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Submitted by Jim Feist on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Continuing last week’s coaching changes in the NFL, let's go game by game, team by team.

The Seattle Seahawks announced three additions to their coaching staff, naming Brian Schottenheimer offensive coordinator, Ken Norton Jr defensive coordinator and Mike Solari offensive line coach. There is no question the Seattle Seahawks have fallen apart on the offensive side of the football due to perhaps neglect or deterioration over the fact that Russell Wilson came out of his rookie status and had to be paid big money. Paying Wilson meant they didn't have enough money to pay an offensive line. As a matter of fact, they were in the bottom part of the league in lowest paid offensive lines and they performed as such.

It's hard to criticize a coach that has been around for 11 seasons and never had a losing season. I'm talking about Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have to tell you when I'm watching games that he coaches I have to shake my head at the decisions he makes. He just misses many simple decisions.  I'm glad there is a connection between Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin that can be held together and then of course the chemistry that you get with the new offensive coordinator whoever that should be. This team underperformed this year in my opinion and many of the Tomlin coached teams do underperform.  They play down to their competition. For Mike to be talking about an upcoming meeting with the Patriots and not focusing on the team that he's going to be playing this weekend is an atrocity. Personally I think he should be fired, but the Rooney family won't do that, most likely they'll just make a couple of changes around Mike and hope it works.  I disagree but we'll have to see what happens

Yes Chucky is back and has the richest contract for a coach ever, one hundred million dollars over 10 years.  Jon Gruden steps out of the booth and heads back to Oakland soon to be Las Vegas Raiders. This is a big gamble; especially on a head coach that has had mediocre success other than his Super Bowl year, which really he didn't even build that team. His overall record, other than that one year, is about 50-50. He has the quarterback to work with in Oakland, but a lot remains to be proven out on the field. He's putting together offensive and defensive coordinators, line coaches, quarterback coaches, etc. etc. He's building the team. He's a smart guy; he knows football and let's hope it works out for him and the Raiders fans. We'll see.

The Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator has moved on to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears. Matt Nagy had been with the Andy Reid for many years and he did a pretty good job play-calling. Nagy got the play-calling job late in 2017 however, the Chiefs did not perform well at the end of their game against Tennessee. When TE Kelce went out it seemed like the life went out of the Chiefs. The second half shut down is not a very good resume builder for Nagy.

There are a lot of new coaches moving around the league, guys that haven't had the jobs before. Obviously, some of them will work out, some of them won't, but you know it's going to probably take a few years for these people to get their feet on the ground and get used to making all the decisions. It all comes together after the Super Bowl when all the coaches are available to be talked to and hired, then you can look at each team and say “here's the head coach,” and get an idea what their game plan will be moving forward.  

There are some unexpected moves, for example the New York Giants are looking to perhaps hire Pat Shurmur after the Vikings season is over. The Indianapolis Colts are considering Josh McDaniel after the Patriots season is over. This is the reason why it's best to really have a full analysis of what these teams are going to be doing once these hires are made and the underlying offensive and defensive coaches have been decided upon.

Many decisions are up in the air for the Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans and the Arizona Cardinals. To say which direction these teams are going to go and at this point we're probably two to three weeks away from having some final or almost final answers for all of these teams.  Where will people like John Fox, Jim Caldwell, Chuck Pagano, Ben McAdoo, Mike Mularkey, Jack Del Rio end up? They have all been let go and they all have enough talent, energy and knowledge to continue somewhere else.  Bruce Arians announced his retirement from coaching so we don't expect to see him at another job anytime soon, probably never. I hope he enjoys his retirement

Then there is Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals.  I thought we were done with Marvin. I thought he was going to step aside or be let go. That didn't turn out to be the case and it looks like he will back on the Bengals’ sideline come September.  I thought for sure Vance Joseph with the Denver Broncos, after this year’s debacle, would be let go. Nope, not the case as it looks like he will be back in Denver for 2018. Bill O'Brien of the Houston Texans, also known as Captain Hook, has state he will never resign as head coach.  He's got a pretty good quarterback in Deshaun Watson if he stays healthy. It looks like Bill O'Brien will stay with Texans.  

The NFL is going to be very challenging for 2018 with all these new head coaches, new offensive and defensive coordinators.  Plus, in Seattle they're talking about running a college offense with Russell Wilson. That might work because he definitely has the talent to do so. One thing is for sure, 2018 will be an interesting season.



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