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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Though the 2018 college football season officially began last week with a handful of games, the REAL start to the season is upon us, with a massive slate of games just about to kick off. There are matchups worth your betting attention as early as Thursday and Friday. And, then true bowl-caliber (and maybe Final Four caliber) blockbusters Saturday. Of course, it’s Labor Day Weekend, which means TV specials Sunday and Monday as well.

JIM HURLEY loves handicapping early season football because that’s when the lines are most vulnerable to INFORMATION. Oddsmakers will never be more out of touch than they are right now. The public will never be more in love with the wrong teams. You saw last week on the short slate that every game missed the market price by a mile. Colorado State couldn’t win straight up as a double-digit favorite. Rice almost lost to Prairie View!

What are the keys to finding BIG, JUICY WINNERS? JIM HURLEY won’t give away all of his secrets. But, he does offer these tips to do-it-yourself bettors.

*Look for new head coaches who are ideally suited to solve the problems of a program’s prior staff. Jeff Brohm of Purdue is a great example of this from last year (Purdue hosts Northwestern Thursday night on ESPN). Purdue has been horrible for years, always hyping some young quarterback who was destined to be awful. Nobody could replace Drew Brees from last decade! Brohm found the required skill sets to make his system work. Purdue covered five of its first six games on the way to a breakout season.

You still have time now to collect the names of all new head coaches entering the 2018 season to see how their strengths will (or won’t) fix what ails the program that hired them. See if you can find the new Jeff Brohm. Notice any “bad” fits that could actually make things worse. That actually happens more often!

*Look for the combination of “experienced quarterbacks” and “talented wide receivers.” These days you need both. It’s becoming more common for “experienced quarterbacks” to enter a season with a lot of hype, only to have disappointing campaigns because they don’t have anyone to throw to. That’s the story of Washington’s Jake Browning last year in a nutshell. He started 2017 as a Heisman Trophy candidate. He ended the season getting blamed for underachieving.

In 2018…experienced quarterbacks WITH weaponry are going to win games and cover point spreads. Experienced quarterbacks WITHOUT options are going to underachieve as big favorites, or whenever they’re facing a high-quality defense. (Saturday’s game vs. Auburn is a huge test for Browning and Washington…as both teams enter 2018 as legitimate Final four hopefuls).

*Finally, study run defenses to anticipate which stop units will be able to win games on their own. If you can’t stop the run in college football you have no chance to matter. Stat studies have shown that top run defenses are also very good at pressuring passers into mistakes…so the “rush defense” stats actually do extra work for you. They help you understand what’s happening at the point of attack, and what’s causing extremes in turnover differential.

Far too many novice handicappers focus on offense when making football picks. They’re thinking about who’s going to score the most touchdowns…which players are going to rack up the biggest stats…and which favorites are going to cover tall point spreads. The market already stacks the deck against those types of teams. REAL VALUE comes from backing defenses who stop the other team from scoring. Dog or favorite…defense is what’s going to get you the money more often than not.

Studying any of those three categories by themselves will put you in position to win. But, finding combinations will make you rich!

New head coach that fixes problems

Experienced quarterback with weapons

Great defense against the run

Is there a 2018 team that has all of those? Well, if there was, JIM HURLEY wouldn’t tip his hand in a web tutorial! But, he is confident you can find a few betting options with two of those three. And, some teams might develop into all three by midseason. By then, even first-year quarterbacks will have enough “experience” under their belts to cover spreads in November and the bowls.

If you’re ready to make 2018 your biggest season yet, you can purchase BEST BETS in both football and baseball from a legendary PROVEN WINNER right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about long term or combination packages, please call us in the office during normal business hours at 1-888-777-4155. Those combo packages offer the most bang for your buck because you’re attacking the board seven days a week.

It’s too early to lock in for sure which blockbusters will be on the NETOWRK card this week. We can assure you that JIM HURLEY is looking very closely at Michigan/Notre Dame, Washington/Auburn, and BYU/Arizona. Of course, Miami/LSU Sunday and Virginia Tech/Florida State Monday are very likely to be in the mix.

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