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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, May 26, 2017 at 11:44 AM

It’s never too early to talk a little football and it’s never too early to think about betting football, with the futures market in swing as we move closer to the summer months. Below is a general outline of the NFL Super Bowl odds with pertinent thoughts on each group of teams.

Keep in mind that these prices tell us more than just what meets the eye—they’re also indicators of how teams will be treated by Las Vegas in the early weeks of the season and where value may lie on a game-to-game basis.

New England Patriots: 18-5

In addition to the best coach and best quarterback, the Patriots get the best tight end in the league back healthy. They have the best backup quarterback. They have an outstanding defense. It’s going to take intense handicapping to find value spots on New England.

Dallas Cowboys: 11-1
Green Bay Packers: 12-1
Seattle Seahawks: 12-1
Atlanta Falcons: 13-1

The Packers and Seahawks are perennials in this group. Football bettors have to decide if the Cowboys and Falcons are going to fall back closer to .500 or if each will make another run at a Super Bowl title.

Houston Texans: 15-1
Oakland Raiders: 15-1
Denver Broncos: 18-1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 18-1

Pittsburgh would seem a more natural fit with Green Bay and Seattle, priced in the 12-1 range and could offer some value here if you believe Big Ben has another run left in him.

New York Giants: 22-1
Kansas City Chiefs: 25-1
Indianapolis Colts: 30-1
Minnesota Vikings: 30-1
Arizona Cardinals: 32-1
Carolina Panthers: 35-1

The Chiefs have the talent to be with the first group of challengers. But after another home playoff disappointment last January, the market clearly isn’t going to get enthusiastic about this organization and this head coach beyond the regular season.

Baltimore Ravens: 40-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 40-1
Philadelphia Eagles: 50-1
Tennessee Titans: 50-1
Cincinnati Bengals: 55-1

Baltimore was one Antonio Brown stretch for the goal line last December from winning the AFC North. They have a head coach and quarterback with a Super Bowl ring and their price will drop quickly if they show signs of life in September. If you believe in Baltimore, better to be too early than too late.

Miami Dolphins: 60-1
Washington Redskins: 60-1
Detroit Lions: 70-1
New Orleans Saints: 70-1

The Redskins are the team that doesn’t belong The Dolphins and Lions were each playoff teams last year. The Saints still have an all-time great quarterback. The Redskins have a dysfunctional organization and lost their best receivers to free agency.

Los Angeles Chargers: 80-1
Buffalo Bills: 90-1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 90-1
Chicago Bears: 125-1
New York Jets: 150-1

Los Angeles Rams: 150-1
It’s hard to argue against any of these teams here. The one caveat would be to remember that the Jets were within a game of making the playoffs in 2015. Can Todd Bowles recapture that magic and save his job?

San Francisco 49ers: 300-1
Cleveland Browns: 300-1

Do you believe in Kyle Shanahan? Or Hue Jackson, now that he’s had a year to assemble some pieces? If so, you’ll have a chance to make some money.

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