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Submitted by Winning Edge on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 5:00 PM

If there was ever a game that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT should write about, it’s definitely the NY Giants visiting the Oakland Raiders this Sunday in NFL action.

*Oakland will soon be moving to Las Vegas, and I’m THE KING OF LAS VEGAS. I’ve always followed this team very closely because California teams are so heavily bet at Nevada sportsbooks. Since the announcement, I know this team so well I might as well be on the coaching staff!

*I grew up in Mt. Vernon, New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I started my handicapping and media career there…and still have great sources with the Giants and the Jets (and every other team you can bet from The Big Apple). I have great instincts for when to take the Giants or Jets, particularly as an underdog. I have great instincts for when to stay away, or fade them too.

*This week, the Giants made the controversial decision to bench Eli Manning, in favor of…get ready for it…a former Jets quarterback! Geno Smith will get the call for the G-men as the franchise starts figuring out who its “quarterback of the future” is going to be.

No NFL matchup could possibly be more up my alley. I can’t tell you here in a web article what my pick is going to be (or if I’m passing). But, I’m happy to outline my handicapping thought process for you.

*First, I don’t think there will be much of a drop-off in terms of on-field performance between Manning and Smith. There are so many personnel injuries, and so much confusion about tactics and priorities, that NOBODY is going to thrive in the quarterback position at the moment. It’s a shame Eli had to lose his job…and possibly end his Giants career amidst this coaching-led fiasco. But, in terms of BETTING, we should all be ready for the possibility that there’s no drop-off, or that Geno Smith is actually MORE able to make plays than Eli because he can at least scramble for first downs, or to buy himself more time. Eli doesn’t run. Geno Smith has a chance to make more things happen. In a better offense, Eli is the better quarterback. Not here.

*Second, we have to remember that Oakland is likely to be flat as a pancake after seeing this soap opera unfold during their preparation. How can you be afraid of the Giants the way they’re acting right now? Sure, they beat Kansas City. But, the offense played horribly. That was mostly Kansas City beating themselves while struggling with strong swirling winds. This Oakland defense is already pretty bad by NFL standards. What if a bad defense shows up flat?

*Finally, the potential counter-influence to my first two bullet points, Oakland is still very much in the playoff chase in the AFC. The Raiders are just a game out of first place behind slumping Kansas City. They’re tied with the Chargers at 5-6, which has them in the Wildcard hunt (which will be tougher to win). Oakland has some control over its destiny because they still get to face both of those divisional rivals one more time. A win Sunday moves them to 6-6. A home game with Dallas in mid-December will allow them another good chance to get a win.

The Giants? They might be losing on purpose to get a very high draft pick. The players still give 100% effort. But, benching Manning to put in a rusty backup may be part of management’s plan to keep losing. Can you bet a jet-lagged dog that doesn’t want to win against a favorite that NEEDS to win?

You regulars know that I’m fairly dog-heavy in my ROOT TRUST selections. I’m more likely to back the Giants at more than a TD or pass than I am to lay a lot of points with the Raiders. I’ll lay it out this way.

*If my sources tell me the Giants players are responding well to having Geno Smith in the mix (as much as they respect Eli as a teammate), then I’ll DEFINITELY be on the Giants to hang within the number. If my sources in Oakland are saying the Raiders are overconfident, this could even be a PINNACLE release.

*If my sources tell me the Giants players hate the coach and front office even more now than they did before, I’ll pass the game even if I think the Raiders will be flat.

*If I’m hearing that the Giants defense has decided to stop carrying all the load, only then will I think about Oakland minus the points.

I have some very strong releases planned for you this weekend…including likely headline-makers on Championship Saturday in college football, and then of course Sunday in the NFL. Purchase all the smart investments in THE ROOT TRUST right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my services best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155. Be sure to ask about combination packages with basketball when you call. Lock in now to go all the way through the Super Bowl at an affordable price.

I can’t tell you just yet if the Giants are ready to go to war behind the leadership of Geno Smith. But, in the world of sports betting, it’s definitely time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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