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Submitted by Winning Edge on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Well, that had to be the ugliest NFL Sunday in decades! Even smash mouth football back in 1960’s wasn’t that ugly because there weren’t interceptions being returned for touchdowns every five minutes. What are DOG LOVERS like WAYNE ALLYN ROOT going to do when so many dogs can’t find the trail to the end zone?

First, I’m going to remember that defenses are WAY ahead of offenses in Week One these days because it’s easy to get a quality defense up to regular season speed, while offenses are so “protected” during August by conservative coaching that most aren’t in synch. Think about how few snaps most of these offenses had in the Preseason with their first team offenses going all out? Less than one game for most. The high number of Unders Sunday (10 of 12 games, and it would have been all twelve if not for defensive points) is not necessarily a portent of what football is going to look like in October or November.

Next, I’m going to determine which dogs struggled because of quarterback incompetence, and which struggled because they happened to be facing a great defense. There are several top notch defenses this season. Struggling against them doesn’t mean you’re going to struggle every week against everybody. This is probably the single most important step in picking winners for the rest of September…knowing which quarterbacks will continue to flounder, but recognizing who can have good games vs. bad defenses.

Finally, I’m going to be more aggressive evaluating backup players at the wide receiver and running back positions. A few standouts missed Sunday’s action (like Odell Beckham Jr. of the Giants, which keyed a ROOT TRUST winner on Dallas for my clients and I). Offenses that struggle shorthanded may be great when everyone’s healthy. It’s important for you to evaluate all the team stats in that context moving forward. The Giants without Beckham are going to struggle vs. good teams. Maybe they won’t struggle so much against an opponent like Washington when he’s back in the lineup.

I still firmly believe that you want to back underdogs who can score points when calling for OUTRIGHT UPSETS. You have to outscore your opponent. Winners like me, the only man in the sports betting industry on the “Walk of Fame” here in Las Vegas must make adjustments. That means:

*Power Rating teams at full strength, then without their starting QB, then without their best RB, or without their best WR.

*Adjusting all stats based on the caliber of competition.

*Monitoring “getting up to speed” dynamics as veteran teams basically “complete their Preseason” in Weeks One and Two of the regular season.

You should plan on doing this too. In fact, as soon as you finish this article you should go back and evaluate all of this past week’s action in this light. Give new respect to Kansas City for what they were able to do in New England. That 500-plus yardage performance with 42 offensive points looks even better now than it did at the time. Keep an eye out for the teams most likely to jump forward next week and beyond despite a shaky opener.

THEN, ask for OUTRIGHT WINNERS on the smartest underdogs!

Another thing I should mention that jumped out at me Sunday. What happened across the league felt very much like “last year.” Bad teams continued to stay bad. Teams with quarterbacks who had started to show their age only looked worse with more age. Favorites to make the playoffs mostly looked like real contenders, with a few exceptions.

This means you should probably be fading any market assessments for “improvement” from certain teams. Jacksonville was popular with Nevada Wise Guys over the summer. Blake Bortles had a very ugly game even in victory. Don’t go assuming the Jags are now a playoff contender just because they won a road blowout to start the season.

Handicapping is going to be very challenging for the general public over the next few weeks. They’re trying to learn from “garbage games” in a way that could mislead them badly. That’s great news for those of us who know what we’re doing!

You can purchase all the smart investments in THE ROOT TRUST right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my services best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155. Be sure to ask about combination packages with baseball. The upcoming playoffs are going to be VERY interesting now that the Los Angeles Dodgers have cooled down while other teams are heating up.

Yours truly tries to stay in a perpetual state of HOT. That’s why I live in Las Vegas! Don’t try to pick winners on your own. You’ll just dig a hole you can’t get out of. It’s time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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