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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 12:00 PM

The biggest betting story out of Las Vegas this past weekend was the 4-0 board sweep for underdogs during Wildcard Weekend in the NFL playoffs. The second biggest story was that handicapping legend JIM HURLEY went 4-0 for his clients betting all the underdogs!

Tennessee (+) beat Kansas City outright
Atlanta (+) beat the Los Angeles Rams outright
Buffalo (+) covered in a close loss at Jacksonville
Carolina (+) covered in a close loss at New Orleans

Frankly, there wasn't that much to sweat. The first two on Saturday won their games outright against spreads near a touchdown. Sunday, Buffalo was getting more than a TD and had the ball with a chance to force overtime in the final moments. Carolina had the ball with a chance to win the game in the final moments.

How did JIM HURLEY know this was coming?

*First, he heard everyone talking about last year, when the favorites won and covered all four games. People couldn't stop yakking about it. That meant the general public was going to be all over the chalk teams. They'd bet them against the spread, in parlays, in money line parlays, and in teasers. That would drive the lines up higher, giving underdog bettors FREE POINTS. The general public really took a bath this weekend. JIM HURLEY clients were showered in cash!

*Second, he saw that all the favorites were likely to play conservative football. That would serve to keep the games close. If favorites made mistakes while playing too conservatively, that would create outright upsets for opposing underdogs. Kansas City is famous for blowing playoff games in this fashion (and did so again). The LA Rams had a very inexperienced head coach and quarterback (in terms of the playoffs), and would be too timid. Jacksonville knows Blake Bortles can't make big passes in big games. New Orleans did have experience, but this year's team was getting a lot of attention for rushing the ball and playing good defense. That didn't end up happening! In retrospect, only three of the four favorites played conservative football. But, the very experienced Cam Newton was a nice ace-in-the-hole to have when you're getting points.

*Game conditions were likely to help defenses. You surely noticed that only the "dome" game went Over. It was going to be freezing in Kansas City and windy in Jacksonville. Plus, NETWORK'S on-site sources alerted us to the potential for slick or sloppy turf in Los Angeles. You have to be there through the week to see that. That's why JIM HURLEY built a NETWORK of contributors!

*Finally, our state-of-the-art computer models were showing tight final scores. That was the clincher. NETWORK statheads believed the defenses of the Falcons and Bills in particular weren't getting enough credit in the line. Those two teams would allow only 13 and 10 points respectively. And, you may have noticed that three of the four quarterbacks had "run-pass" capabilities that are vital for getting first downs when needed. Marcos Mariota can scramble. Tyrod Taylor can as well. Cam Newton will just try to run over you. Heck, even Matt Ryan isn't afraid to take off when needed. Modern defenses are so strong, that this dimensionality dynamic is a nice edge to have in your favor with playoff underdogs. Our models account for this, and were showing that favorites would have trouble running away and hiding unless they were gifted easy points off turnovers. When those turnovers didn't happen, a sweep was virtually inevitable.

Does this mean JIM HURLEY will keep riding underdogs next week in the divisional round? Possibly…but that's a whole different animal. The fact that this past weekend's favorites had some vulnerabilities doesn't say anything about serious Super Bowl threats like well-rested New England, Minnesota, and Pittsburgh. And, we have the first-time-ever circumstance of a #6 seed being a road favorite over a #1 seed. Should anyone bet on Nick Foles the way the Eagles are playing?

You can be sure you will get the best betting options on the board next weekend. You saw the power of our EXCLUSIVE TEAM HANDICAPPING approach in the Wildcard games. It's a PROVEN strategy for beating oddsmakers. Between now and then, we'll be attacking Monday Night's Alabama/Georgia game for the college football national championship, and a busy basketball card. (Oh, NETWORK also nailed Ohio State over Michigan State outright Sunday in a 16-point upset win that covered the spread by 24 points!)

You can purchase BEST BETS right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions, call us in the office at 1-800-323-4453 during normal business hours. Be sure you ask about combination packages that take you through the NFL Super Bowl or March Madness. You get the most bang for your buck with those value-priced programs. And, every dollar you win in January will roll over a few times before the Sweet 16 and Final Four even get here.


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