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Submitted by Winning Edge on Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Every year at this time, I outline strategies for you in terms of finding Cinderella possibilities in the NCAA Tournament. The 2017 Dance is set up to launch a relative surprise all the way to the Finial Four because there’s so much relative parity in the upper echelons this year.

Now, I’m not going to tell you right here that we’re going to have a replay of somebody like George Mason or VCU reaching the Final Four this year (though that’s possible!). Brad Stevens is coaching in the NBA…so the back-to-back greatness of Butler from not too long ago won’t likely be replicated. But, we definitely have a chance for somebody seeded in the 4-9 range to do something dramatic.

Why’s that?

*All the elite seeds are vulnerable

*Many teams just below them have the talent to string together victories.

I’m writing this Sunday morning Las Vegas time before the brackets are announced. I want you thinking about Cinderella possibilities as CBS is presenting the brackets! Consider…

*Projected #1 seed North Carolina lost to Duke in the ACC semifinals, and has a way of losing focus when they get overconfident.

*Projected #1 seed Kansas lost to TCU in the Big 12 quarterfinals (!), and didn’t grade out as a true superpower in various computers because they had trouble establishing meaningful scoreboard distance vs. other good teams. In other words, they won a lot of close games. Teams like this often see their luck run out in the Dance.

*Projected #1 seed Villanova was lucky to get past Seton Hall in the Big East semifinals. They’ll be facing teams who are a lot better than Seton Hall very soon. Plus, it’s super-tough to repeat as NCAA champions in the modern era.

*Projected #1 seed Gonzaga was truly the King Kong of the West Coast Conference. But, they’re not battle-tested against great competition. And that conference historically underachieves expectations in the Big Dance because they create illusions with all of their league blowouts.

Hey, any of those four teams could still cut down the nets! But, any of the four could also fall to a decent opponent seeded #8 or #9 in the Round of 32…and they could be very small favorites in the Sweet 16 barring upsets. We already know Sunday morning there will be some very good #4 and #5 seeds projected to do damage in second weekend if they can dodge potholes through the first weekend. Tough battles will start early for the most hyped teams. As excellent as North Carolina, Kansas, Villanova, and Gonzaga are (or anyone else who cracks that top line), they’re not really head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Just an inch or two in a sport where you start to look short if your treys aren’t falling.

That means YOU should be studying that next tier of teams very closely.

*What did you learn in the ACC tournament about the likes of Notre Dame, Virginia, Florida State, or even Wake Forest?

*What did you learn in the Big 12 tournament about how little truly separates the teams below regular season champ Kansas and tournament champ Iowa State?

*What did you learn in the Big 10 about super-surgers like Michigan and Minnesota, or even league favorites Purdue and Wisconsin about their potential to crash the Elite 8. When everyone writes off a conference during the regular season…representatives of that conference get a chip on their shoulder!

*What about SMU and Cincinnati from the American Athletic Conference? They were barely mentioned on the studio shows through most of the week. Did you see where those teams rank in the most respected computers? Think they’re tired of being overlooked?!

I always talk to you about the importance of experience, attitude, and the ability to score when it comes to scouting shockers. If you focus on those elements for the mid-level seeds, and vulnerabilities of the superpowers…some great storylines are going to jump off the page at you.

This really could turn into an unforgettable March!

I won’t be able to get specific for you here in my articles this week. My paying customers want my best opinions at friendly pointspreads. I’m not going to tip my hand in a way that messes everything up! You’ll be able to purchase my top upset calls and blowout bombshells right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my services best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155.

As results come in later in the week, I can review my thinking process on prominent success stories. I’m confident we’ll have a lot to discuss.

You know…it’s really hard to express in words how much excitement there is in Las Vegas during the first week of the NCAA Tournament. You’ve heard it compared to the Super Bowl. And, that’s true if the Super Bowl lasted several days in a row with no little time to come up for air! Local sportsbooks will be packed day and night. Fans will be proudly wearing their gear to represent as they try to root their favorite teams home. It truly is something you should experience in person at least once in your life.

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