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Submitted by Winning Edge on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Because of my reputation as “Handicapper to the Stars” for so many years, I still have Hollywood connections who want to know how to bet the games involving the new Los Angeles teams…the Rams and Chargers.

I think this week could be a STATEMENT week for the Rams. Things are lined up very well in terms of “intangibles” for an upset against a championship contender. Now, I’m not saying that I’m definitely calling for that, or definitely using the Rams in my ROOT TRUST on Sunday when they visit the Dallas Cowboys. There are still talent issues, and this is their first trip outside the state of California this season. But…you can’t ask for better than this.

*The Rams played last Thursday, which gave them extra time to rest and prepare for this challenge. Other Thursday teams have fared well this season. Kansas City covered against Philadelphia after beating New England. New England bounced back from that loss to win and cover in New Orleans. Houston almost shocked New England when they had some extra time. Cincinnati was about to do the same at Green Bay until they fell apart at the very end. All four Thursday night teams this season have covered the next time out. Only the Chiefs failed to cover by at least a touchdown in regulation.

*Dallas played this past Monday night in Arizona, which gives them an even shorter week than usual. And, even though they won and covered…they really didn’t play all that well. If you watched, you know that they spent most of the night punting (2 of 9 on third down tries), while only gaining 273 yards. This after a disappointing loss in Denver. So…inconsistent form AND a short week!

If you only think about those factors…the Rams might seem like a lock. But, we can’t forget that LA lost a home game to the Washington Redskins because they couldn’t stop the run. Dallas knows how to run! And, winning a road game at San Francisco (when you had to sweat the ending) is much more difficult than winning at Jerry World. LA has had one of the easiest, if not THE easiest schedule in the NFL so far. This is their first top quality opponent (unless Washington turns out better than everyone expected).

The LA Chargers? It’s much more difficult to like them at any time. But, my “DON’T MAKE SENSE” approach could come into play just when everyone has given up on Philip Rivers and company for the 2017 season. I get it. The offense looks lost and disorganized. The new coaching staff seems to be in over their heads. Rivers is panicky and mistake-prone in the best of times…and this turmoil brings out the worst in him.

All that said…Philadelphia is coming off a big divisional in over the Giants when they celebrated into the night after kicking a 61-yard field goal at the final gun. Now they have to fly back across the country (after playing in Kansas City two week ago) against an opponent that won’t get their juices flowing. If the 0-3 Chargers are going to play a good game, now’s the time. Heck, if they can’t win this one…they might go on the “bet against” list every week!

Moving forward through 2017, I’m more optimistic about the Rams making a run at respectability than the Chargers. If you ask me which team has a better chance to go 8-8…it’s the Rams and not just because they have a 2-1 record compared to 0-3. They’re doing things right and playing with enthusiasm. The Chargers look lost, and no longer seem to be drinking the kool-aid being served by the new coaching staff. I’ll say it this way…if the Rams do play very close with Dallas, or spring the upset, my clients and I will be riding them often this season. If they don’t have what it takes to compete away from home against quality, I’ll only back them vs. the bottom half of the league, or as home dogs vs. teams in tough scheduling spots (an often hidden perk benefitting West Coast franchises)

You regulars know that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is bi-coastal! I grew up in New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!), but I have sources and resources all over the country because of my many years in the industry. You probably know I’m the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the “Walk of Fame” here in Las Vegas.

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THE KING OF LAS VEGAS is going to SHOCK the world again this weekend. That means it’s time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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