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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, July 9, 2018 at 11:46 AM


It All Begins In Just 25 Days With Hall Of Fame Game That Matches The Bears And The Ravens

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Time To Solve Puzzle Of 7 New NFL Coaches, 12 New Starting Quarterbacks And 23 New College Mentors

It is time to get to work, and it will be work. NFL training camps are about to open with rookies reporting in just 11 days and the veterans arriving a week later. The first of 65 preseason games will be played in 25 days when the Baltimore Ravens (9-7 last season) take on the Chicago Bears (5-11) in the nationally televised Hall of Fame Game fromCanton. The 130 NCAA Division teams report on August 1 with the first games scheduled 23 days later.


Bettors face the same list of challenges with the beginning of every football season but maybe more so this time around, especially in the NFL, where there will be 12 new starting quarterbacks. At best, one can expect the unexpected, and now is the time to prepare for it. I have been extremely successful in the preseason and intend to do so again in 2018. In the interest of full disclosure, while I have won money for my clients in 11 of the last 13 preseasons, I did have a subpar year in 2017. Forget about that, I have done my homework and am confident it is right back to winning.

If you want to win money in NFL preseason football you have come to the right place. My history of success in what is the exhibition/practice season states loudly that I win with great consistency and it is my goal to win at least $2,000 for all my clients and give them a sizable bankroll heading into the regular season.

The month of August is going to tell us a lot about how teams are going to perform early in the season. For instance we are going to get to see how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11) are going to fare in their first three regular-season games-against the New Orleans Saints (11-5), Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) and against the Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3) that all won their divisions last season-without starting signal caller Jameis Winston who has been suspended for those contests after charges he groped a taxi driver in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Well-traveled 14-year veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick is the backup. He played well in three starts when Winston was injured last season but one must still ask how much time playing time he will receive in August, since the team certainly does not intend to start the regular season with #1 and #2 on the bench.


The biggest mystery in the NFL us the playing status of  Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback Andrew Luck who because a severe injury to his right shoulder has not played a down since the 2016 season. At this time last year the Colts front office said Luck would be ready for the 2017 season and would assume his starting role no later than October. The story is the same this season-that Luck will be ready to play-but I am among the group that says it is all a lie. Just need to sell some tickets to a disgruntled fan base.

Just over a month ago Luck began throwing the football but never longer than 20 yards and never with any power or gusto-and he was using the much smaller high school football, not the NFL variety. At this writing he has shown nothing of the form that made him one of the best signal callers in the NFL-and the season is upon us. If Luck does not make it to the playing field he will again be spelled by third-year veteran Jacoby Brissett who played well as his replacement last season. This raises the same question facing the

Buccaneers-that is whether new head coach Frank Reich would risk injury to Brissett and find himself without his top two quarterbacks. This situation is certain to impact how the Bucs and the Colts play in the preseason. I also I of note the Colts money back Robert Turbin has been suspended for the first four games of the regular season because of a substance abuse violation.

These are two examples that will play a part in winning or losing in the NFL pre-season and I assure you I am wired in to know what is going on the 32 team camps.

Winning In The Preseason Is Determined By Just Two Handicapping Factors

Handicapping the NFL preseason is an exercise conducted without the support of the data that is real and aids bettors during the regular season. In other words, all numbers are worthless. Winning in the pre-season stands on just two factors - inside information and a coach's record in these games.

"Inside information" is an overused term during the regular season but not during the pre-season. It exists and one must dig for it to determine a team's game plan, what facet of its game it is working on and keep in mind both coaches meet beforehand to discuss what they hope to accomplish in these glorified practice games.

Then there is the coaching  factor. Coaches do have a history in pre-season games. For instance Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is 28-12 in pre-season games, Minnesota's Mike Zimmer is 14-3 and Washington's Jay Gruden is 11-5. Simply put, some coaches like to win in the pre-season while winning means little to others.

But a coach's pre-season record reveals another solid statistic which can reveal a team's intent in each week of the pre-season. Harbaugh is 9-1 in the first game of exhibition football, while Chic New England's Bill Belichick is 12-7 in week one. At the other end of the spectrum, in week four. New Orleans Sean Payton is 1-11. Needless to say, these are solid tell-tale trends that can give one a big edge.

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