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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 4:06 PM

Vegas Bookmaker Makes Cowboys And Patriots 7-1 Choice To Meet In Super Bowl...Jets-49ers Matchup 5000-1

NFL Training Camps Open With 1st Preseason Game August 3rd With Cowboys-Cardinals Kicking It Off - Get The Entire Preseason Free

The Hidden Secrets Of Beating The NFL Preseason First - Just Throw All The Numbers Out The Window 

By Kelso Sturgeon

There is no mercy; every single day for the first three weeks of National Football League training camps is a trip to Hell. Veteran or rookie, each of the 90-plus players vying for a spot on any of the 32 teams will be pushed to their physical and mental limits - beyond anything the human body was designed to experience--under the watchful eyes of coaching staffs who need to assemble a group of extremely talented gentlemen who can win during the season.

Practice regimens are brutal, designed to test one's body and spirit, and at the end of each day, most players have nothing left to give and know tomorrow it is more of the same. By the way, just when you think practice is over, some assistant coach says he didn't think anybody really tried with their ten 40-yard wind sprints and demands you do them over again.

The only break these guys get is on game days when all the have to do is play under the same circumstances they will during the regular season. Compared to practices, game days are a walk in the park - and the public bets on them as if they are the real deal, having been brainwashed by the NFL suits that they are authentic and important enough to pay big bucks to see them. Please do not call them "exhibitions".

Betting NFL pre-season games are quite unlike regular season contests. The pre-season is for practice and fin-tuning simply to get ready for the real thing. Bettors will have their first opportunity to make a buck in just 10 days when the Dallas Cowboys meet the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio and I will be ready for it. Last year's game was cancelled at the last minute because of a paint problem on the playing field.

The Challenges Of Handicapping The Preseason

Handicapping the NFL preseason is an exercise conducted without the support of the data that is real and aids bettors during the regular season. In other words, all numbers are worthless. Winning in the pre-season stands on just two factors - inside information and a coach's record in these games.

"Inside information" is an overused term during the regular season but not during the pre-season. It exists and one must dig for it to determine (1) a team's game plan, what facet of its game it is working on and keep in mind both coaches meet beforehand to discuss what they hope to accomplish in these glorified practice games.

Then there is the coaching factor. Coaches do have a history in pre-season games. For instance Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is 24-12 in pre-season games, Minnesota's Mike Zimmer is 12-1 and Washington's Jay Gruden is 9-3. Meantime, Jason Garrett is 9-16 in his six seasons, as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Simply put, some coaches like to win in the pre-season while winning means little to others.

But a coach's pre-season record reveals another solid statistic which can reveal a team's intent in each week of the pre-season. Harbaugh is 8-1 in the first game of exhibition football, while Chicago's John Fox is 10-5 and New England's Bill Belichick is 12-6 in week one. Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis is 10-4 in week four and New Orleans Sean Payton is 1-10.

One must also keep in mind in the complexities of handicapping in August where new head coaches can be under a bit of pressure to win, especially if they are taking over franchises coming off a bad season. A good performance in the pre-season puts butts in the seats in during the regular season for game that is all about money.

Get NFL Pre-Season Free With Early Signup

You can get the entire NFL pre-season free when you sign up for my early-bird Football Investors Best Bets Club Bombshell for just $199 ($150 less that the season price, or you can purchase just the NFL pre-season for just $99, a fee that includes my 100-unit NFL Preseason Game of the Year - a contest I won last year with the Washington Redskins (-3.5) 22-18 over the New York Jets.

Sign up on this website today and I will even throw in free Best Bets Baseball Club plays through the opening game of the preseason. All major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted.

Patriots And Cowboys 7-1 To Meet In The Super Bowl

Several sports books have posted futures odds on which two teams will meet in the Super. From the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas are these odds.

New England and Dallas Cowboys7-1
New England and Green Bay8-1
New England and Atlanta10-1
New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers5000-1

It is of note that in 10,000 ESPN simulations, not one predicted the Jets and 49ers would make it.

No surprise there.

Average NFL Salary Is $1.9 Million

In  the world of NFL trivia...
--The average salary is $1.9 million.
--The median NFL Salary $770,000
--Average age of NFL players is 27.
--Average length of an NFL career is 3.5 years.

Odds To Win NFL Championship With Projected Number Of Wins

Here at the odds to win Super Bowl LII, which will be played February 4 of next year at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota. First are the odds to win the Super Bowl, followed by the projected number of wins by each team this season. Win totals can be bet over or under. All figures come from the Green Valley Ranch Sports Book in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson.




Arizona Cardinals30-18 Wins
Atlanta Falcons13-19.5 Wins
Baltimore Ravens40-18.5 Wins
Buffalo Bills150-16.5 Wins
Carolina Panthers22-19 Wins
Chicago Bears60-15.5 Wins
Cincinnati Bengals60-18.5 Wins
Cleveland Browns60-14.5 Wins
Dallas Cowboys  8-19.5 Wins
Denver Broncos20-18.5 Wins
Detroit Lions40-18 Wins
Green Bay Packers  8-110.5 Wins
Houston Texans20-18.5 Wins
Indianapolis Colts50-18.5 Wins
Jacksonville Jaguars100-16.5 Wins
Kansas City Chiefs22-19 Wins
Los Angeles Chargers30-17.5 Wins
Los Angeles Rams75-16 Wins
Miami Dolphins40-17.5 Wins
Minnesota Vikings20-18.5 Wins
New England Patriots  3-112.5 Wins
New Orleans Saints28-18 Wins
New York Giants12-18.5 Wins
New York Jets125-15 Wins
Oakland Raiders  5-19.5 Wins
Philadelphia Eagles25-18 Wins
Pittsburgh Steelers12-110.5 Wins
San Francisco 49ers60-15 Wins
Seattle Seahawks8-110.5 Wins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers20-18 Wins
Tennessee Titans35-18.5 Wins
Washington Redskins75-17.5 Wins


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