will have to wait a week to bounce back from the Purdue loss because of a bye. NETWORK will think about the Buckeyes next week vs. Nebraska if the line isn’t too high.

If you have time, it wouldn’t hurt to run through the won-lost records of teams in mid-major conferences to find other possibilities. Top contenders in the Sun Belt, Mountain West, Mid-American, and so on may also find themselves in position to run up the score immediately after suffering a “wake-up call” loss. A side benefit here is that studying the mid-majors will help get you ready for the bowl season, which is loaded down with teams from lesser leagues until we approach New Year’s.

Of course, the easiest way to find BIG, JUICY WINNERS is to let JIM HURLEY do the work for you! Our full team of experts covers every angle to make sure only the BEST BETS are released to NETWORK customers. We know which skill-position players can still put up huge numbers in the right spots. Our computer programmers have a formula that recognizes “defensive fatigue” too.

You can purchase JIM HURLEY’S top plays right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about long term or multi-sport combination packages, please call us in the office during normal business hours at 1-888-777-4155. The NBA might be the hottest new betting sport in the industry. Don’t wait until January to get started…these early season lines may be the softest we’ll see!

Whatever the sport…be it college football, the NFL, the rest of the 2018 World Series, or the just-started NBA season…you’re going to GET THE MONEY with JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK!

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