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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 4:17 PM

Is New England QB Tom Brady At 40 Now Over The Hill And Out Of Gas?

Texans And Colts An Embarrassment To NFL With Absolutely Inept Performances In Openers

Once Powerful Baylor Ruined By Sexual Assault Scandal And Is Heading For 0-12 Season Already Lost At Home To Liberty And UTSA

By Kelso Sturgeon

One must always be careful to not over-react to what one sees in the first game of a long football season. I could be real—it might not be. With that said, many questions surfaced over the weekend in both college and NFL football, including quarterback Tom Brady’s suspect performance in New England’s 42-27 upset home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s reasonable 99% of NFL followers expect great and miraculous performances from the 40-year-old Brady. That is his history and in his first 18 years at the helm he has seldom failed to deliver. Brady long ago joined for Denver QB John Elway as one of two of the most feared signal callers in NFL history. Both could beat opponents, even when all was lost, as Brady showed in bringing the Patriots from down 28-3 to Atlanta in last year’s Super Bowl to a 34-28 overtime win.

Another miracle in the history of Brady who has won five Super Bowls while at the QB spot for the Pats. But, was that his last miracle?

It is a fact one cannot be at the top of one’s game forever. It all eventually comes to an end and the party is over, sometimes with no hint it was coming. That was the scenario when the Patriot took the field against Kansas City as 8-point favorites (at one time in the betting at -9.5). Less that five minutes into the game it was obvious this was going to be one giant struggle for both teams

New England was up 17-14 at the half but it was obvious to me Brady was a second slow in his reads, a second slow in getting the ball into play and when it was over the stats bore that out. The future first-ballot Hall of Fame finished the night hitting 16-of-36 passes for 267 yards and no touchdowns. Maybe that will all turn around this Sunday at New Orleans?

My take is the Brady we saw this week will be the Brady we see all season. He will continue to bury the bad teams on the schedule and struggle against the good ones. As for the Patriots overall, those who took them at 5-2 to win the Super Bowl should try to off those tickets while the public is still fooled. In addition to the Brady problem, it was also obvious in the loss to Kansas City the Patriots have no pass rush, permitting Chiefs QB Alex Smith to complete 28-of-35 passes for 368 touchdowns and with no interceptions.

By the way I opened the NFL season with a winning 15-unit move on the underdog Kansas City Chiefs. I just saw it coming.


I have no complaint’s about how the highly-regarded Houston Texans (-6) performed in their opening 29-7 loss to the visiting and lowly-regarded Jacksonville Jaguars. You see, my Chairman’s Club cashed a 25-unit ticket on the Jaguars.

But with that aside, the game confirmed to me the Houston front office is either without a clue on how to build  a contender, has a hidden death wish or is operating under a Voodoo Curse. The suits sealed the team’s fate before the season even started when they decided Tom Savage, who had started but three NFL games in his career, was the future. His back up was to be talented Clemson rookie Deshaun Watson, meaning the 1-2 quarterbacks had between them a total of three starts.

At the NFL level of play that situation has about a 5% chance of working.

For the record, Savage went 7-of-13 passing for 62 yards and no touchdowns. Watson replaced him at the start of the second half and finished with 12-of-23 completions for 102 yards, with a TD and an interception. The two also made the Texans offensive line look terrible because they took forever to read and execute. It resulted in a ridiculous 10 sacks for losses or 54 yards.

Pu a fork in them. Their season is over.


The Indianapolis Colts opened their season as 3.5-pint underdogs at the Los Angeles Rams and revealed their problems go far beyond being without starting quarterback Andrew Luck (still recovering from shoulder surgery). There is no explanation to the how or the why Indianapolis lost 46-9 to a team that went 4-12 last season with the worst offense in the NFL—on that averaged 262.7 yards and 14.0 points per game.

“Embarrassing” does not cover it. Let’s review the accomplishments for the Colts in this one:

                --Starting QB Scott Tolzien went 9-of-18 for 128 yards in the passing department, with two interceptions, both returned for touchdowns. His backup, Jacoby Brissett, went 2-for-3 for 51 yards.

                --The Colts had 225 yards of offense while the Rams put 373 on the board against a defense that had no answers.

                --The Colts had but 10 first downs and did not covert any of 10 third downs.

You get the idea.


Those who follow college football are shocked that powerful/once powerful Baylor has lost its first two games to teams it should crush—first as a 33.5-point favorite to I-AA Liberty University and the last week to Texas-San Antonio, an 11-point underdog playing just its fifth season of football. If one has not been paying attention, the outcome of these games could be considered shocking, but they really are not.

This is not the same Baylor Bears team that went 50-15 its last five years under now-disgraced coach Art Briles. The latter was fired before last season and Jim Grobe stepped in in an interim role to coach the team. Under Grobe, Baylor opened the season 6-0 and then crashed, closing out 0-6 before beating Boise State, 31-12, in the Cactus Bowl.  All this means is the Bears are 1-8 in their last nine games and the chickens have come home to roost.

The collapse can be attributed to the sexual assault scandal that saw several players accused of just that—with absolutely no repercussions. When it finally surfaced, all hell broke lose and that cloud over the Waco school has not left.

There is a limited number of experienced players on the roster but injuries have sidelined some of those who were skill players. New coach Matt Rhule, who built Temple into a national power, started five true freshmen against UTSA and played 14 true freshmen during the game.

It's what it is and there is no relief in sight. Up next is undefeated Duke, followed by Oklahoma, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Texas, Kansas, Texas Tech, Iowa State and TCU.

Do the math—0-12.

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