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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Here’s a complete list of all the first-year head coaches that won their regular season debuts last week in the NFL. Ha! That was it. There’s no list! All seven new head coaches (counting Jon Gruden in his first year back after a very long layoff) lost straight up. Only one was able to cover the point spread.

In schedule order…

Indianapolis (Frank Reich) lost to Cincinnati 34-23

NY Giants (Pat Shurmur) lost to Jacksonville 20-15

Tennessee (Mike Vrabel) lost to Miami 27-20

Arizona (Steve Wilks) lost to Washington 24-6

Chicago (Matt Nagy) lost to Green Bay 24-23 (only cover!)

Detroit (Matt Patricia) lost to the NY Jets 48-17

Oakland (Jon Gruden) lost to the LA Rams 33-13

Chicago should have won. Indianapolis would have won if they scored a late TD instead of fumbling the ball to Cincinnati for a defensive TD. The NY Giants and Tennessee could have won. But, the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s all added up to a big goose-egg, like usual.

JIM HURLEY believes the teams in biggest trouble out of the gate are:

ARIZONA: Very tough to gain the trust of new players who aren’t excited that Sam Bradford has been brought in to play quarterback. You saw little fire from the Cards in that loss to Washington. It was worse than the final score made it sound. Redskins won total yardage 429-213. Arizona only converted one third down all day. Clearly the worst team in the NFC West right now…and probably the worst team in the whole NFC.

DETROIT: You could see in player interviews that nobody’s drinking Matt Patricia’s kool-aid. Former Bill Belichick assistants don’t have a great track record in this league. Patricia’s predecessor was popular in the locker room. Matt Stafford is a turnover machine if you loosen his reigns. Detroit will have some huge yardage games, and at least win the shootouts where Stafford doesn’t throw interceptions. Right now 6-10 caliber.

OAKLAND: Gruden is committed to the long haul because he has a 10-year contract, and ownership doesn’t mind if the team struggles before its move to Las Vegas. Star players are being traded for resources. Those sticking around don’t like it. Plus, Derek Carr is another quarterback who makes too many mistakes if you ask him to do everything. Nice first half back on Monday night. Raiders lost the rest of the game 23-0. For now, the look of a 5-11 or 6-10 type team because most opponents won’t be as good as the Rams. But, potential for worse if things go south in divisional play.

On the other end of the spectrum, JIM HURLEY isn’t ready to give up on the New York Giants yet. Losing a close game to Jacksonville is not an embarrassment. Eli Manning should be able to perform for this head coach (Shurmur is a former offensive coordinator). And, you can tell the market respects the Giants because they’re only +3 in Dallas this week. Home field advantage is worth that much. Oddsmakers and the Wise Guys are saying the Giants and Cowboys are even on a neutral field.

We also wanted to mention that “second-year” head coaches struggled last week as well. They went 2-3 straight up, 1-3-1 against the spread. The LA Rams and Denver won (Denver pushed its spread), San Francisco, the LA Chargers, and Buffalo all lost non-covers. So, there is something to be said for stability and experience at the head coaching position in the NFL!

Betting markets are trying to react quickly to what was learned last weekend. You’ve seen that all over the board. Buffalo is +7 at home vs. the Chargers after being just below that on the road at Baltimore. BIG adjustment for one week. It’s our job at NETWORK to stay ahead of the market. The full TEAM HANDICAPPING approach will be on full display as we try to exploit this angle through September.

*Our SOURCES and SCOUTS will let us know which coaches have already lost their teams (or never had them). We can assure you that more ugly blowouts are on the way.

*Our STATHEADS will comb the box scores to find which teams are failing worst in the key indicator categories. You saw us reference a few of those already in this edition of the NOTEBOOK.

*Our COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS are updating their inputs constantly to reflect real-world dynamics. Being “state-of-the-art” always works!

*Our WISE GUY CONNECTIONS in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and offshore are letting us know what the smart money is doing, and who the dumb money is mindlessly backing. That helps us tell you who to take at what price. NETWORK clients get the best of the number!

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If you’re like many public bettors, you took too many shots on big favorites last week. You had a bunch of parlays with New Orleans and Detroit winning straight up. You zigged when you should have zagged. You bet too many teasers even though early season lines are least likely to match the scoreboard.

Betting games is fun…but winning money is HARD. Let the industry leader for almost three decades show you the way. GET ALL THE MONEY with BIG, JUICY WINNERS from JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK!

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