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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 12:16 PM

Football Season Is Here And It's Time To Get Ready
First NFL Pre-Season Game Less Than A Month Away

Alabama 6-1 To Win Another National Championship
Patriots, As Usual, 6-1 To Win Super Bowl

Highrollers Win Another 50-Unit Game Of Week Play And Shoot For Another One In Blowout Tonight

By Kelso Sturgeon

Sports handicappers know it is a growing challenge to beat the toughest betting lines and numbers ever posted. Chalk it all up to the tens of thousands of Internet websites that can be helpful to bettors. There is no excuse for wagering ignorance. Information is there for the taking 24/7 365 days of the year, making it possible for all bettors and bookmakers to have access to the same information.

The numbers may be tough - as accurate and as hard as a rock - but the playing field is now level.

The winners are those best able to analyze that information and use it - you to beat the bookmaker and the bookmaker beat you. Long gone are the days during which those taking bets were wired into a secret, hidden, unspoken of pipeline of up-to-the-second information to which the public had no access.

The edge belonged to them in overwhelming fashion.

Today, those who have more sophisticated insight and knowledge than do bookmakers to analyze a game will emerge the winner most of the time. There obviously are no guarantees and those so-called "mortal locks" such as the first-place Chicago Cubs (-315) over the last-place Cincinnati Reds Tuesday do not always pan out. The underdog Reds won that one, 9-5.

(Please note there is no such thing as a "lock" and I never use the term. Also I would never lay -315 to win anything because the risk vs. reward factor is quite out of whack)

I am broaching this subject now, just two weeks before National Football League training camps open and less than two months before the first college football games are played, because the task of getting a true line on the 128 college and 32 NFL teams is a major one and needs to begin now. Wait until the regular season begins to launch your research and your bookmaker will already have your number.

Getting to know each of these 160 teams better than does your man and those making lines will require a tedious number of weeks and hundreds of hours of work. This is a lesson I learned long ago and is the reason I usually excel in the first six weeks of the season and it has paid off with consistent winning.

It's All About What We Don't Know

In college football we all know defending national champion Alabama, which opens its season as a 10-point favorite over Southern California, is the 6-1 favorite to again win it all, while Clemson, the team it beat 45-40 in last season's title game, is the second co-choice at 7-1 with Oklahoma.

However, winning edges will most likely come from what we do not know right now.

We need to find out if Michigan should be the third betting choice at 10-1, or whether Baylor's scandal- ravaged Bears should still be the same 12-1 at which they opened. What about Florida State at 15-1 and Georgia at 30-1?

In the NFL The New England Patriots are in their usual position at 6-1 to win the Super Bowl and that last year's champion Denver Broncos, sans quarterback Peyton Manning, are 15-1 while the Carolina Panthers that went 15-1 last season, with their only loss to the Broncos in the Super Bowl deserving of 9-1 odds. The Green Bay Packers are legitimate at 8-1 but do the Dallas Cowboys really deserve their 16-1 odds? The latter seems like a short price for an annual "wait 'til next year" team.

The information is all out there and awaiting your extraction and the time to start gathering it is right now.

First NFL Pre-Season Game Just 26 Days Away

The necessity to begin studying each team now is driven home by the fact the first NFL pre-season game - the Hall of Fame Matchup in Canton, OH, between the Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts is just 26 days away. The college season begins with a single game - the California Golden Bears vs. Hawaii's Rainbow Warriors - on Friday, August, 26 in a contest that will be played in Sydney, Australia.

Television is going to play an important role for football bettors this season when nearly 800 games will be available for national viewing. To see is to gain even more understanding of what a team can/cannot do.

The opening week menu is the most attractive I have ever seen and offers such nationally televised matchups as:

LSU vs. Wisconsin
UCLA at Texas A&M
Georgia vs. North Carolina
Alabama vs. Southern California
Clemson at Auburn
Notre Dame at Texas
Florida State vs. Ole Miss

It is all about to happen, so please get to work. If you feel you do not have the time to put in the hours to get ready to win, you can count on me to do it for you. I have just put together a package that includes the entire NFL pre-season, including my 10-unit Pre-Season Game of the Year and the first week of college football, including my traditional and very successful 200-unit College Blowout Kickoff Classic.

Details will be posted on this website within the next few days.

Southern California Showdown Tops 3-0 Thursday
Padres Take On Dodgers In One Of Most Interesting Games Of The Week And Highlight Blue-Ribbon Day

Best Bets Club 2-1 Last Night
15 Units…Astros (-138) 9, Mariners 8 (Won)
10 Units…Reds (+185) 5, Cubs 3 (Won)
10 Units…Yankees (-140) 0, White Sox 5 (Lost)

Is San Diego Padres left-hander Drew Pomeranz better than his 7-7 (2.65) ERA, and is the Dodgers Hyun-Jin Ryu (28-15 lifetime, with 3.17 ERA) ready for his return from injury having not pitched in the majors since the 2014 playoffs, a span of 640 days? Both those questions will be answered tonight when these rivals meet at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in a game I am releasing as my top play of the day at 15 units. You can win this one, plus get two additional 10-unit plays, for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

It’s Blowout Time Again Thursday Night In Baseball
When All The Pieces Of MLB Handicapping Puzzle Fall Into Place It Is Time To Go All In For 50 Units

It is a fact Major League Baseball is considered the easiest of all sports to beat at the betting windows for three basic reasons…

  1. No pointspread is involved. One just needs to win the game.
  2. One single factor dominates baseball—the pitcher and where he is in his form cycle.
  3. There are very few unpredictable factors with which bettors must deal.

Even again this background the unexpected can happen. For instance yesterday the Cincinnati Reds faced Chicago Cubs ace John Lackey who was a -315 favorite and beat him 9-5. What I am saying here is that despite all the favorable factors a bettor has, there are a few times each week when someone upsets the apple cart and we have just such a situation tonight.

Tonight there is a single baseball game that is close to a dead-even affair but my analysis and prediction formula says one of the teams in this game is primed for a blowout win. That means I am releasing this team as a 50-unit blowout play and am confident I will get the money. Win this one with me for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

My Personal Best Club for highrollers began the week Monday by winning its Baseball Game of the Month - a winning 10-unit play on the Philadelphia Phillies (155) 8-2 over the Atlanta Braves and last night won its 50-unit National League Game of the Week with a 50-unit play on UNDERDOG San Diego (+135) and its 13-6 score over Arizona.

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