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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 11:33 AM

The blood ran deep on the sports books' floors Friday and even the sharps were gasping for air before it was over-stunned their figures were held in contempt by the Gods of Odds.  College basketball bracket bettors could be seen throwing up their guts at sports bars from Bangor to Lemon Beach-unable to accept the fact two 15 seeds had beaten two number two seeds on the same day for the first time in NCAA history and in the process ended their chances to make the big money just four days in.

The drunkest could not blot out the reality of what they had just seen.

Bookmakers laughed and bought a round of goodwill for everyone.
Free donuts and coffee were ordered for the Saturday morning crowd.
Loan sharks arrived early and took their places in the back of the room.
Yes, it was that bad for most bettors big and small.

I was one of the few who escaped the wrath.

The events of Friday had happened but four times since the NCAA Tournament went to the 64-team format in 1985 and, now, two in the same day as #15 Norfolk State (26-9) started it off by knocking out #2 Missouri (30-5) 86-84 as a 21-point underdog. It was nothing short of shocking, since many felt the best Missouri team in years was Final Four bound.

Many held the same opinion of Duke (27-7), which had never lost a first-round game, but was kicked around by Lehigh (27-7), 75-70, before hanging its head and leaving by the back door. Teams from the Patriot League don't beat Atlantic Coast Conference teams any time, let alone in the opening round of the Big Dance.

Wait a minute, we have been here before. Fellow Patriot League member Bucknell beat second-seeded Kansas 64-63 in the same round in 2005. For whatever it is worth 8th seeded Bucknell is playing in the NIT this season and knocked off #1 seeded Arizona in Tucson, 94-85, Wednesday night.
Let this serve as a reminder a winner can from anywhere, from any conference and at any time, especially during March Madness.
We also must not lose sight of the fact that even after the two #15 seeds won Friday, the record for #2s against #15s is now a mere 104-4.

$100 Bettors Already Up $14,800

Thankfully and humbly I was not among those put in shock by their unexpected losses Friday as I went 4-1 for the second straight day and won my first 100-unit play of the NCAA Tournament as underdog South Florida, which hit but 11% of its shots (3-of-27) in the first half roared back from a 19-14 half-time deficit to bury favored Temple (-3), 58-44.

The South Florida win boosted my four-day NCAA record to 10-3 with my $100-per-unit bettors up $14,800 in that time frame and those wagering at the $10 level with a profit of $1,480, Not chop liver, my friends, and it is just the beginning.

200-Unit NCAA Game Of Year Today

Today I am going for the big bucks again with my 200-unit NCAA Tournament game of the year-a contest I won at the 200-unit level last season as Richmond (-4) knocked Morehead State into oblivion by 17 points, 65-48. You can get this game-my biggest release of the entire NCAA Tournament, along with two other best bets, for just $50, charged to your major credit card. This 3-game NCAA package is available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

But the weekend winning does not stop there. On Sunday I am releasing my 100-unit NCAA Tournament Game of the Year-a contest that produced another lop-sided winner as VCU, a 9 ½- point underdog and a team I recognized as something special, destroyed Purdue by 18 points, 94-76. Get the 100-unit upset winner, which has a 90% chance to cover, for just $50, charged to your major credit card. This 3-game NCAA package will be available Sunday on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

If you need a little confidence builder my complete NCAA record is listed below. By the way, do you remember me telling you betting basketball is no longer a gamble but an investment that overtime returns tremendous profits? I meant that and I am proving it every single day.

My 10-3 NCAA Tournament Record

Friday, March 16
100 Units...South Florida (+3) 58, Temple 44 (W)
10 Units...Georgetown (-4) 74, Belmont 59 (W)
10 Units...Saint Mary's (-2) 69, Purdue 72 (L)
10 Units...Saint Louis (+3) 61, Memphis (54 (W)
10 Units...Michigan State (-19 ½) 89, LIU-Brooklyn 67 (W)

Thursday, March 15
50 Units...Vanderbilt (-5 ½) 79, Harvard 70 (W)
10 Units...Murray State (-5) 58, Colorado State 41 (W)
10 Units...Kansas State (-5) 70, Southern Miss 64 (W)
10 Units...Wichita State (-6 ½) 59, VCU 62 (L)
10 Units...Indiana (-6 ½) 79, New Mexico State 66 (W)

Wednesday, March 14
10 Units...South Florida (+3) 65, California 54 (W)
5 Units...Vermont (+1 ½) 71, Lamar 59 (W)

Tuesday, March 13
50 units...Western Kentucky (-3) 59, Mississippi Valley State 58 (L)

Saturday Betting Menu

(All Games Are Available On This Website And Toll Free At 1-800-755-2255. All Major Credit Cards Accepted)

200-Unit NCAA Game Of Year Wins Today
Today is the day-my biggest single play of the March Madness, my 200-unit NCAA Tournament Game of the Year-and I intend to win it just as easily as I did last year's when I took down all the money with a 200-unit play on Richmond (-4) in its 17-point, 65-48 blowout win over Morehead State. The same dynamics are in place today as they were when the Spiders got the money and I am looking for a dominating win. You can win my 200-unit NCAA Tournament Game of the Year, plus get two other unit-rated NCAA best bets, for just $50, charged to your major credit card. For the record, here is today's schedule-and one of the 16 teams in these eight games is slated for a big-time trip to the winner's circle.
Kansas State (22-10) vs. Syracuse (32-2)
Gonzaga (26-6) vs. Ohio State 28-7
Murray State (31-1) vs. Marquette (26-7)
Iowa State (23-10) vs. Kentucky (33-2)
Vanderbilt (25-10) vs. Wisconsin (25-9)
Colorado (24-11) vs. Baylor (28-7)
New Mexico (28-6) vs. Louisville (27-9)
VCU (29-6) vs. Indiana (26-8)

Nationally Televised NBA Texas Showdown Tops 2-0 Day
Spurs vs. Mavericks
There are many NBA insiders who believe the defending champion Dallas Mavericks have grown a little long in the tooth and are nothing close to last year's dominating team. Whether that is an accurate analysis is a moot point when handicapping this Texas showdown between two bitter rivals. These teams have met twice this season and have split those games, with the Mavericks winning by 1-point, 101-100, in Dallas and with the Spurs winning by 22 points, 93-71, in San Antonio. My detailed analysis says there is a standout winner in this game and I am releasing it as a 15-unit Best Bets Club play. Win this game, plus another 5-unit NBA play for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

25-Unit NBA Situation Play Grades Out Easy Winner Tonight
There are eight NBA games on the schedule today and one of them meets all the requirements for being a 25-unit situation play-and that means something since teams in this same situation have won 74% of the time this season. Get all the money with this 25-unit NBA knockout for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

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