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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 10:41 AM

100-Unit NCAA 2nd Round Game Of The Year
Plus 3-0 Package Topped By Another Upset Winner Get It Done Saturday

Complain All You Want But Most NCAA Seeds Right #1 NCAA Seeds Now 135-0 Against #16 Seeds 

By Kelso Sturgeon 

After more than four decades in the universe of sports betting I am hardened to all the moaning and groaning for those belonging to the Bad Beat Club. It's a shame because the so-called "bad beat" does not exist, except for one who loses when he believes he had a win and cover all wrapped but did not.

This situation surfaced in the NCAA Tournament Thursday when Oklahoma State guard Jawun Evans hit a 3-pointer with less than a second to play to give the Cowboys (+2.5) the cover in a 92-91 loss to Michigan. Uninformed so-called journalists wrote bettors were outranged and that last basket produced one of the baddest "bad beats" in all of sports betting history.

Therein lies the reality of sports betting and Michigan's failure to cover was just that. A bad beat?

Not for those who bet on Oklahoma State, a 15-unit winner for me and my clients.
An unfortunate loss for you, a fortunate win for me. There are winners and losers in every single. There can be no "bad" beats when half the bettors won on the same wager others lost. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Moving On To Round #2 Using The Lessons Of Round #1

The foundation elements of one's handicapping when compared to those of another can vary in a thousand different ways and, if it works, go on with it. Cast aside all suggestions and advice from those outside your mental zone. As I said, if it works and wins for you, who cares what anyone else thinks.
Personally I am from the school of handicapping from the classic overview, This simply means:

  1. Everything a team has done in the past must be considered.
  2. Everything a team faces in the future must be part of the of today's handicapper process.
  3. What is a team' average performance profile?
  4. Did it play above or below that profile in its last game?
  5. How does it matchup position-by-position with today's opponent?
  6. Good teams win on the road—weak teams do not.
  7. Solid favorites who do not play well in the first half are good half-time bets.
  8. Weak teams that are underdogs and lead at the half are good go-against teams in the second half.
  9. Keep in mind sometimes the best bet in a game is the total.
  10. The success of the coach in games that figure to be decided in the last second or two.

Questions For NCAA Games Saturday And Sunday

#5 Notre Dame was all-out to beat #12 Princeton 60-58 and now faces #4 West Virginia. Does Notre Dame have enough gas left in its tank to win and/ore cover against the Mountaineers?
#3 Oregon crushed #14 Iona 93-77 and got the job done without its best player and leading scorer who is out with a season-ending injury. They never took a deep breath in that one and are 6.5-point favorites over #11 Rhode Island who beat #6 Creighton on the strength of 31 free throws.
#11 USC has come from behind after trailing by double digits to beat #11 Providence and #6 SMU and now face #3 Baylor as 6.5-point underdogs. If they play this dangerously again, can they beat Baylor.
#10 Wichita State struggled as a 6.5 favorite in beating #7 Dayton 64-58 and now face #2 Kentucky as an underdog.
These are just examples of the kinds of thinks you look for and evaluate as a classical handicapper.

Top 4 Seeds 16-0 This Year...Top Eight 26-2

#1 Seed (4-0 this season) now 135-0 against #16 seed.
#2 Seed (4-0 this season) now 126-8 against #15 seed.
#3 Seed (4-0 this season) now 114-21 against #14 seed.
#4 Seed (4-0 this season) now 110-26 against #13 seed.
#5 Seed (3-1 this season) now 88-47 against #12 seed.
#6 Seed (1-3 this season) now 83-42 against #11 seed.
#7 Seed (4-0 this season) now 82-50 against #10 seed.
#8 Seed (3-1 this season) now 70-65 against #9 seed.


100-Unit NCAA Second Round Game Of The Year Wins Today
The Team I Am Releasing In This 100-Unit Game Completely Outclasses Its Opponent And Should Dominate From Start To finish

I am off to a decent start in the NCAA Tournament and intend to improve on my record today with my 100-unit NCAA 2nd Round Game of the Year, releasing a team, a modest favorite, that completely out classes its opponent. I failed to win another 100-unit play yesterday as Wichita State (-6.5) failed by a single point to cover in a 64-58 victory over Dayton and I intend to make amends today with this winning 100-unit play. Plus 3 more bonus Tournament Games make it an even more profitable day.

I have seen both teams in this game play multiple times this season, know all their strengths and weaknesses and know the team I am releasing is built to crush its opponent. Bookmakers look at these teams as being equal in their ability, thus the short line, but if you know them as I do that just is not so.

This is a true chicken-dinner spot and I am looking a powerful win. You can win this game with me for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. Keep in mind you can sign up for my complete March Madness Package for just $149 and play right through the NCAA championship game in April.

The Saturday 2nd Round Matchups And One Of Them Is The Big One

#5 Notre Dame (26-9) vs. #4 west Virginia (27-8)
#8 Wisconsin (26-9) vs. #1 Villanova (32-3)
#5 Virginia (23-10) vs. #4 Florida (25-8)
#11 Xavier (22-13) vs. #3 Florida State (26-5)
#13 Middle Tennessee (31-4) vs. #4 Butler (24-8)
#5 Iowa State (24-10) vs. #4 Purdue (26-7)
#8 Northwestern (24-11) vs. #1 Gonzaga(33-1)
#8 St. Mary’s (29-4) vs. #2 Arizona (30-4)

25-Unit Underdog Highlights 3-0 NCAA Package Today
Bookmakers Made A Major Mistake On The Betting Line In On 3 Of Today’s Eight Games And That Should Put Us In The Winner’s Circle 3 Times

There are three games on today’s NCAA Tournament schedule that are as tough as iron and are being offered with lines soft enough that I believe I can win them all with a package highlighted by a 25-unit underdog that is at the top of its form, ready to fire its best shot and has the benefit of a dramatically favorable line that simply ignores  reality. The other two teams I am releasing—both 15-unit plays—also grade out as powerful winners.

For the record I went 2-1 with my three-team NCAA Package yesterday and believe I will sweep the board with these three second-round teams.

Go 3-0 today for just $25, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. Keep in mind you can sign up for my complete March Madness Package for just $149 and play right through the NCAA championship game in April.

Friday’s 3-Team Package 2-1

15 Units…Oklahoma State (+2.5) 91, Michigan 92 (Won)
10 Units…Arkansas (-1) 77, Seton Hall 71 (Won)
10 Units…Miami (-2.5) 58, Michigan State 78 (Lost)

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