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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 2:42 PM

#1 Villanova, #2 Kansas & #4 Kentucky Prove The Road Is A Very Dangerous Place In College Basketball

Vegas Bookmakers Horrified The Total On Super Bowl Is Getting More Action Than The Side

Going For 8th Straight Highroller Win Tonight After Wichita State (-18) Destroys Southern Illinois 87-45

On 6-2 Run In NBA...Cash Another 25-Unit Ticket Tonight

By Kelso Sturgeon

It is an undeniable fact even the best college basketball teams among the 351 on the betting board are vulnerable against any and all opponents when they take to the road. Just ask #1 Villanova, #2 Kansas and #4 Kentucky that all lost on the road last night. Business as usual, so to speak. Leave home and you can get your butt kicked by anybody.

Top-ranked Villanova rolled into Milwaukee to take on unranked Marquette and as a 5-point favorite lost, 74-72, while 2nd-ranked Kansas was a 3.5-point underdog at 14th-ranked West Virginia and lost, 85-69. As for 4th-ranked Kentucky the Wildcats were 10.5-point favorites at Tennessee and lost, 82-80.

The road is not filled with challenges, especially for ranked teams with a bullseye on their backs, it is the challenge. Keep that in mind as you handicap each day and be extremely cautious about lay points with these teams. For instance tonight several ranked teams - SMU, Florida State, Creighton, Butler, Florida and UCLA - are all on the road and all are favorites. Pay attention.

Wakeup Call In NBA

Speaking of paying attention, may I direct your attention to the thought-to-be-hopeless Philadelphia 76ers who went 10-72 last season and since 2014 have been everybody's whipping boy. Founded as the Syracuse Nationals in 1946, the 76ers have won but two NBA championships in all those years, the last coming in 1983.

This history has left Philadelphia imprinted on the minds of NBA bettors as LOSERS. Memories die hard and most bettors avoid the 76ers as they would the plague. Time to wake up, my friend. The 76ers are 16-27 straight up this season, 25-17-1 against the spread and in their last 12 games stand 9-3 SU and 10-2 against the number. Wake up.

Vegas Bookmakers Already Nervous About Super Bowl

When the first betting lines were posted for Super Bowl 51, the New England Patriots were offered as a 3-point favorite, with the total on the game a record-opening high 58, since bet out to 59.5 in some places. The public has been all over the total and at some books there are ten times as much money wagered on the total than on the side.

And then there are some heavy hitters who have already parlayed New England and the over with five-figure bets. Bookmakers say the only consolation is that the wiseguys have not take a stand on either the side or the total - and who knows where they will step in a bet at what they think offers the best value.

Hopefully, bookmakers say, it will be heavily on the under. The bookies also say if the number goes to 60 or 61, they know the sharps will be on the under. Right now it is just a waiting game.

In the past 49 Super Bowls (there was no total on the first one) the over has prevailed by a 25-24 margin. Favorites covered by a 21-8 margin in the first 29 Super Bowls but the 'dogs have prevailed 13-5-2 (one game as a pick'em) margin.

For the record, the betting line right now is New England -3 with the total being all over the board, depending on where you bet. The prevailing numbers are 58, 58.5 and 59. If you are a money-line bettor, New England is -160 while Atlanta is +140.

Going For 8th Straight Highroller Win Tonight After Wichita State (-18) Destroys Southern Illinois 87-45

As I have said before there is no silver-bullet formula for beating college basketball and there is but one reason I am doing it at every level of play, especially for my Personal Best Basketball Investment Club highrollers. Winning has all its ties to some very soft betting lines that are being offered on a daily basis on teams that get absolutely no respect.

Last night's 42-point win by Wichita State is a case in point. The Shockers are one of the most under-rated teams in the country, completely disrespected by bookmakers, and on many occasions can almost guarantee a win. Because of these soft numbers my highrollers are a perfect 7-0 with their last seven big game plays, including a 100-unit blowout win, and six additional 50-unit knockout plays.

The winning continues again tonight with another 50-unit college play on a team that gets no respect but which keeps crushing the number game after game. My figures say this modest favorite should win by 10-12 points above the betting line and I believe it will do just that. Get the cash with me again tonight for just $25, charged to your major credit card or to you Pay Pal account.

Perfect 7-0 Last Seven Big-Game Plays

1/24…Wichita State (-18) 87, Southern Illinois 45 (Won)
1/22…50 Units…Seton Hall (-8.5) 86, St. John's 73 (Won)
1/21…100 Units…Notre Dame (-7) 84, Syracuse 66 (Won)
1/20…50 Units…76ers (+2) 93, Trail Blazers 92 (Won)
1/19…50 Units…SMU (-11) 69, Connecticut 49 (Won)
1/18…50 Units…Fresno State (-5) 78, Colorado State 57 (Won)
1/17…50 Units…Wichita State (-11) 82, Evansville 65 (Won)

Three Knockout College Dogs Set To Win Tonight.
There Are 40 Games On Tonight's College Schedule And In Three Of Them, There Are Underdogs That Grade Out As Straight Up Winners

I went 1-2 with college underdogs last night, winning with Tennessee over Kentucky, 82-80, while losing by a half-point with Kansas State at Iowa State and while coming up short with Kansas over West Virginia. Still It is with great confidence I am coming back with three more dogs tonight and I do expect to win all three games. As noted before we are at a point of the season where underdogs move to the fore in the betting world. You can get the cash in all three games for just $15, charged to your major credit card or to your Pay Pal account. Better yet, get on board for the entire Best Bets Basketball Investment Club season, for just $195 and play the entire college and NBA seasons.

Wizards Knocked Off Celtics 123-108 Last Night For 14th Consecutive Home Win And The Money Is There For The Taking In Another Game Tonight

There are 10 games on the NBA schedule tonight and in one of those games there is a team that is so under-rated the pointspread all but guarantees it will win. In fact my figures say it has a 90% chance to do just that. This team is at the very top of its game and is ready to turn in an unexpected stunning performance tonight and bury its opponent. Let's just call this another situation-power play where a team with a ton of hidden form is going to put it all on display tonight. Keep right on winning with me and get the cash with this 25-unit NBA play for just $20, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

On 6-2 Run In NBA

1/24…Wizards (-1.5) 123, Celtics 108 (Won)
1/23…Hornets (-4.5) 99, Wizards 109 (Lost)
1/22…25 Units…Mavericks (-6) 132, Lakers 73 (Won)
1/21…25 Units…Spurs (+3.5) 118, Cavaliers 115 (Won)
1/20…50 Units…76ers (+2) 93, Trail Blazers 92 (Won)
1/19…10 Units…Wizards (-1.5) 113, Knicks 110 (Won)
1/19…10 Units…Clippers (+1.5) 101, Timberwolves 104 (Lost)
1/18…25 Units…Rockets (-6.5) 111, Bucks 92 (Won)

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