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Submitted by Winning Edge on Friday, December 8, 2017 at 4:00 PM

You regulars know I’ve been following the Los Angeles Rams very closely this season. I’ve been “Handicapper to the Stars” for a few decades. Picking winners in game involving the California teams is more important to my business than ever now that the Rams are back where they belong.

How far can the team go this year? That’s still an open question. While they did look good against the Saints in a big test on this field a couple of weeks ago, that now seems less impressive since New Orleans lost in Atlanta Thursday night. The road win at Arizona last week wasn’t nearly as good as the 32-16 final score made it sound. The Rams were outgained but cashed in lot of easy points off Arizona miscues.

Beating PHILADELPHIA, currently tied with the best record in pro football at 10-2, THAT would be impressive. Particularly the combination of taking out the Saints and Eagles within a three-week period. Jared Goff is ready for the playoffs if he can pull that off. But, lose this one…and then lose next week in a tough road game at Seattle…and the Rams might enter the postseason as a Wildcard that must win on the road with an inexperienced quarterback. If you watched the Rams lose in Minnesota 24-7 not too long ago, you know that’s a tougher hill to climb.

Here’s how I see the Rams right now:

*Definitely able to bully losing teams. Goff is much better than a lot of the other young quarterbacks who are struggling throughout the league. The future is very bright even if there are still question marks about a deep playoff run this season.

*Definitely not as good as the media is thinking because they’ve had a weak schedule. They’re 9-3 because of that soft schedule. Give them a league average slate and the record is likely 7-5. Among their victims are Indianapolis, San Francisco, Arizona (twice), the NY Giants, and Houston when Tom Savage was still learning the ropes. That early season loss to Washington looks worse now than it did at the time.

*Possibly a team that can keep improving through the season. Veteran teams are locked into a level of performance. But, YOUNG teams can keep getting better as they learn from their mistakes. I wouldn’t pick the Rams to win the NFC right now. I might think differently about that in a month if they show growth against the Eagles this week, the Seahawks next week, and on the road at AFC playoff contender Tennessee the week after that.

Which is more likely, that the Rams are 12-3 after this tough three-game stretch? Or, 9-6 because they’re not quite ready to beat the elite or outlast other contenders on the road?

What about Philadelphia? Believe it or not, the Eagles have had an easier schedule than the Rams! This is another team with a great young quarterback that can run up the score on bad teams, but is much less scary against quality. You saw that last week in Seattle when they lost 24-10. And, their early season loss to Kansas City looks worse now than it did at the time. Beating the Giants, Arizona, San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago (most of those blowouts) doesn’t mean you’re ready for the Super Bowl. If the Eagles lose this week, after losing in Seattle last week, then they’ll probably have to win a road playoff game over the Vikings to go the distance.

I may or may not have a ROOT TRUST release in this late Sunday afternoon matchup (you must be a customer to find out!). I’ll definitely be watching very closely because what I learn will influence my investment plans through the rest of December and January. It could turn out that both of teams will be “bet against” sides in the playoffs because neither quarterback is ready for the pressure they’re about to face. It could be that one, or both will offer value because recent setbacks have taught valuable lessons.

I can tell you this. I have some VERY special plays planned for my clients in the NFL this week. You can purchase all the smart investments in THE ROOT TRUST right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my services best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155. Be sure to ask about combination packages with basketball when you call.

See you again next week. I still haven’t decided whether Monday’s discussion will be about the NFL or the college bowls. That will probably depend on whether any major developments happen in the pros in those big Sunday games (Minnesota/Carolina, Seattle/Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh/Baltimore are also monster matchups in the playoff picture).

The month of December is a dream for smart bettors because oddsmakers get overwhelmed by the huge bowl slate and all the unique challenges presented by the nuances of the NFL. Don’t sit on the sidelines, then read all the headlines about my biggest successes after they’ve won. It’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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