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Submitted by Winning Edge on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 7:00 AM

While most of the mainstream media coverage of the NFL has focused on the playoff chase and major injuries, one of the most important stories for the future of the league is developing very quietly off the radar.

Jimmy Garappolo of the San Francisco 49ers is going to be a star!

How can I say that after just two starts for the Niners? Well, we already knew he was good based on his time with the New England Patriots. But, now, with a LOSING team, he’s earning road victories instead of settling for a “getting to know you” run of losses to the draft. That’s important right there. San Francisco is winning games instead of worrying about the next draft!

*Garappolo had a passing line of 26-37-1-293 in his debut at Chicago. While the team didn’t drive the field for a touchdown. They won thanks to four very long field goal drives (and a shorter one). You could see that Garappolo already knew how to drive the field. Finishing in scoring position was going to be the next challenge. Think about all the young quarterbacks you’ve seen this season who can’t even drive for field goals. Winning on the road is tough to do in this league. Garappolo did it in his first San Francisco start. Then he did it again!

*Garappolo had a passing line of 20-33-1-334, and this time he was able to find the end zone in a 26-16 victory at Houston (while adding a couple more long field goal drives). He really looked like a veteran NFL quarterback here in the way he carried himself and the offense. Yes, it was only Houston. Marcos Mariota was 15-23-0-146 against the Texans the prior week. Joe Flacco was 21-33-0-155 the week before. Garappolo passed for more yards in one game vs. Texas than Mariota and Flacco did combined.

Yes, I’m a bit concerned about the two interceptions. But, you can get away with that if you’re averaging more then 300 yards per game in the air! What most impressed me was the way his offense confidently drove the field on the road two weeks in a row. It’s one thing to have a lucky week. Two in a row? That’s talent. Particularly on a team that had been kicking the ball around on offense all season with its other quarterbacks.

San Francisco has covered by 3.5 and 12 points in “the Garappolo era,” catching the market napping. Here’s what’s ahead before the season ends.

Sunday: vs. unimpressive Tennessee

December 24: vs. Jacksonville

December 31: at the Los Angeles Rams

Much better tests there because that’s three current playoff contenders, and a really excellent defense in the Jaguars. Tennessee just lost at Arizona, and hasn’t been in sharp form for weeks. That’s definitely a spot Garappolo can shine in. If he can impress in the last two, then we could be talking already about a Wildcard threat in 2018!

I won’t get ahead of myself. Obviously, the franchise has a lot of work to do to surround Garappolo with talent and keep him healthy. Maybe the market will catch up next week. Maybe it won’t be until next season. But, the key to finding SHOCK THE WORLD advantages in sports betting is recognizing them before they happen. I’m the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the “Walk of Fame” here in Las Vegas because I’m always several steps ahead of the oddsmakers. If one ever gets his own star, it will naturally be several steps behind mine!

I had the edge again Sunday in the NFL, winning my Pinnacle with Jacksonville (-) over Seattle (led 27-10 in the fourth quarter), along with Carolina (+) over Minnesota (always the right side), and Denver (+) over the NY Jets (never in doubt in a 23-0 shutout). I should have been 4-1 instead of 3-2, but the Cleveland Browns (+) blew a 21-7 fourth quarter lead and lost to Green Bay in overtime. My other loss was a disappointing performance from the LA Rams vs. Philadelphia. Some big plays on offense, but too many defensive mistakes.

We’ll talk about the upcoming college football bowl slate in my next article on Friday. I already have several games circled for likely major releases. You know that many of those will involve teams from the Mountain West and Pac 12 conferences…possibly even Saturday’s Las Vegas Bowl matching Boise State from the Mountain West and Oregon from the Pac 12.

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