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Submitted by Jim Feist on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 12:00 AM

by Jim Feist 

I know the world changes all the time. I accept that, actually I embrace that. I'm not saying I agree all the new is better than the old but I do know we all have to try new things.  Blockbuster doesn’t exist any longer. Uber and Lynx are blending into the taxi industry. But I do have some issues with the new vs the old and that is where it obviously doesn’t work as well.

Concerning the NFL, I have a huge issue with the concept of the elimination of the running game, in favor of more passing, to the degree to which it has gone.

Let’s look at the few obvious facts.

1)      There are 32 NFL teams and that require 32 starting QBs. it also means the teams have to have one or two backups, just in case of ineffective play or injury.

2)      Teams are paying way too much for the QB position, leaving them with not enough to pay other very important position players.

3)      All NFL teams work under a salary cap, which does not allow for unlimited expenditure for buying players. This is a good rule, unlike Baseball that does not have effective guidelines.

4)      Let's go back a few years when Russell Wilson came into the league, or now when Dak Prescott is playing for the Cowboys:

5)      When a rookie comes into the league, under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) rookies are paid under a restricted set of rules. When Russell played his first 3 years he made approximately 500 to 700k per year. That allowed the Seahawks to pay, for example, their offensive line more per person than they are now. It also allowed them to spread some of that money to the defense. As you might recall the Seahawks were dynamite and for those years IMO the best team in football.

6)      The same conditions are now in effect for other teams with rookie QBs and for certain other teams that have good effective QBs the OL and defenses have benefited.  Of course not all teams are equal at the management level, so the overall effect will not be the same but the benefit is there just the same.

7)      IMO there needs to be a positional cap on different positions, so that there is a enough money to go around. Very simply, it is unwise to pay a QB like Wilson $25 million or so and then send him out there with one of the worst O-Lines in the game today. This makes zero sense to me, and I am shocked that owners that have made millions or billions in the business world, can't see the foolishness of this.

8)      Getting back to Old School vs New School, as the saying used to be, “Run the ball and Play good defense” was the way the game used to be played. I am not saying we will ever get back to that but I’ve seen some of that this week and I believe in order to say their franchise QBs we will see more money going to OL players and running backs in the near future. 

Just think back a few years to when the Ravens were a dominate defensive team with a solid O-Line and good running backs. And more recently to the Denver Broncos with Peyton Manning, who had the worst QB rating but a solid D and O-Line and good running game.

The Patriots have been the most dominant team in football for many years but have not been dominant running the ball. Why? Simple: they use a short passing game that does not require Tom Brady to hold the ball too long and allow the pass rush to get to him. Now without the short passing game affected by injuries to key possession receivers, RBs are being use to cover for that absence. Of course the Pats are blessed to have the BEST COACH in the game.

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