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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 12:00 AM

100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of Year Wins As Redskins (-3) Beat Jets 22-18

Browns Owner And Front Office Have Destroyed Team And Set It UpTo Go 0-16 This Season

25-Unit Play Tops 3-0 NFL Preseason Saturday

Baseball Highrollers Set To Win Another 50-Unit Bet

By Kelso Sturgeon

As the saying goes, “abandon all hope for a better past” and in the case of the Cleveland Browns one can add the same thought for the immediate future. The Browns have had one winning season in the last 10 (10-6 in 2007), have not been to the playoffs since 2002 where as a wildcard team they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers and my eyes say they will need a miracle or two to better last season’s 3-13 record this time around.

Do not be shocked if Cleveland goes 0-16 this season to become the first NFL team since the 2008 Detroit Lions to do so. From watching the Browns first two games, my eyes say winning in Cleveland is not on the horizon.

The Browns have but two things working for them – first-year head coach Hue Jackson and retread quarterback Robert Griffin III who is performing above all expectations and little else. They have nothing to support Griffin on offense and field a defense so weak they will get buried by the big play the entire season. The defense would make dramatic improvement if it could even make a tackle or two.

The hype is this year’s team will be better than last year’s – the story Cleveland’s clueless management repeats before each season. Sorry but that is just more propaganda from a front office that specializes in selling verbal snake oil to long-suffering fans.

Griffin has looked far better than his critics expected and Jackson is as sharp as they come and in his only head coaching stint went 8-8 in 2011 only to be fired and replaced by Dennis Allen who  lasted three seasons and turned in an 11-37 record. Both Griffin and Jackson were completely disrespected and humiliated by the in their last stops. The Redskins coaches – Mike Shanahan and Jay Gruden – hated Griffin and did everything they could to ruin him, including forcing him to play when he was injured. Like it or not, that’s the truth.

In the case of Jackson, he tried to be his own man in Oakland and spent much of his time defying the front office fools and winning. That kind of roguishness does not play well, even when one is winning. Most coaches have to swallow their pride and play second fiddle to the know-it-all crazies. Just ask Jimmy Johnson who did his own thing and built a dynasty in Dallas and was fired by owner Jerry Jones because he would not kiss the latter’s ass.

And this brings us to the status of the 2016 Cleveland Browns. No owner in the NFL is as big a fool as is Cleveland’s Jimmy Haslam who has fired three head coaches in four seasons. To say he is the biggest fool is quite a label since he had to beat out several other nut-jobs for that honor.

Browns A Team Destroyed By Front Office

Haslam is an NFL owner because he had the money to buy the team. His knowledge of the game is limited and his ability to build a winner does not exist. The fact he hired pencil-pushing lawyer Sashi Brown to run the team as Vice President of Football Operations confirms Haslam’s ignorance.

When Brown was hired much was made of the fact he had spent 10 years working in the NFL and his only claim to fame was his ability to handle salary cap issues. He too knows has limited knowledge about talent and is absolutely clueless about what it takes to build a team, something illustrated by the fact he adopted the “money ball” approach to personnel. His main claim to fame was that he negotiated the contract to get the deal to name EverBank Field.

He figured if money ball had worked for baseball’s Oakland Athletics it could work in the NFL and he immediately began unloading key players. In  his mind, all players were equal and that a 320 pound all-pro offensive tackle was not much better than a 320-pound offensive third-string tackle. Against that background he started unloading key players making the big bucks and replaced them with marginal men who had struggled to even make an NFL team.

By the way, Oakland’s money ball ways are no longer working. The Athletics finished last in the American League West last season with a 68-94 record and this year are in next to last place in that division at 53-69. That is what money ball did for Oakland and what it is about to do for the Browns, only worse.

It was ironic last year’s starter center at Cleveland Alex Mack (6-4, 311) started in that spot for this week’s opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, and destroyed Browns nose tackle Danny Shelton (6-2, 329), a supposed future superstar. This is an example of just what has gone on under Brown’s rule.

Griffin cannot carry this team by himself and Jackson is going to learn quickly a team wins with all-pro veteran players and not someone else’s left overs.

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Tonight’s NFL Pre-Season Scheduled

(Last Season’s Pre-Season Record In Parenthesis)

(Home Team In CAPS, Plus Current Betting Line

TENNESSEE TITANS (1-0) Pick’em vs. Carolina Panthers (0-1)
BUFFALO BILLS (0-1) -3 over New York Giants (0-1)
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (1-0) -2 over Baltimore Ravens (1-0)
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (0-1) -3 over Tampa Bay Bucs (0-1)
HOUSTON TEXANS (1-0) -3 over New Orleans Saints (0-1)
DENVER BRONCOS (1-0) -5.5 over San Francisco 49ers (0-1)
LOS ANGELES RAMS (1-0) -2 over Kansas City Chiefs (0-1)

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