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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 2:02 PM

Nationally-Televised Oregon State At Colorado State Saturday Helps Launch 2-0 College Season

100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of Year Wins Saturday And It Is Yours Free...Won Last Year With Redskins

Vegas Bookmakers Say They Will Suffer Biggest Loss In History If Cage Fighter McGregor Beats Undefeated 49-0 Mayweather Saturday 

By Kelso Sturgeon

It's time to get serious about the football season as the colleges launch their season a bit early this Saturday, offering four games (three on national TV) including Oregon State at Colorado State where the Rans will open their new 36,500-seat on-campus stadium, powerful South Florida at San Jose State and the Rice Owls taking on the Stanford Cardinal in Sydney, Australia.

Those games will be followed next Thursday with six more contests, highlighted by Ohio State at Indiana. Then, next Saturday, when I will release my traditional 200-unit College Kickoff Blowout Classic Game of the Year, there also are three marquee showdown games on that day-all played on neutral fields-BYU vs. LSU, Michigan vs. Florida and Florida State takes on top-ranked Alabama.

Of note, I went 4-1 on the first Saturday of last season, winning my 200-unit College Kickoff Blowout Classic with the Nebraska Cornhuskers (-29) who crushed the Fresno State Bulldogs, 43-10. Other winners on that day were a 25-unit Chairman's Club play on underdog Western Michigan (+3) which won straight up at Northwestern, 22-21.

Best Bets Football Club clients went 2-1, winning with BYU (-1) 18-16 over Arizona and Texas-El Paso (-9) 38-22 over New Mexico State. The club's loser came in three overtimes as Ohio (-17.5) simply did not show up against Texas State and lost 56-54.

I have been handicapping football for more than four decades and have a long-established of winning early and often because I outwork bookmakers and linemakers and begin each season with dramatically superior numbers that make the betting lines on many teams sitting-duck winners. I will show you just that this Saturday with two standout college winners.

100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of The Year Set To Win Saturday And You Can Get It absolutely FREE
I won last season's 100-unit NFL Preseason Game of the Year with the Washington (-3), 22-18, over the New York Jets and am ready for another one this Saturday. There are nine games Saturday and only one grades out with a 90% chance to win and it will be this year's 100-unit Preseason Game of the Year and it's FREE. When you sign up for a season membership in my Best Bets Football Club for just $199-you are joining a club loaded with big game plays, including Saturday' 100-unit NFL Preseason Game of the Year and a week from Saturday, my traditional 200-unit College Kickoff Classic Blowout on Saturday, Sept. 2.

Yes, you read that right-both these big game plays are included in your Best Bets Football Club membership. You can sign up for Best Bets Club Membership on this website or toll free at my office-1-800-755-2255. All major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted.

Then There Is The McGregor-Mayweather Circus Saturday That Has Vegas Bookies Shaking In Their Boots

Okay, let's acknowledge the fact any time one bets on a sporting event the risk factor is in play. Regardless of the odds or pointspreads, there are times big favorites win and times when big underdogs win. That is the nature of the beasts.

When veteran UFC cage fighter Conor McGregor, a confident and talkative Irishman, steps into the ring Saturday to face undefeated (49-0) former middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather, of Las Vegas, bookmakers have so much money on McGregor that, should he win, they will lose millions of dollars. Most of those wagers come from thousands of smaller bettor who stepped in and took the 2400-1 odds on McGregor early in the wagering.

The current odds have Mayweather favored by odds ranging from -400 to -850, depending on where one bets while McGregor is anywhere from a +350 to a +575.

There are several reasons for the money on McGregor-he has proved to be as tough as nails in the cage, is popular among UFC fans, was too attractive to ignore at the early long odds and is facing a Mayweather who has not been in the ring for two years. Bettors also believe Mayweather has not taken this fight seriously enough, despite the payoff, and has been seen nightly at his Las Vegas strip club glad-handing with customers and fans.

The fighters will share a $300 million purse from a match that is predicted to bring in $700 million in revenue.

I believe Mayweather will win this one for fun because he is a boxer with a punch assured to rattle an opponent's brain. It also helps that the fight is being fought under boxing rules-something McGregor has never done. No matter how hard McGregor hits Mayweather, it will not land with the impact of a blow from a true boxer. The latter simple know how to bring it with unbelievable force.

I know how hard a boxer can hit. Years ago, during my college days, I prided myself in being able to handle myself in fights and brawls. One night at a rowdy redneck bar in Wichita, Kansas, I got into an argument with some guy-someone I had never seen before-and it was obvious words were not going to settle this.

Our manhood questioned we squared off. The next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital emergency room with a knot the six of two golf balls over my now closed left eye. The police were there, the gentleman who hit me was there and my friends were there.

I had a dramatically swollen face, a headache beyond description and a concussion from when I hit the floor. When asked what happened, I said I had no idea-that I remembered nothing. An hour or so later the guy who hit me told me he was sorry and then introduced himself as James Floyd, a former light-heavyweight champion of the armed forces. It was my first and last fight with a boxer and I assure you John Henry, that steel driving man, could not have hit me as hard with this sledge hammer  as did my boxer opponent. So good luck to McGregor who is about to find out how much power a boxer is trained to put into a punch. Like me, he will never forget it.

Kelso's Preseason Top 20

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide...Nothing but blue-chip talent 3-deep on depth chart.
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes...Talented and experienced enough to win it all.
  3. Penn State Nittany Lions...Has to beat Michigan (at home) and Ohio State (in Columbus) in back-to-back games.
  4. Florida State Seminoles...Opens in Atlanta against #1 Alabama. Has top three defense.
  5. Southern California Trojans...Opened 1-3 last season; closed out 9-0.
  6. Oklahoma State Cowboys...Loaded and gets nemesis Oklahoma in Stillwater.
  7. Wisconsin Badgers...Loaded with 17 returning starters. Gets Michigan in Madison and does not play Ohio State or Penn state.
  8. Oklahoma Sooners...New coach, sleeper to win it all but must beat Ohio State in Columbus.
  9. Washington Huskies...Should meet USC in Pac-12 championship game.
  10. Clemson Tigers...Reloading, one of best coached teams in the country.
  11. Florida Gators...Gets acid test in opener against Michigan in Arlington, Texas.
  12. Michigan Wolverines...Good but not as good as folks think.
  13.  Auburn Tigers...Loaded as usual and never an easy out.
  14. Kansas State Wildcats...Talented on offense, talented and mean as hell on defense.
  15. Louisville Cardinals...Looking to rebound after losing last three games last season.
  16. Northwestern Wildcats...Best NW team in years with lockdown defense.
  17. South Florida...New Coach and armed with one of most explosive offenses in country.
  18. Georgia Bulldogs...Coaching change was big mistake. Talented but jury still out.
  19. LSU Tigers...Look for Big O to open up team offense-and never a pushover.
  20. N.C. State Wolfpack...Great Defense, ready to challenge in ACC


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